Returning from the Low-Magic World, I Created My Own Artificial Intelligence

Twenty-one years ago, Wang Yi transmigrated into a parallel world. Having lost his parents, he endured humiliation and worked hard to acquire knowledge, with the sole goal of making lots of money through technology. When he finally earned his first million through his own efforts, the delayed cheats finally appeared after eighteen years. Wang Yi obtained the ability to transmigrate into different dimensions. However, when he transmigrated, the cheats had a bug and the button was stuck! Wang Yi was forced to stay in the alternate world... Fortunately, it was only a low-magic world. He worked hard for three years and eventually became a legendary figure. Having just returned from the low-magic world, Wang Yi decided to create an artificial intelligence to serve as his butler... However, this butler was a summoned undead. Magic and science collided. This time, he wanted to pursue eternity and immortality!

Wu Jiechao · Sci-fi
Not enough ratings
40 Chs

Just a Hobby

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"I've already made an appointment with a recording studio. How about we record a demo first? They've helped me arrange for a bar singer to help me. With the addition of a tuner, although it's not perfect, we can make a judgment."

Li Weida had rushed over so quickly because he was impatient and did not want to waste time.

He was moved when he heard Wang Yi say that it would not be worse than The Brave and Lonely.

Writing lyrics and composing songs was cheap, and music composers could not sell their music for too high a price. But it was the same for singers seeking good songs that matched themselves. Both sides were looking for someone they liked.

At the very least, the song "The Brave and Lonely" could be considered a rare piece of art in recent years. The key was that it actually had a taste that was suitable for both the old and the young. Young people, or rather, children, could accept it.

If these songs were of the same level, 200,000 yuan would definitely not be a loss.

Free composers could not sell their good songs too high because they lacked relevant channels. If the copyright fell into his hands, the increase in price would be significant.

Therefore, the ones who could maximize the value of musicians were actually creative singers who wrote their own songs. Not only could they maximize the singer's own character, but they could also increase the price.


Seeing that the other party had already prepared a recording studio before coming, Wang Yi also knew that this deal had been completed. He was sincerely asking for a song.

Moreover, from the looks of it, the other party was more confident than expected. He kept feeling that Li Weida was a young man who was anxious to prove it to his elders. He was very impatient and plunged into his career.

The recording studio was not far away. As a film studio, there would definitely be many recording studios nearby.

After Li Weida brought Wang Yi in, a dispirited handsome man with long hair and a mustache who dressed very artisticly greeted Li Weida with a smile.

"Yo, Young Master Li is quite fast."

Judging from his relaxed teasing tone, he should be an acquaintance.

Previously, when Li Weida said on the phone that he knew someone in Shudian City's film and television industry, he was not bragging. Just the person in front of him who could set up a recording studio here must have some connections.

"Please, can you sew your mouth shut if you have a guest here? If word gets out, you'll cause me to be roasted on a fire."

Li Weida helplessly rolled his eyes at the dispirited handsome man.

It made the latter restrain himself.

The bickering between the two also made Wang Yi realize that there was something a little embarrassing.

Illegitimate child?

However, Wang Yi was only doing business and was not interested in investigating further.

"Hello, Master Wang Yi. You can call me Sayre. Your 'The Brave and Lonely' song is really good."

The dispirited handsome man came in front of Wang Yi and introduced himself.

However, Wang Yi could clearly sense the polite yet distant meaning behind his words. Perhaps for someone like him who played with music, he did not really appreciate the words of "The Brave and Lonely". Everyone had their own preferences. Perhaps the godly songs that others played were actually just so-so in his ears.

"Hello, I'll have to trouble you later."

This Sayre should be the owner of the recording studio. He also had a group of lackeys under him. The equipment here looked very high-end, but there were many external lines. It looked a little messy.

Soon, a small team was pulled out, along with a beautiful woman whose hair was dyed red.

"This beauty's name is Jiang Xin. We'll have to rely on her for the singing stage later. Don't worry, she's a vocal performance major. Her singing skills are quite solid. It's enough for Weida to make a judgment."

Sayre only introduced the female singer.

A vocal performance major ended up singing in the bar. It could be seen that the musicians also had it hard.

Meanwhile, Jiang Xin also looked lazy and sleepy. It was unknown if her eyes had dark circles or eye shadow, but they looked quite compatible.

Wang Yi also liked to save time. After everyone was ready, he immediately took out the two songs he had registered.

"Wheat Waves" and "A Night at the Naval Port" were not available in this parallel world. Moreover, the style of the songs were gentle and soothing for both the old and the young.

At first glance, they did not seem to have much impact. They were completely different from the style of "The Brave and Lonely", but they could easily bring people into a relaxed mood.

Overall, the speed of these two songs did not change much, and the strength of the sound changed more. As long as the skills were up to standard, the recording speed would be quite fast.

Although Jiang Xin looked lazy, she was still very dutiful when she started recording. Moreover, as a professional vocalist, her singing skills were completely on point. At the very least, the effect was directly displayed.

Before the finished product was ready, Sayre, who was a music professional, was surprised during the recording.

He was very knowledgeable due to opening a recording studio in Shudian City. Many movie scores would have dazzling songs, but it was still quite rare for two high-quality songs to appear at the same time, especially that "A Night at the Naval Port". Coupled with the lyrics, it could even become the main theme song that praised the navy.

This was a huge bonus!

It was a huge profit!

Li Weida was also very excited. Since he was specializing in this direction, he was naturally better at this.

It was definitely worth it. It was not a wasted trip.

He was indeed as Wang Yi thought. He wanted to make some achievements for others to see.

"What a pity. If Master Wang Yi was also a singer, he would definitely become famous overnight. The music industry is really wilting a little now."

Li Weida said regretfully. The singers who could really persevere now were singer-songwriters. Then, he asked Wang Yi expectantly,

"There happens to be equipment here. Do you want to try it?"

Just as Wang Yi was about to explain that music was just his hobby and that his main job was scientific research…

Li Weida's subsequent words made Wang Yi swallow his words.

"I'll pay more if you sing well."

"Then I'll just sing a little. My throat just happens to be itching. By the way, how much more do you want to add?"

Wang Yi had a smile on his face, looking very kind.

"50,000 per song."

Li Weida said directly. He had also decided that even if Wang Yi's level was average, he would add this money to maintain their relationship. This way, Wang Yi would definitely prioritize his side in the future.

Li Weida was not short of money, or rather, he was not short of this small amount of money. He was more interested in long-term cooperation.

Wang Yi coughed and adjusted his voice. He mainly wanted to suppress some of the elves' pronunciation skills. In the modern world, he still had to be a human.

However, even so, after that ethereal and skillful voice appeared, everyone present could not help but widen their eyes.

Jiang Xin, who had always seemed lazy, immediately perked up. Hey, hey, this guy used to practice opera, right?

A man could make such an ethereal sound?

When the recording ended, the venue was still in shock. It was even more shocking than when the song was sung by Jiang Xin.

They had heard too much good music and would be immersed in the melody. They would acknowledge that these were two good songs, but they would not be too excited.

However, now that it was combined with Wang Yi's voice that was almost at the limit of the human world, the effect was directly elevated.

This made them feel as if they had seen the rise of a rising star.

"Master Wang Yi! Please join my company!"

Good lord, Li Weida had directly transformed from a song collector to the boss of a management company? Perhaps he had prepared to start one right then and there.

"There's no need. We can just do business normally. I won't debut. I think I told you that I'm a scientific researcher."

Wang Yi smiled and dispelled the other party's thoughts. In fact, he had already restrained his singing ability. He did not expect such a huge reaction.

The excuse of a researcher really made Li Weida speechless. He refused to give up.

"You can be like Zhou Jielun and hold the copyright in your own hands. I'll be in charge of operations! The value of this will be ten times, a hundred times, or even a thousand times that of directly selling songs!"

Previously, he had paid more money to make the other party relent, so he tried to draw a future vision again.

"No, I still want my main business to reach this level."

Selling songs was just a way for Wang Yi to raise money quickly. It was not to debut as an idol.

Music was actually the same as cooking. It was just one of Wang Yi's many interests that he used to adjust his mentality when he was free.

He only had one ultimate goal now.

That was the truth of magic and technology…