Syn is just your normal DJ at a night club enjoying life until she lands herself in another world with no idea why or how. Even if the new world is magical and the supernaturals are beyond hot... She needs to find a way to return and fast! PLEASE NOTE: The first installment/book is free. The second installment/book will take place and can be read as a stand-alone or a continuation. YOU DON'T HAVE TO READ BOTH BOOKS BUT YOU WON'T BE DISAPPOINTED IF YOU DO ^^ The second book starts at Chapter 131 Willow is comfortable in her life and in her world but when her familiar demands an adventure and runs off, she can't just turn a blind eye and leave him. She follows him and demands they go back but what happens when the portal is gone!? Does this mean she's stuck in this new world!? This new world is unlike her old world, they have power but it's different from her magic! They call it cultivating and gradually they become stronger but when they call her trash, she decides to unleash her Magic to set them all straight! Only... by her doing that, she attracts the attention of very powerful people and dangerous men who wish to claim her and tame her as their own. Wanna talk? Find me on Discord! Blissfullrage#3336 ___________________________________ Would like to donate? paypal.me/Blissfullrage Cash App $Blissfullrage

Blissfullrage · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
162 Chs

New world

I woke up to being poked... by what I'm not entirely sure. I open my eyes to see a dark sky peeking through tree branches as a light rain fell. "She's definitely alive." Someone to my left says. Am I not dead? I sit up and the person next to me jumps. Confused I look around and notice I'm in a field of some kind with lots of trees. How had I gotten in a forest? The last thing I remember was being in the parking lot outside the club.

I turn to look at the person next to me and did a double take. What the... It wasn't a person at all. It was a tree! And it was poking me with one of his branches! I start scrambling back at a speed that even surprised me only to bump into another tree. I look up to see it staring at me with a look close to mine. I crawl away and look around in panic. I was surrounded and they were all looking at me with surprise.

"She can see us. Isn't she human?" One asked. "Shhh!" The one that poked me said. Had I really died then? Was I somehow lost? In a weird spirit forest? I looked back at the one that poked me and asked: "Am I dead?" The tree looked as confused as I did. It looked so weird as it lifted it's branch and scratched his.. er head? "Hey girl, what are you?" It asks in a deep voice.

Was I seriously going to talk to a bunch of trees? Yup, I guess I was. " Human?" I answer in question. The trees all look at each other as if all speaking without actually talking. I felt something under my hands and looked down to see their roots. They were pulsing and it hits me. I've seen Avatar and I guess there's some truth in it. The trees were connected and could speak with each other without actually talking. I looked around in wonder. Where was I?

"If you are human as you claim how are you here? How can you speak the language of the hallows?" The large old tree asked. I frown in confusion. The language of the hallows? Weren't we speaking English? I looked at the tree and decided being honest and open would probably get me answers a lot quicker. It wasn't like I could run away. There was no end in sight and I had a feeling these trees could tear me apart if they wanted.

"I'm not sure how I'm speaking to you or how I even got here. Where are we?" I ask the older tree. He seems to be weighing something as he then nods and says "The forest is the forgotten fallen. My comrades and I stand here and guard the eternal. We await the return of the lost. You most definitely aren't dead but if you are human you will not last long here. Humans cannot live here." The old tree slightly shakes his head.

"What do you mean by humans can't live here?" I asked worriedly. The tree sighed and said " My child the air, water, and land is toxic to humans. You cannot survive here. You have been here for hours already, I'm afraid it's too late. You have maybe a days time before you perish. I am sorry." I stare at the old tree in silence. "I see. Thank you for being honest. To tell the truth I have no idea how I got here and I don't have the slightest idea on how to get back." I say calmly. I didn't die when I was struck by lightning but instead I will die slowly here. I smile at the irony.