5 Fiancé and Fiancée?

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As far as Yun Xi could recollect, there would be a large poplar forest in front of the house. Deep in the forest was a lake that was neither deep nor shallow. That was the most suitable place for Yun Xi to calm her mind and discover the secret of the space.

Just as she arrived at the lakeside, she sat down on a stone. She tried to shout 'space' loudly to see if there would be any response.

However, it was useless!

As Yun Xi gazed at the ants moving the food on the ground, she fell into a trance. In the end, her consciousness drifted and once again entered the paradise that was in her mind.

"Hello, Master. Is there anything I can help you with?"

"I only know of your existence now. How can I wake you up or how can I enter this world?"

"Master, you only need to ponder for a while or imagine the world in the space to summon me.

"May I ask if you need any help now?"


Yun Xi returned to the real world once again and caught a glimpse of a familiar figure.

Zhou Mo! That blind sc*mbag!

At this time, Zhou Mo was probably here to break off the engagement between Yun Xi and him.

In her previous life, she was blind enough to see this man as a treasure and threatened him with her death to keep their marriage. Now that she thought about it, he actually matched her hypocritical sister.

A sc*mbag matched with a hypocrite!

Zhou Mo came to break off the engagement this time only because he was blind.

Two years ago, Yun Xi was washing clothes by the lake when she saw someone struggling in the water.

When Yun Xi saw someone fall into the lake, she dived into the water without hesitation and approached Zhou Mo on the other side of the lake.

She must say that Zhou Mo was twice as heavy as usual in the water.

The slender and weak Yun Xi finally dragged Zhou Mo to the shore after much effort. Zhou Mo had drunk a lot of water in the lake and was in a semi-conscious state. 

Amid his daze, he felt a young girl anxiously testing his breath on his body.

The young girl's clothes were wet from the lake water, and her wide collar revealed a large part of her chest. Zhou Mo suddenly caught a glimpse of the red birthmark on the young girl's collarbone before he fainted from fatigue.

After Yun Xi rescued him in her previous life, she was in a panic and did not know what to do. After Zhou Mo completely lost consciousness, Yun Xi could only find his family members and ask them to bring him to the hospital. Yun Lian took advantage of this loophole and made Zhou Mo think that the person who saved him was her.

This time, Zhou Mo came to break off the engagement because of Yun Lian. Ever since he had determined that Yun Lian was his savior, he had often quarreled with his family. He did not care about Old Master Zhou's anger and insisted on breaking off the engagement with Yun Xi to get together with Yun Lian regardless.

In the end, the Zhou family could not overcome the stubbornness of their youngest son. They could only agree with his decision to break off the engagement.

Yun Xi and Zhou Mo's marriage was decided earlier by Old Master Yun and Old Master Zhou. The two old masters had been comrades-in-arms who had gone to war together. Their lives were entrusted to each other. They only wanted the two families to be closer by marriage. They had agreed that the Yun family's first granddaughter would be engaged to the Zhou family's first grandson.

Old Master Zhou felt very guilty. He felt that he had broken his promise to his old comrade back then. However, his body had been gradually depleted over the past two years. He could not personally go to the Yun family to apologize. He could only let his youngest son, Zhou Lin, go to the Yun residence on his behalf.

Yun Xi had met Zhou Lin a few times in his previous life.

When he was 16, he joined the army with Old Master Zhou. In the few times they had met, Zhou Lin was always serious. In the army, he had always been known as the 'God of war'. He relied on his own ability, rather than his family background, to become the deputy brigade commander of the military region step by step.

However, in Yun Xi's previous life, the 35-year-old Zhou Lin had never gotten into a relationship. Deep down, Yun Xi was a little doubtful if he liked men.

Yun Xi looked at Zhou Lin and Zhou Mo, who were approaching her home. She hated herself for being so blind back then!

From this angle, Zhou Lin's tall and straight figure was full of righteousness. She did not know if he was stronger than his nephew, Zhou Mo, who looked like a carefree young master. Yun Xi might be interested in Zhou Lin after transmigrating to this life, but she would never be interested in Zhou Mo!

Interested in Zhou Lin?!

Yun Xi was really shocked by this thought of hers. However, there was still an inexplicable throbbing in her heart.

Zhou Mo and Zhou Lin were less than 200 meters away from the main entrance of the Yun residence! Yun Xi had to hurry back to the residence. Without her as the main character, how could this drama go on?!

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