Chapter 9 Indecisiveness_1

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"Move aside!"

Yun Shi Yu forcefully shoved Shen Siyi to one side, angrily saying, "I'll say it one last time, mind your own business!"

Shen Siyi didn't dare to provoke her and could only glare at Xiao Ming hatefully before keeping his mouth shut.

Letting out a breath, Yun Shi Yu adjusted her mood and continued, "Mr. Xiao just said 'the old man's interest lies not in wine,' clearly aiming to purchase the book for this ticket.

Given the situation just now, no matter how I bid against you, as long as it doesn't exceed the value of this Small-Character Ticket, you surely wouldn't give up.

And I would never lose my mind and bid endlessly without a limit.

In truth, my psychological limit was ten thousand.

So, in any case, you would have taken the book from me, and the so-called 'big leak' was never my concern to begin with. What's the use of getting angry?"

Her words were open-minded, and the regret on her face was undisguised, making Xiao Ming increasingly satisfied with this girl the more he looked at her.

Proud yet not arrogant, rational without lacking magnanimity, if she were taught well, she could definitely become an excellent professional manager.

"Sir, are you willing to sell this ticket? I'm willing to pay a million!" the shop owner suddenly interjected.

Xiao Ming couldn't help but laugh: "Grandmother's, you're really too cunning.

I just found a bargain, and you're planning on taking it back?

Do you really think I'm a fool who can't recognize the value of things, offering just a million for something worth four to five million? Do you even know how to write 'shame'?"

The shop owner's face immediately turned the color of pig liver.

"Darn it! A scrap of paper is worth five million? You've gone mad with poverty; only an idiot would buy it," Shen Siyi couldn't hold back and blurted out.

Although he came from a wealthy family, between spending five million on a stamp and having fun with a few female celebrities, he would unswervingly choose the latter.

"Shut up! Nobody thinks you're mute if you keep quiet."

Yun Shi Yu gave him a fierce glare, then said, "Mr. Xiao, if you really want to sell it, I can give you four million right now. Cash for goods on the spot.

Keep in mind that five million should be the final auction price, and it's not certain whether it will reach that, and even if it does, after deducting the commission, what you end up with..."

"Okay, transfer it."

Xiao Ming's decisiveness left Yun Shi Yu stunned for a good while. Her intuition told her something was off, but she couldn't figure out what exactly it was.

Upon receiving the bank transfer, Xiao Ming said goodbye and left the bookstore, departing with extreme decisiveness.

Yun Shi Yu carefully wrapped the stamp in her handkerchief and placed it next to her body. Just as she was about to leave, she suddenly froze.

"What's wrong?" Shen Siyi asked.

"Don't forget what that person said just now, stay as far away from someone called Mengmeng as possible."

"Huh? Why?"

"Because from the beginning to the end, I never introduced myself, yet he called me Miss Yun!

If I'm not mistaken..."

Yun Shi Yu took a deep breath, her eyes flickering, "The reason why that guy chatted with us so much after getting the book is just to sell the ticket to me, to get the money as fast as possible!"

Her words were not at all false.

Xiao Ming was not a collector, to him antiques were just another form of currency. While handing them over to an auction house could earn more, waiting for ten or fifteen days was not something that a couple of million could make up for.

With the bet of "ten million a month" with his mother-in-law looming, every minute of his time was more valuable than gold.

Earning a net of four million on the first day, Xiao Ming was in great spirits. On the way home, he stopped at the seafood market and made a special trip to the flower shop to buy a bouquet of roses.

A qualified husband isn't just good at making money; small romantic gestures in life are also indispensable, especially when your wife is very angry with you.

Using the skills he honed in his past life, Xiao Ming put all his effort into preparing a full table of sumptuous seafood. However, despite waiting and waiting, when it was already eight o'clock, Jiang Xue still hadn't returned home.

He dialed his wife's mobile phone, but no one answered. His face darkened, and he then dialed Yang Hanqng's number.

"Ms. Yang, you've got more guts than I imagined."

Since watching the video of her father's murder, Yang Hanqng had been immersed in shock, anger, and pain, so much so that she had cried herself hoarse. Suddenly hearing Xiao Ming's threat, she was startled.

"Mr. Xiao, I don't understand what you mean; isn't the money already transferred to you?"

"Then why hasn't my wife gotten off work yet?"

"That shouldn't be the case! I informed the design and sales departments, unequivocally forbidding them..."

Yang Hanqng's words stopped abruptly, and Xiao Ming immediately understood, "It was Zhang Anli who took Jiang Xue away, wasn't it?

Why haven't you called the police yet?"

"I... he..."

Yang Hanqng stammered, angering Xiao Ming to the point where he wished he could fly through the signal and smack her hard.

Xiao Ming had specifically sought out Yang Hanqng during the day because Zhang Anli was the accomplice who led to Jiang Xue's death in his previous life.

He wanted to change this course of events, yet he hadn't expected Yang Hanqng to be so indecisive.

Her own father had been murdered, yet she was still considering her marital feelings—it left one to wonder whether to call her heartless or cowardly.

"Yang Hanqng, you'd best pray that my wife comes home safe and sound tonight.

Otherwise, I'll make you realize that compared to me, your husband who killed his father-in-law will seem like an angel!"

"Mr. Xiao, you... Hello! Hello?"

The beeping sound from the receiver pounded on Yang Hanqng's heart like a hammer, as she hurriedly dialed Zhang Anli's number.

"Did you take Jiang Xue from the design department out for entertaining clients?"