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Return of the Woodcutter


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What is Return of the Woodcutter

Read Return of the Woodcutter novel written by the author YoanRoturier on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Fantasy stories, covering romance, action, adventure, comedy, system. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


Aito Walker was a self-proclaimed martial artist, a criminal, a broken man, and a fishing slave who later became a woodcutter before dying due to his heavy consumption of alcohol.  With thousands of other humans, he is forcefully revived into a boundless grey space by the gods of a foreign world, Iris, to take part in a never-ending war waged against Fearmongers. A race capable of corrupting living beings and inducing fear, even the bravest of warriors cannot resist—when the Fearmongers do not kill them, that is. To bait humans into this conflict, the gods offer the mortals powers in exchange of eternal servitude and the completion of trials before finally entering Iris. Even though Aito doesn't agree with it, he sees in Iris a chance to atone for his past misdeeds, in this fantasy world of swords and magic filled with many races, where everything seems possible. He will pave his own path despite the gods he despises trying to manipulate him into doing their bidding. Aito will start with almost nothing but his wit, a peculiar system, and increased strength—much like other revived humans.  Bearing a sin—he could not, cannot, and will not forget—haunting him to this day, Aito will strive to regain what little honor he has left.  He will suffer and, at times, fail. Taking advantage of his weaknesses, the Fearmongers, demigods, gods, and many others will hinder his path.  But a powerful yearning will keep him from falling apart. An ever-burning flame melting away the despair and welding back the broken pieces of courage.  A single desire.  "I will find redemption no matter the cost." ... ... ... Or not, hun, who knows? The book isn't done yet. Haha— SLAP!  "Who put this guy in the synopsis narration!? Get him out of here and launch the warnings! Now!"  __________________________ WARNINGS: -Discord server: https://discord.gg/VEMy8m2MjX -The MC is human. If you're looking for a perfect MC, you'll only be wasting your time here. However, if you're looking for an MC who will LEARN, GROW because of his flaws. An MC who will try his hardest to overcome adversity, then you're in the right place. - No harems. However, it doesn't mean the characters can't fool around without having love interests. A relationship isn't necessary for people to satisfy their physical desires. - Discord server shared with other authors: https://discord.gg/ZtxAQeHYAj - Update schedule: one chap per day. Possibly more if I get enough Power Stones and Golden Tickets to fuel my motivation! - You will find a few typos, grammatical and wording issues, that’s certain. I'll do my best to bring you guys quality content and such issues will either be nonexistent or extremely few. However, one man can only do so much. If I get enough support, I’ll hire an EDITOR that will look at the chaps with a fresh eye. And POOF! Issues no more. Improved quality. Happier author and reader. Not sure if the editor will be happy tho. - The first three chapters are fast-paced as to quickly get into the nitty-gritty but slow down afterward to give the story the time it needs to progress accordingly. - The book can, never mind, it will contain “strong” language, gore and violence. - Comedy, as you know it (and if you don’t, now you know) is subjective. So you might not like the jokes. - I do not own the cover. If the original owner sees it and is displeased with his work being displayed here, send me a mail: writer.yoanroturier@gmail.com - By the way, if any of you are willing the provide me with an original cover picture, I’ll be really, extremely, immensely thankful. (The possibility of that happening is downright impossible tho.) - If you truly read that until the end you have my virtual congratulations ‘cause I sure as hell wouldn’t have done that.

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Hey guys, this is a new review to tell you WHAT YOU SHOULD EXPECT from this novel: 1) The title can be misleading, but it was meant to be this way. Even if it says woodcutter, do not expect the story to be about woodcutting. You'll see what I mean in the first chap. 2) The protagonist isn't dumb nor the smartest guy in the world. He thinks logically but can make mistakes like any human being. Don't expect a perfect MC. 3) The worldbuilding is huge and will be introduced progressively with as few info dumps as possible. 4) There will be mature content but no actual hot scenes... normally. It will be implied that "something" happened without explicitly talking about it. However, I might just write a real hot scene later for the fun of it or for a special occasion. 5) No harem. There will be romance or pure physical attraction, though. Love isn't required to have "physical interactions" with someone else. Sorry if that goes against your point of view. 6) In volume 2 I'm taking my time to develop the world and characters, so it might get boring for some of you craving for action. If you're just action-oriented, you can probably skip from the start of volume 2 to chapter 65. You will miss a lot of content though. 7) As per chapter 101, we have yet to enter Iris. So yeah, this story might take some time to end. 8) This story is the first book of a Chronicle. So there will be other books in the same universe. 9) The plot is about the character finding his redemption not conquering the world, nor saving it. Therefore, when I take the time to depict an internal conflict, it can be considered advancing the plot, not simple fillers. 10) The System won't appear in every chapter. So you won't be swarmed with numbers and stuff. Even then I don't have a system with lots of numbers. You'll see what I mean in chapter 2. Okay, that's probably all I wanted to say for now. I will update this review as time goes on. I hope it helped you figure out if this book is for you or not. I'll read you later guys.


So, this is me giving a review as of the most recent chapter. Dear author, as always you keep creating entrancing story plots that keep me coming back for more. This story is truly enjoyable. Listen up readers! You all need to give this book a try and you won't have the willpower to pull out from anticipating what happens next. It is a beautiful read. I mean, the MC, Aito is a very interesting character. From how he keeps thrusting forward regardless of imminent difficulties on his world's path, we can see an MC truly capable of growth, growth in every aspect-physical, social and more importantly, mental growth. The author has so wilfully presented the life of Aito that you can almost see what he sees, feel what he feels, hear what he hears, I mean, this book is a transmitigation masterpiece. Nothing wrong if we support this one to get it to the top. Let's give it all: Powerstones, comments(which would help the author improve a lot), reviews, gifts, buying privileges, and recommendations. I love this story and this book is not walking out of my library for any reason. Alright guys, too much talk. Now, read and thank me later.


The world Background is lit. The character settings is very unique and interesting. The best thing is the writing quality. It is smooth and perfect making this book too immersive. Great work!!


Return of the Woodcutter is an honest treat to read. It’s so close to flawless that I have no qualms in recommending it to anyone who reads this. With a promising story, an intriguing world, and great characters to get attached to, Return of the Woodcutter is everything you could hope for in a read. Do keep in mind, however, I’ve only read 10 chapters. The real story hasn’t even started yet. I think I might have to take a second pass at this review, maybe update it in the future when I’ve read more chapters. One thing’s for sure, I’m certainly not done with this title yet. This is an excerpt of a full review you can find and read on my Wordpress blog: clonereviews


The use of swords is common in fantasy books. What about the ax? I'm a Viking person! Beards, muscular arms and axes! I don't drink alcoholic beverages. But in wartime, I get drunk with blood! Men must use an ax! Do not show your weak sword in front of me or you will incur the wrath of my axe!


This is a good read for a while. The writing quality, I think it's fine. Story Development and Characters are also good and great. I will surely look forward to more.


return to monke! love the detail and battles, both with Aito and the brother/sister pair (pretty epic when they meet!) and Aito's monkey friend Jack. looking forward to finding out what the (undead?) monstrosity is on the island


We are at just the begining, but I love it! I dont usually write reviews, but this novel deserves it. It has good quality, no grammar problems, interesting charachters and development and most importantly it isnt boring! I have just one negativum, the Author has not enough self- confidence, even the parts that he deems as boring are fantastic, so keep up the good work and thank you for the experience!!!


Probably one of the best things ive read on this site, The characters actually feel like proper characters rather than cartoon cliches and everything flows nicely. Looking forward to seeing where this goes going forward.


A book this good deserves a review, so here goes... I gotta be honest, at first, I was attracted by the nice cover (It screams Vikings so loud!!!). And then the tittle got me curious (Who the heck is this woodcutter, that his mere return will affect things so much?). After I read some early chapters, I realized I got more than I expected. When I decided to write this review, I have already finished binge reading until the last chapter available; that is chapter 34; in just a day!!! (Yup, the book is just that good). If you like a fantasy adventure story, then you’re gonna like this book. If you’re like me who enjoys playing video games like The Witcher series, then you’re gonna enjoy reading this book. Overall, the book is very well written; the pace of the story; the structure of the story-telling; the editing (the typos is so few, it will not ruin your reading); they are all very good. I hope more people will pick up this hidden gem. Kudos to the author for a job well done.


Good writing, story flow and characters. Instresting plot thus far. good use of portraying the evolving psychological mindset of the MC


After adding this story to my library and reading more, I decided to review again. I can't lie , I'm not familiar with systems and all but this book got me hooked. This is a genre am not familiar with but your story piqued my interest


This is a really interesting plot. I can't imagine the time and effort it took to create this word and every single detail. I'm amazed by what I read so far. It was interesting to see Aito handle what was thrown his way. Wishing you success with this book!


I can already distinguish a writing quality of a native speaker. I am deeply amazed by their good grasp of the language. Making me be in awe, these are the ones who are on par with published books on stores that I have to learn from. Kudos!


This is a well-written piece of fantasy with beautiful descriptions. Till what I've read, there's focus on a single character and he's well sketched out, but minor interjections from other characters gave me an understanding of what to expect and I have to say, I liked how they're depicted. The author has mentioned that the development in the first three chapters is fast, but I think that's only true if you consider the flow of time. Otherwise, there are detailed descriptions of survival, and there is a focus on character development.


I normally don't read fantasy books because I feel like I won't connect with it but your book was different and a great first reading experience for my first fantasy book. I love the way you play with your words, writers here are so good I feel inferior with my writing, that was how good your book was. I love your description prowess, it is so vivid and clear, I could learn from that. You deserve a five star rating and more🤩


The book really is great. At the start of the story you can tell that the author is trying to find his footing, but as the story progresses it becomes genuinely exciting to read. The character interaction feel very real and the battles are not predictable. Definitely check this story out!


today I read ch. 156. I have to say, I really enjoy reading this story. you get a fantastic build protagonist who has a background, not many protagonists have. his thinking and his actions are in line with his characteristics. thanks to the great story telling, you understand the reasons behind certain actions and developments. the quality of the writing is top notch. DEFINITELY A READING RECOMMENDATION


Hi everyone! So far I have read ten chapters and I am enjoying the story so please check the book out you may enjoy it too. Have a great day y'all.


A good read so far ...... .... ...... ....... ................ .. . ....... . ........................ .... .... . . ...


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