Resurgence - The Cardinal Apocalypse Book

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Resurgence - The Cardinal Apocalypse


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Three years ago, a brutal accident transported Kohren to a new world, where he found himself in a different body. He was weak, confused, and desperate to return home. Feeling broken and abandoned, he lost all hope. But the world he was in wasn't kind to him. In order to survive, he had to adapt and change. Now awakened, he faces others with similar powers, Modders, Corrupted Monsters, and Dungeons, determined to uncover the secret of his transmigration and find a way back home. … However, things take a new turn when he reunites with the daughter of the body he now inhabits. -------------------------------- Additional Tags: > #Modern Fantasy (Cyborgs, Advanced Technology, Apocalypses, Genes, Evolution, Magic, Dungeons, Awakening) > #Anything_for_Family > #Thriller/Mystery