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What will happen when a boy gains access to teleport people from different worlds to his restaurant? Let's find out!

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A Meal


"Ugh…. I'm so hungry right now." His stomach growled as it needed its fill, but unfortunately for his stomach it wouldn't be able to get what it needed because…

"The last of my bread was eaten yesterday, sleeping doesn't help much either…" Denji stared at the ceiling with his remaining eye, then his attention shifted to barking below his face.

It was Pochita, his contracted Devil, his friend and partner for the last few years.

"Pochita, I'm sorry bud. I don't think we'll be able to eat anything today again.." Denji was used to this kind of life, having his stomach empty was a norm.

Never once in his life has he had a proper meal, that's why it was always his dream to eat as much bread as he wanted without worrying whether it would last or not.

His dream is very simple, to eat until his stomach bursts and maybe, to find a girlfriend.

It doesn't matter how they look or where they came from, he just wanted to be treated fairly.

Pochita let out a bark as if he's trying to say that it's fine.

Denji let out a small smile at his partner, truly he's the only one who understands him.

As he was drowned by the peaceful atmosphere, without a warning his illness acted up making him start coughing.

"Cough* ugh- cough* haaah-" Instinctively he covered his mouth with his hand, as he continued to cough badly.

After a while, his illness stopped acting up. Denji stared at his hand and saw a considerable amount of blood coming out from his mouth.

"Ughhh..damn it, this body is getting worse..and worse by the day…hahh- I don't think I will last long enough to fulfill those dreams…" However, despite the seemingly impossible hurdle that was in his way, he didn't let it get over him.

Even though he knew that his life would end soon, it doesn't mean that he wouldn't do his damndest to enjoy his remaining lifespan.

Pochita barked sadly at his predicament knowing how hard Denji's life is, because he was there to watch his contractors' hardship.

Denji let out a chuckle at his partner. "Don't worry about it too much Pochita, there's no point thinking about it, because I certainly don't want my life to be more complicated than it already is."

Then as another reminder, his stomach growled in hunger once more, this won't do at all.

Denji needed to somehow fill his stomach today or else he wouldn't be able to sleep peacefully.

It seems that he has to start scavenging some leftover food in one of the dumpsters in the district near his shed.

He had to do this early or else it would take him nighttime to find edible food.

Denji went out of his shed, bringing Pochita with him because he's his safety net if something goes wrong and also his partner.

As he did, he saw something that spooked him for a moment. "What the hell-?!"

Behind his shed was a massive building, it definitely wasn't there before, or else he would have noticed it.

While he's incredibly dumb, he wasn't completely stupid, he knew that something was going on.

For him not to notice this building's existence, it could only mean one thing…

"Do you think this is Devil's work Pochita?" Normal people would be scared, confused and maybe terrified at the knowledge that there's a devil near them.

But Denji isn't normal, instead of being scared. He was excited because to him, this was an opportunity to make some cash.

"This must be our lucky day partner!" Without hesitation, he went to the door and opened it with gusto.

And as he entered the building, he was greeted by an unexpected sight.

Confusion was apparent in the teenager's face, like he was expecting something instead of us.

"Are you guys devils..?"

What a weird question, obviously we aren't. "No, why is that…?"

"You sure…? I mean, obviously you guys don't look like one but maybe you guys are in disguise or something…" The blonde haired teen said.

"We aren't devils in disguise okay..?!" It was Subaru who exclaimed a bit annoyed by that question.

Thankfully the new potential customer got the message and let out a disappointed look. "Oh.. that sucks! I thought this was a devil den or something…I guess we won't be able to eat today…sorry about that bud."

The dog-thing barked back at him, as if he could understand him. However I suspect that it could, after all, be what kind of dog has a mini chainsaw on its forehead.

It's clearly not a normal dog, in appearance. It's more like another species entirely and thought. 'Maybe this is an example of a devil he accused us of, clearly this person is from another world. The fact that he's from a different world is worth knowing him.'

"My bad then, I didn't know I entered someone's property…I'll leave now so don't beat me up, kay?" The blonde haired said with a strained smile.

The others and I looked at each other in confusion at his words, like he's expecting a beating or something, which we won't because we aren't savages.

However, it did give me a clue of what life he's living or at least I think I guessed right.

As he was about to leave toward the door, I stopped him. "Wait!"

The teenage looks at him with wariness, alongside with his chainsaw-dog thing. Both of them were looking at him like he's going to attack them at any moment.

Seriously, what kind of fucked up life did he live for him to be this wary of people.

"What do you want..?! I said I'm leaving! You don't need to hurt me, okay?"

"Why do you think I'm going to hurt you anyway? Do I look like some savage..?" I replied to him in disbelief.

"To be fair you do look intimidating at first glance." Subaru said 'helpfully'.

"Like you have anything to say about yourself, you look like some sort of yakuza member with those eyes of yours."


Deciding to ignore him, I shifted my attention back to the newest arrival. "Anyway, would you like to have a meal?"

The teen stared at him like he was trying to see what his angle is, then eventually replied. "I don't have money to pay you."

"You don't have to, it's free."

"For real..?!" He replied in surprise, not really expecting me to say that.

"Yeah? Is it really surprising..?"

"W-well…no one really gave me something for free before…"

"Oh.." Just like that the atmosphere becomes a bit depressing, just what kind of life does this person live anyway?

"A-anyway!" Trying to change the subject because this is too depressing to continue. "Why don't you take a seat while I prepare, I'll put some extra too for your dog.."

"Huh..?! Pochita isn't a dog! He's my partner!" He declared with a scowl.

"Right, right..my bad you and your partner could sit together." I replied with a slight smile, not offended by his outburst.

Hesitating for a bit, but eventually decided to follow my words and went closer to one of the tables and sat there.

Now that he's close only I realized how bad he smelled, like he came out from a literal garbage container.

Instinctively I covered my nose, same with the rest of the guys as they smelled the blonde teen.

However, Suzuki didn't even flinch at the smell, considering he came from a place where the air is literally toxic, not surprising that his tolerance is on another level.

"Dude, maybe you should take a bath upstairs first before you eat.."

"Hah? But-"

"Just..just do what I say, I'll bring some extra clothes too, just take a bath okay?"

Thankfully he accepted my request.

"Woah! This is so delicious! I have never eaten something like this!" The teen or Denji, no last name. Ate with gusto, to say that he was messy is calling stray dogs well-mannered animals.

He eats like a starving person, which probably is the case, but really the 'word' manners isn't part of his vocabulary it seems.

The way he eats is absolutely disgusting, despite the food looking appetizing he makes it look disgusting and would probably make people avoid eating the same dish as him.

Despite his disgusting behavior, we find it fascinating for some weird reason. Like looking at a savage eating a proper meal for the first time.

Either way we don't judge, however it's better if I teach him some proper dining manners if he's going to be regular here.

It took a while for him to finish the meal along with his devil partner, he let out a loud burp and said with a satisfied look. "That was the best…! Is this what it's like to have your stomach full?"

Aside from the depressing words he just mentioned, it's time for me to ask some questions about him and his world. After all, I'm quite curious about what kind of hell he lived through.

"Now that you're full, do you mind asking me some questions regarding yourself..?"

Denji smiled and said. "Sure! Ask me anything you like! You fed me after all."

"Well then, what about…"

A/N: Denji life is hell like literally, it would have been mercy if he wasn't born in the beginning. Either way in this story he would have his own happy ending, because he really needed friends and a lot of hugs.

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