175 Sudden madness

"Well, that's not ominous at all..." Merlin muttered to himself.

He quickly noticed that the undead horde seemed to have been agitated by the grunting sound, as they were now charging towards the group with stronger resolve.

Merlin's attention was forced away from the rift in the sky as a zombie charged at him while baring its teeth at him. He quickly cut the zombie down, but as it fell he noticed that another zombie seemed to have been thrown towards him.

He stepped out of the way as the zombie that was thrown his way slumped prone on the valley ground, a few steps away from his feet.

It began trying to stand back up, but Merlin quickly stomped its head a few times, dealing enough damage to finish it off.

「Congratulations, you are now level 7.」

"Wonderful," He muttered to himself while turning to see who or what threw the zombie his way.

What he saw was Lyonette, swinging her large battle axe around with reckless abandon.


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