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Hey there, author here! This is my debut novel! First and foremost, my story is incredibly slow paced! I mean that, seriously. So if you're looking for something fast paced and action filled, this isn't the story for you. Secondly, if you enjoy nothing but overpowered characters or the trends from cultivation stories, eg; faceslapping by chapter 3, "you're courting death", etc. type characters and stories, this is also not the story for you. Action was never intended to be the main hook of my story, so several chapters can pass without a single moment of combat. This is my take on the VR Game/VRMMORPG/litrpg genre, and while I use common themes from the genre, I try to twist them and make them my own. One of the major themes of my story is the butterfly effect, and if you pay attention, there is a good chance you may figure out major parts of the story before it gets revealed. Yes, my story is also chock full of references and nods to pop culture, mythology, folklore, etc. A lot of my character names are puns or references in themselves, so if you figure them out, feel free to comment. That is all for now, I hope you enjoy my work.

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This feels like a unique take on an extremely saturated market, I’m excited learning about how the class system works, I’ve never seen anything like it before. The writing is pretty good, and it seems the story will involve uncovering secrets and exploring the world instead of just being exclusively non-stop combat like every other vrmmorpg novel I’ve read. Which makes sense to me, because if it’s supposed to be this new world that is indistinguishable from real life, you would obviously explore and engage with it, not just mindlessly grind like your usual rpg game on pc. I’m looking forward to more chapters from you, good work!


More updates. This is simply an excellent novel. It was a little bit early to be giving reviews but this novel is just wonderful. It deserves an oscar awards 😂. Excellent


Original but boring. Things I liked: The MC is basically an in-game scholar which is a cool new take that I wish had more play. Their family owns the game in addition to a bunch of other cool sci-fi related products/labs which is both an interesting character background and could wow the reader with ideas about the future. (Unfortunately, so far it is way underused) The world is a mix of different cultures from around the world and throughout history which hopefully means breaking away from East Asia/Europe (which is the generic setting for many of these). The fights are interesting and well done. The downsides: All of this sounds amazing but the delivery just felt flat to me. The only two cool sci-fi things actually mentioned are the video game and something to generate energy. The world feels modern rather than futuristic because of this. The family isn't interesting. Nothing wrong with that IRL but in a story it means that the chapters with the father drag due to a lack of interest. The sister is so in and out that she isn't much of a character. Again it makes sense why this would be IRL but in a story we need characters that grow and are interesting. There are glimmers of this with the MC's schoolmates and the former rankers in game but they aren't given enough time/enough of a spotlight to develop into anything. The game story is really slow. I don't really care about him doing a quest that everyone else has to do, just slightly quicker. The ghost sub plot is great but is buried under ... an escort quest that he takes for ??? reasons? The quest to gain Gaia's interest was cool too but the rewards were uninteresting. Ultimately his rewards are bland (50 chapters in and there is nothing that stands out), his actions are uninspired (there are no cool finding hidden treasures or bosses, just knowing how to get a base class), and when he does get interesting quests he either ignores them (he ignores the ghost until he can't anymore) or declines them (The oracle's epic quest). When the author mentioned the world was a mix of ours, I was hoping for a hybrid and therefore new culture. Not just a copy paste of cultures in different places, and those places are just European ones we have all seen before. Verdict: Worth a read to see if it is for you. The author may well be on to something eventually but I'm not willing to slog through more chapters to get to 'the good stuff'.


This website produces the largest volume of translated web novels I have found on the internet but with such a large volume of work comes the problem of extreme variety in quality. Laziness is the reason many novels end up lacking because either the novel itself takes shortcuts in favor of increased word count or the translator is only focused on quickly sending out the next chapter without carefully editing their work. Thsee issues make it all the more remarkable when something like this comes out. Laziness is the farthest thing from this content creator’s work ethic. Not only is the book itself a unique take on the returner and the vmmorpg genres but actively engages with the readers regularly and willingly reuploads their chapters losing out on many comments that boost their stats in order to maximize the quality of their work. Selfishly I want this writer to stay on this platform in order to consume their novels for free but this author clearly deserves a publishing house to make them a star. 10/10 flawless


Reveal spoiler


Amazing story, biggest problem are the lack of chapters so I hope that at some point we can at least get a chapter a day, hopefully not at the cost of the quality


we all have different vibes when reading novels.. this one is unique and original.. I like it and the way it flows🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥


This is the best gamer story I have read in hundreds of stories I have read at this site. Your gamer story looks more realistic than the other's, especially the stat increase point.


A hidden gem I didn't expect finding, I was skepitcal for the first few chapters but now I'm hooked. If you're looking for something new in the VR category this is it. ~Hyper


I have to say I'm astonished to find such a well written story here on Webnovel. The amount of depth and quality in the writing of characters, world setting, and personality overall is amazing. This qualifies as a good story that I could see being published with a bit of tweaking, so I highly recommend this book to anyone who's tired of 1 dimensional characters and cardboard worlds with no depth. This book has amazing potential and I believe it's worth the wait for its updates.


story is great. the whole soul concept is great. characters feel like actual people. pacing is on the slower side, but that's what makes the world and characters feel more alive. would recommend 10/10


Skip to the chapter 15... the juicy part starts from there if you're not into the slow pacing. Author is super wholesome. Makes everything more welcoming compare to the like of "My Vampire/Warewolf System".


It's the novel with the best world-building that I've found on this app. It has good humour, not cringe s***, and you have a good time even if you only read a chapter. The author seems to read most of the comments and listens to reader's questions and doubts. Not only this is an 10/10 novel, but it also has a 10/10 author.


I mean, this is the highest review I've given this site so yeah. I really like this story so far, the pacing is rather slow, but it really helps flesh out the world. There are so many stories where stuff is mentioned but never ever expanded upon, but here it all has a nice flow where each thing comes in phases and is never left in the dirt as the plot progresses. The characters are incredibly well written and you seem super connected with the readers and the stuff that you bring in is very realistic for this day and age, like the streaming system. Personally, for improvements I'd like, I'll be honest, I'm a sucker for love interests, so I'd like to see some of that. Another small complaint is the lore of the game. MC was introduced as a lore hunter, yet for most of the story we just have hunting, and grinding and then some plot and back to hunting. Don't get it twisted, as I really enjoy the fights, they feel well thought out, but they stretch on a bit too much sometimes. I'd like to see more interactions between him and the other characters, unless they aren't directly affecting the plot you had in mind, so do whatever. The conversations he has with people about the game or what he thinks of it always get cut short. He talks with Donovan in the car sometimes but there's no dialogue about what he thought about it, we just get a one liner before he's back to doing his stuff. Overall, the story's great. I really enjoy it and I hope to see it hitting the WebNovel charts soon! Thanks for the novel!




I am through chapter 150 so far and this is definitely one of the top novels in this genre - an excellent debut, author. :) The string writing sells it the most for me, as the story is easy to follow and get engrossed in, and the story itself has been very entertaining without relying on lame gimmicks like so many other stories in this category. Very well done, please keep it up!


Currently just entering the 100's and I have to say it's been a good read, this kind of book is right up my alley in terms of how it's made and such. I personally really enjoy the soul system, it gives a bit of spice and random to the mix, which I again, really enjoy. I also saw some complaints on the combat and stuff from fellow reviews, and can say that to me the length felt fine, I like the added and bonus details, not saying they don't have a point though, but to me it felt fine. And also, I do personally like the characters, and while yes, to some it may feel like their just there to be there and such, to me they feel human, and that I love. So overall it's great in my book, and one I look forward to reading. It also feels like your taking reviewers advice into consideration author when it's helpful, which I say thank you to, as not many authors do so. But overall, it's been a great read so far and I look forwards to more.


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I think that its great and I cant really find any faults with it, the quality is brilliant unlike many other novels on this app and I think the plot is set up in a brilliant way to keep you reading and wanting more tp find out the mystery of the game and I just generally love the feel and the tempo. The only downside is that I caught up to the most recent chapter. Another thing I like about it is that the author doesn’t spend too much time on mundane stuff so you don’t get bored whilst reading it. 10/10 #wouldrecomend