203 It's all ogre now!

There was a large group of people joining Merlin's stream for the first time that assumed all streamers started at the same time, but Merlin's regulars quickly informed them that he had been playing for weeks now.


[User] ... : That's unfair, people got a head start over others in an MMO!

[User] ... : So what? It's just a beta, it's not like they'll be level 100 when it's fully released.

[User] ... : When is this game coming out?

[User] ... : How do I apply for the beta?

[User] ... : What happens if you die?

[User] ... : Why do you just keep dodging? Kill the monster.

[User] ... : No, let it hit you, for science!


Merlin was too busy dodging the ogre to answer any questions, and he was about to ignore chat again when he received a notification window beside his chat window.


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