350 Lights Off

Finally, the landau completed its journey by traversing the vibrant business districts, a significant conclusion to the procession.

The cheers of the crowds gradually faded into the distant hum of commerce.

As the sun cast a warm golden hue across the city, the royal couple's expressions remained composed yet slightly weary from the extended journey.

Theodora's fingers brushed against the fabric of her dress, and Riz adjusted his posture as they shared a quiet moment of reflection.

With a last glance at the bustling streets, the landau turned onto the familiar path that led back to their residence. The soft clip-clop of the horses' hooves accompanied them, creating a soothing rhythm as they retraced their steps.

"That was fun, wasn't it?" Theodora's voice carried a lighthearted tone as she turned toward Riz.

Riz smiled in response. "Yes, it was. It's kind of surprising how much they genuinely celebrate us."


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