11 Ch11:- Dangerous Silver ball. First Heaven Chosen

[AN: 1light year=6 trillion miles]

Seeing the tattoo that was formed on his right hand. He sighed helplessly and looked at little Ray for an answer. As if expecting it little Ray said:

"It's like a weapon created from the very core part of this universe will. You should try to use it by channelling your power into this tattoo. But it will be wise to summon it in a more open space. It is something that we would be unable to get even in our prime. But this tree helped us in exchange you would spend more time with her often by coming here"

Hearing this Ray looked at the vines that were in front of him looking at him with expectation. Noticing this he touched it with his hand and grabbed it like a handshake and said: "Let's get along".

Hearing him those vines started to wrap around his body and squeezed his giant body.

After a very long time, almost an hour he was released. After being set loose from those vines he landed on the purple ground surface and looked at little Ray.

"That's all for now. For your further questions, you should discover them by yourself. As they are not crucial as long as my plan succeeds." little Ray spoke

"So this is goodbye. Hope you achieve everything I desired. " Saying so he started to disappear "Oh also don't let anything like morals or justice stop you because those things are meaningless to us. Because in this world the only thing that speaks loudest is one strength. I will leave behind some special information that will help you when you need it." That was the thing that t was heard from him as he slowly vanished living behind a black scroll.

It turned into a small ball and went straight inside his head settling deep inside his mind.

Now Ray was standing in this space alone looked behind him and waved his hand at the cosmic tree signalling goodbye and Channeled his power inside his hand that had a tree rune inscribed in it and purple light appeared in it and took Ray's body away.

A cosmic tree that was still in its place as always like a giant protecting every life suddenly trembled and one of the purple lights that were placed on the lower branch shot out into the sky. After a few seconds, a portal opened up in front of it and it went inside of it. After it had gone inside it portal closed on its own.

No one knows what that purple light was. Maybe some people know but that is another story for another time.

|Realm of Defiance|

<lower place>

This place was surrounded by black local sides

A purple shone at one place and it soon turned into a gigantic ball it exploded from inside of it Ray came out.

Ray after coming out of it quickly channelled his power inside that octagonal shape as he was dying out of curiousness about what kind of weapon little Ray was talking about. After just coming in contact with his power for a second tattoo started to glow Suddenly something came out from the dot that was stationed centre of the octagon. It was a transparent tiny small dot of unknown silver liquid.

A miraculous phenomenon happened after the arrival of the silver drop. All the fog transparent ghastly black smoke seems like attracted to it and black fog and other particles came running to side of the it.

That is not miraculous at all but what happens after that is miraculous Ray could feel that all those particles no matter which category they belong to by just coming near the silver drop of liquid all those particles property changing from it to the very core of their origin they are becoming just like a bright silver property like. Just like that surrounding 100000 miles of black fog came near it becoming the same silver liquid and making a giant ball that was nearly two times bigger than Ray.

Then in front of him, it started to become small as time went by. e few moments it became small the size of a ball that Ray could grab in one hand. The ball was fully round with whitish silver all over its body in the middle all the properties rotating just like a whirlpool.

Ray took the white ball in his hand. But he was a little confused about what he should do with this silver ball isn't it supposed to be world defying/end-class weapon or something that is forbidden in creation? How would he use this ball as a weapon?

For a few minutes, he tried to do many things like throwing it far to see if it explode or not, trying to swing for it a few minutes to see if it can release a terrific sword might or not.

He tried many things but nothing seems to working well for him. After some time he stood in the dark space with a silver ball in his right hand.

He thinking what he should do with it. He thought it would be some op weapon but it is nothing but a silver ball. At first, he looked at it and thought it was a cool weapon like scat—.

His thought came to a halt as he felt the vibration from his right hand then he saw why the ball broke out from his hand and it started to move strangely first it exploded without sound then it started to gather again and this time it became the shape of a big scythe that is bigger than him by the whole half body. It looked very sharp with a bright silver aura rising from it.

Ray moved his hand and touched the staff of the scythe. The moment he touched it, to the point he touched it started to become black. The whole scythe's body colour changed from whitish silver to black with a purple edge.

Ray then grabbed it he noticed that it does not have any weight at all. He moved his right hand up and positioned himself then casually made a slash from his right side to his left side. That was he thought a casual horizontal slash. But what came out of it was anything but calling it casual.


With a sound vast space in front, he first cleared up without any black smoke in front of him. Then in the distance from his right to left space sliced in a horizontal line looked very sharp and deep that spanned almost half a lightyear distance. Bright lights could be seen coming into this place from that space that was sliced. Butt the next moment all gas from nearby started gathering around that place and fixed that space like nothing happened.

"Holy fuck. That was kind of overkill. But if this weapon wasn't capable of doing this there's no way my past self would call it unobtainable." Ray voiced out anyone could feel his voice contain hidden excitement.

He calmed his heart down and looked at the scythe in his right still pointing left side as he didn't move from his position after that swing.

When he touched the scythe he received much information from that black scroll about this weapon those are:

Firstly: it is a weapon with no shape or anything that silver ball with a whirlpool in the centre is the basic form of this weapon.

Secondly: The master of this weapon can make it into any shape he desires. He can also make it with many different attributes without any restrictions. Even those power/concept/energy that doesn't exist as long as the owner has it he can utilize it without any limit.

Thirdly: This weapon does not have a name. It is a weapon that is unique and can't be created anymore. It has a chance that it could give birth to a spirit in the future.

Lastly: It is still incomplete. As for how to complete it there is no information.

Now Ray was in a dilemma because the information didn't state if he could utilize this weapon with his other body.

He looked at his head feeling somewhat worried. Because he cannot use his true body in lower realms because some of them might get destroyed and devoured by his aura alone just by him getting close to them.

There are also consequences if he casually descends with his real body in lower realms. The universe will interfere directly while establishing more restrictions lastly even try sealing him for an extended time.

But even then as long as he does not do anything crazy like destroying multiple realms or doing something that will endanger the universe's existence. He can descend for a short amount of time and do his job and quickly return without much punishment.

Reading all this information he became quite relaxed. At least he is still capable of handling his shit.

He looked at the scythe in his hand and thought about turning it to passive mode a palm size white ball. The moment he thought about it it changed into a silver ball. He then thought of many different weapons one by one which silver ball turn into those weapons in his thought without any delay.

After testing it for some time he commanded it to go back to his tattoo it obediently went inside the tattoo and the next moment it stopped glowing. And the missing dot again surfaced inside the centre of it.

He pumped himself up for upcoming events that are still coming for him.

He can feel it in his heart. Soon he will start his journey to whatever it leads to.


In a place far far away from him inside a jungle a waterfall could be seen where water was running down from a cliff creating a tiny river that run through the jungle and a dead boy who seems to be in his late teen floating inside of the water.

Suddenly the sky changed into a portal with bright white colour and golden light came out of it and fled right into the dead boy's chest. And the dead body next moment started to float high up in the air.

Miraculously the dead boy opened his eye and started shouting like a crazy madman:


His mouth suddenly stopped as he felt nothing beneath his feet he looked down just to see he was at least 2 miles up from the ground. He started screaming his lungs out.

"Aaaaaaah why is my luck so shit. Just a moment ago I was chatting by that shitty truck. Now I will die from this fall."


But before he could hit the ground near the river his falling stopped as a golden glow to started cover his whole body and he safely adjusted his body landing on the ground. Then he saw a panel in front of his eye.

[ Hearing host unnatural scream a system has been awakened from the deepest part of host soul]

[Welcome host. Do you wish to open starting pack]

[Yes| No]

"Is this my golden finger?" He asked seeing the screen in proximo h timing all this he thought for a moment then opened his mouth and laughed out loudly:

"Haha haha aha, hahaha those sons of bitched all who laughed at me saying I am trash. In this, life I will show everyone how awesome I Li Bai with this golden finger."

He thought of all those people who looked at him with mockery when he failed to get a job after his graduation even though his own family disappointed in him as he was their adopted child.

After a few moments, he moved his hand forward and pressed his finger on the yes button.

[Ding beginners pack opening....]

[Host has gained high-level mortal treasure •thousand miles escape•]

[Host has gained Immortal level life cultivation technique: Symbol of life]

[Host has gained 100000 high-level spirit stones]

[Host has gained unique physique: •samsara Life• (dormant) do you wish to upgrade your physique with this]

" Firstly show me all the ranks of cultivation and items in this world. What are the benefits I will get with this physique? And why is it written dormant?" he asked in confusion. He knew from his past life as a jobless person he knew that he have to take every step very carefully.

After showing him the information about the cultivation system went on about its explanation.

[Samsara physique effects:

1. You can cultivate 10 times faster than a normal genius.

2. You will be able to heal others easily as your life aura will be pure.

3. You will not get sick easily, and live 1.5 times more than others in your same cultivation realm.

As for the dormant state, it's because you need to fulfil one condition to fully awaken your physique. After awakening all benefits will be 10 times better.]

Seeing this he thought for a moment and pressed yes.

[Upgrading host body...]

[Upgrade started. Estimated time needed to finish... 6 months 20 days 4-hour host strongly advised not to go into intimate acts in this said time]

"Huh ! What? Why?"

[If you do anything intimate when your body is merging with a new physique you will lose half of the said benefits. Also, information about your quest that will fully awaken your physique has been issued do you want to see it? ]

Seeing this even though he was quite disappointed about 7 months without any intimate act, he didn't lose his composure as he could already see the big picture. He then pressed his quest show button. But seeing the mission he was nearly frightened but after seeing the reward he looked at it blankly soon greed and desire started to rise inside him.

[Mission: A great evil being that has done countless evil deeds such as genocide, creating chaos, torturing people+...etc. After a long time of many people's sacrifices, he was killed. Now again after reincarnating, he is taking on the same path. You as a destiny chose to stop him or kill him.

Mission rank:??????


1)Full awaking of physique

2)Mystic Immortal level cultivation

3)Crown of life(primal chaos)

4) Origin-level cultivation technique ]