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"Yes, I managed to map the problem that other researchers have been facing; I found the solution recently."

"I tried to implement some of the existing ideas, added some spice here and there, and I finally got it! Although I don't want to admit this, I got some of the ideas from Spencer."

"Anyway, we better watch out for Spencer. Also... First, I'm sorry if I offended you, but you should also pay attention to your husband, Annette."

"I firmly believe that Uncle Marcus' death is closely related to both of them. We have a common enemy. Are you not worried about your family? Moreover, your beloved daughter, Sherry Birkin?" Eddie said as he looked earnestly at Annette. Spencer's threat was no joke; without a solid background, the two of them were just toys to him.

Looking into Eddie's eyes, Annette could see that the other party was indeed concerned about her safety.

Annette had known this for long; Dr. Marcus is none other than Umbrella's internal problems. She did not know the specific purpose of the murder, William himself never brought it up.

"Your genius really surprised me, Eddie. At first, I doubted your abilities; it seems that I underestimated you too much; please forgive me."

Annette looked at Eddie with a hint of guilt; she wanted to kill Eddie at first, but... She doesn't know why fate made her undo it.

In fact, she felt she had cheated on William, like... She is secretly trying to get another lover behind her husband's back... This made her feel very embarrassed.

After working for Umbrella for more than ten years, she had little or no contact with the opposite sex other than her husband, William.

So this was a new experience for her... At least she thought so.

"No problem, take it easy, Annette. You don't need to be sorry.

"I-is that so? Umm... By the way-" Before Annette could finish her words, she was interrupted by a *Ding* sound coming from the direction of the machine containing the serum tube.

The machine stopped spinning; moments later, a tube filled with a bright blue liquid appeared.

Eddie's eyebrows shot up, his heart beating really fast! Finally... Finally, the work he had been working on for months reached the stage of perfection!

Rubbing his hands a few times, Eddie started to grab the Serum from the test tube.

Shaking it a few times, Eddie showed the Serum right before Annette. After that, he said: "You think I should personally test it?" Eddie asked with a smile.

Annette was silent for a few seconds; she replied: "As your friend, I don't recommend it; as a scientist, I don't recommend it either."

"What you want to do is nothing more than a gamble, Eddie."

Annette continued.

"What if the Serum turns unstable? Moreover, there will be no turning back once your body has received and mutated with the Serum. You know the consequences, right?"

Annette answered with a bit of hesitation. Apparently, she was worried about the changes Eddie would experience if the Serum failed.

"I believe in the results of my research; with this, I can improve my physical fitness like a superhuman. Plus, I can protect my relatives and friends!"

"You're one of them too, Annette. After all, the two of us are friends."

"I thought you knew that the Arklay mountains had been used as a testing ground for biochemical weapons, right? Suppose I don't dare to take risks with this Serum. In that case, I'm afraid that when the biochemical weapon spreads to the city, I won't be able to protect myself, let alone my friends and relatives! So I have to try this Serum right away."

Eddie expressed his concern to Annette.

Normally Eddie wouldn't speak his mind to random strangers, but this woman could still be trusted when it came to Annette. Eddie was sure she wouldn't try to betray him.

Even Eddie was sure that Annette had not revealed her friendship to William and what projects Eddie was working on during this time.

And, indeed, Annette herself has never brought up the relationship and research done by Eddie so far.

"Are you sure? This is very dangerous; you have to be careful, Eddie."

"As for William, I won't tell him about your success in mapping out the T-Virus problem."

Annette said, trying to convince Eddie.

"I want you to help me. There is a temperature control device in this room, if I'm not mistaken. I will stay here during the fusion process while you watch me outside. If I act strange, then lower the room temperature to below 0 degrees, do you understand?"

Eddie turned to Annette for help. His expression was solemn when it came to the fusion process he was about to perform on his body.

A little hesitant, Annette asked: "Aren't you afraid that I will betray you? Maybe I'll harm you when you try fusion with the Serum." Annette said while biting her lip.

On the other hand, Eddie laughed. "Haha, of course not. Aren't we friends? We both love the same thing: science; it's rare to have good friends like you. I trust you, Annette."

Annette frowned, she answered. "Alright then, I'll get ready soon. Make sure what you need is well prepared. As your 'friend,' I will not try to disappoint you!"

Eddie smiled with satisfaction; he finally managed to win Annette's trust.

Besides being beautiful, Annette herself is a top scientist in biology. At the same time, she is the only woman who knows about the G-Serum and can make its Antidot.

If Eddie wanted to get more information about G-Serum in the future, maybe he could try discussing it with Annette.

Eddie nodded in understanding. After that, he gave Annette the cue; a few seconds later, he stuck the syringe right in his vein.

The Serum started flowing in Eddie's veins, quickly spreading throughout his body.

At first, Eddie felt nothing, but moments later, he felt the pain he never even imagined. His body feels utterly different pain, and he could barely endure this torment!

Eddie was unable to stand; he started to cling to the table. Meanwhile, Annette came out of the room with the temperature controller in her hand.

The door quickly closed. Annette activates a unique function that will fill the room with sleeping gas.

Eddie slowly began to fall asleep; of course, this sleeping gas is a particular gas, there are no side effects at all, so it is safe to use.

Annette went to the control room; her hand tapped the keyboard quickly; she muttered: "Eddie, I hope you are not lying. If what you say is true, then I will stay by your side; if not, then please forgive me."

"I am a very selfish person; I only care about my family..."

Annette looked at the monitor, while at her side was a gun that she would use to shoot Eddie if an unwanted 'event' suddenly happened.


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