Resident Evil: Ars Goetia

A girl who is a fan of Resident Evil dies and meets a being who calls himself God. Offering her the chance to reincarnate in her favorite game world, she accepts. And fortunately, to survive in such a world, she gained some wishes. I wouldn't say she will be evil, but her principles and morals will change after she transforms. What for some would be bad, for her it will be normal.

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Bel Vs Proto-Tyrant

The situation is not good at all.

It's been a few minutes since the test started, and calling it a 'fight' is seriously an understatement. It's nothing more than a one-sided beating.

My left arm was torn off with a single bite, and there are deep claw cuts on my torso. Fortunately, I no longer feel pain, and I am quickly regenerating. However, none of this really matters because I can't escape.


I jump and slide to the side, dodging the huge monster that leaped towards me. The impact made the steel floor sink. Damn, this thing is really strong.

What the hell do they expect me to do? Sure, I'm someone who managed to fully integrate the T-Virus and gained super regeneration, strength, and speed, as well as some other upgrades like enhanced vision, smell, and touch, a significant increase in brain activity, photographic memory, presence detection, and so on. And of course, I can't forget the skills I gained from torture, which is basically total immunity to pain and poisons.

But that's it.

As much as I can certainly beat a dozen adult men, I'm still a 6-year-old kid, damn it. How do they expect me to defeat a monster that not even a whole armed platoon of men could handle?

I snap out of my thoughts as I see the Proto-Tyrant stretch its head with its mouth wide open, trying to bite off my head as if I were a snack.


With an athletic move that would be impossible for a six-year-old child, I throw myself backward with a somersault, and I hit the bastard's chin squarely with my knee.


The Proto-Tyrant's jaw closes with a bang. I could see some broken teeth and black blood coming out of its mouth, but that didn't seem to bother it at all. It seemed to irritate it even more, however.

Opening its mouth wide and extending its claws, it roared upwards like a beast.

Damn, it looks really furious.


- Third Person POV -

Inside a room filled with large monitors, several scientists watched the child's fight against the latest prototype created by the Umbrella Corporation, the Proto-Tyrant.

Most watched with fascination as a six-year-old child struggled to survive against a creature that seemed to have come straight out of horror movies.

However, some who still had some humanity within them were quite uncomfortable and disgusted with what they were seeing.

One of these people was Sabrina, a novice scientist within Umbrella, who served as the child's babysitter during the months of tests and torture the child endured.

Her first encounter with the child was obvious; she was trembling with fear inwardly. After all, who in their right mind would want to be near someone contaminated with the T-Virus? But as time passed, the fear faded away. Now, it would be a lie to say that Sabrina didn't have affection for the sweet and innocent child who, despite the inhuman abuses, continued to smile.

"Dr. Ironwall, is it really necessary to put her against the T-001? After all, she's just a child..." Sabrina said in a submissive tone to Ironwall, who was beside her.

Ironwall, being questioned by his subordinate, wasn't upset; on the contrary, he was exuberant. It was his duty as a leader to dispel the doubts of the little saplings.

"My dear assistant, don't let yourself be deceived by your eyes. D-001 is not a child!" Ironwall said with a good-humored laugh. "Look, could a child do what she's doing?"

Sabrina looked again at the screen, and she really couldn't argue. D-001, codenamed Belzebu, a child who was injected with the T-Virus and several other variants, was truly fighting to survive against T-001. When T-001 attacked, she did her best to dodge, doing her best not to be hit in her vital points even if an arm or leg was torn off.

Not only that, her regeneration was terrifying, able to regenerate limbs in a short time, as well as her quick reaction when there was an opening for a counterattack.

This wasn't a fight between a child and a monster; it was a fight between two beasts.

Sabrina knew this, that's what her mind told her, but her heart wavered whenever she saw the child getting hurt. She clenched her fist and turned her face away, not wanting to watch the fight anymore.

Ironwall, beside her, seeing his assistant, sighed. "I see you care about the test subject. That needs to be corrected. But don't worry too much, this isn't a test to see who will kill whom, foolish girl."

Sabrina looked confusedly at Ironwall, "Then why...?"

"My dear, do you know when a living being shows its full potential?" Ironwall smiled. "It's when they are facing death."


- Bel's POV -

If this continues, I'll really end up dying for the second time. I'm getting tired, and I can't recover infinitely; I'm running out of time. When are they going to stop this damn test?!

The monster once again tries to tear me apart with its claws, and once again, I dodge. However, it seems I underestimated my fatigue because I moved too slowly.

The Tyrant seems to realize this and, without giving me a chance to escape, impales me with one of its claws, making me vomit a lot of blood.

It lifts its fist with me impaled on its claw and roars loudly as if I were a trophy, and then throws me into the wall. My body collides with the steel wall with a crash and I fall to the ground, bathed in blood.

Feeling the state of my body - one of the abilities I gained - I see that almost all of my bones are broken and half of my internal organs are crushed or pierced. Fortunately, my heart and brain are still intact.

But I'm perplexed, why didn't it finish me off?

I look at the Proto-Tyrant approaching me slowly and focus on its face. Due to the blood loss and my near-death state, my vision is blurred, and it's hard to concentrate, but I'm sure I see a smile.

That bastard has a huge sadistic smile on its face.

Ah, I see now.

He's irritated because its prey wouldn't stop running away, and now it wants to 'play' with me until I die.

That's damn annoying.

I also smile and start to get up. My still broken bones crack as I try to stand. But I don't care.

The Proto-Tyrant is a few meters away from me, its claws ready to tear me apart, and its teeth ready to devour me. But I don't care.

For some reason, a warm sensation permeates my brain, as if something is waking up. But I don't care.

I'm angry. Angry at these people thinking I'm a toy. Angry at being powerless, and mostly, angry at having to endure all this with a smile on my face.

I only have one thing in mind now.


I start laughing.

"You want to torture me before killing me? Ha! I have bad news for you, you big ugly son of a bitch. Nobody here knows more about torture than I do!"

As the Proto-Tyrant raises its arm, ready to continue its sadistic play, I hear a sharp sound inside my head, like the sound of a whistle. I feel a strange force enveloping me - and when I direct that force towards the Proto-Tyrant, everything goes dark.


- Third Person POV -

"My god..."

"You recorded that, right? Right?!"

"That's incredible!"

Inside the room filled with monitors, the scientists were heatedly discussing among themselves. Sabrina stared at the screen with wide eyes, astonished, while Ironwall had a manic smile on his face.

"My dear assistant, do you still think 'that' is a child?"

On the screen, one could see Bel's unconscious body lying on the ground, and in front of her, there was a trail of destruction. The steel floor and ceiling were completely twisted and torn, as if a bomb had hit the place. And in the midst of that destruction, there was a puddle of flesh and black blood. It was the remnants of the Proto-Tyrant.

Ironwall looked at Bel's fallen body through the cameras.


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