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Reset Button of Love (old version)


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In a botched attempt to resurrect Yu Mengying, the woman he loved all his life but whom never knew of his love, a primitive magic spell sends the Archmage Qi Yi into a parallel universe world set far in the future where he has never existed and Yu Mengying's fate and identity is changed. With the assistance of the parallel universe's equivalent of his former mentor Master Xing and Mengying herself who develops a crush on him at first sight, Qi Yi embarks on a new journey to discover the new world he has set foot on, and to restart his romance with the Mengying he never knew. In spite of the pain of losing his first love, will Qi Yi be blessed with a happy ending to his romance or will he be fated to a life of loneliness? Will his identity be divulged one day? And will the happy-go-lucky pampered Mengying, as the next princess of the lands, be capable of keeping this stranger who had just appeared on her lands? What will become of their relationship as time goes by?


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