Requiem Of A Failed Hero

In a world where one's worth is determined by Archons—godlike entities who watch over everything—the least you can hope for is to get picked by the most lowly of them. Raith was chosen by the Archon of failure and death. Having emerged from one of the three greatest family, he was forced to leave the family and began a lonely journey of being a Hero as he has always wanted. Hero–that was the only way Raith could redeem himself and be acknowledged by the world. But this Archon is just too useless! However, everything changes on the day when Raith dies for the first time. [Congratulations! You have met the first condition] You can join this discord server for interaction with the author and character illustrations. https://discord.com/invite/9UPNyQN4

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One Who Devours Death (2)

His lips pressed together with a slight grimace on his face, his lips were cracked and whitened, it was a wonder how the stream of blood that overflowed his face manage to avoid his mouth.

The azure-blue holographic message that appeared in front of him was too blurry for his murky eyes to see.

And the voice was distant –but he heard well.

He just couldn't spare the effort to express his surprise even through his thoughts.

[You have met the first condition]

[This condition prepares you for the path of dissolution that lies ahead of you]

[You will be resurrected]

Almost immediately, Raith could feel a surging relief ran through his entire body, especially his abdomen where his bowels were flowing out -and caused him to be in great torment.

'Oh my god...'

He hoisted himself up quickly, running his calloused palm on his body and his face.

"There's nothing..."

He muttered as his shaky eyes lowered to examine his body. His body right now looked like he hadn't just died a few seconds ago.

The blood stain on his ragged grey jacket told a narrative of a bloody killer and his bangs had clotted with the blood it was drenched in, adding a gloomy semblance to his look which was already frail and bony.

He hauled himself slowly over to the monster and still found his mouth gaping.

'...what would have happened if I didn't lace my daggers with poison'

Others would have called it foolishness, especially for a wretched castaway who once belonged to a prestigious family. Although heroes who were adept in the use of poison existed, but for a combative hero, defeating an enemy with poison; even if it is a monster was considered cowardice.

Besides, the meat will be bad for food.

Raith after staring down for a few more seconds brought out a small knife that was having down on his black leather belt. He began to tear the knife into the monster's skin immediately.


Cavanaugh is a city that is home to many low-level heroes and outcasts: men who do not believe in the archons and turn to another direction for power.

The power they received was sad to be forbidden and a heavy bounty is placed on even a four years old outcast.

However in Cavanaugh, all things are put to rest, and differences are laid aside. And even a man like Raith could survive thanks to the city's peculiarity.

Raith wobbled his way to St.Hernis street and continued a steady path on the pedestrian road making sure to keep his tired eyes on a straight path since the shop wasn't too far anymore.

Eyes couldn't ignore him ‐he still had that bloody shirt on but he was too consumed in his tiredness to care about that for now.

"Should we call the police?"

"Did he kill someone...?"

"Oh my... shit, so disgusting."

As ladies and gentlemen with vibrant colors of furry coats walked past him, they covered their noses with their gloved palms and glanced back at him a few times before going their way.

Even drivers that sped past couldn't help their eyes.

"Hey what are you doing walking around the city like that."

A bass tone reached from behind.

He slowly turned, the fatigue was hitting him even faster since he had to climb out of the mountain on his own.

"Uh? Raven?"

The man in a white police uniform almost looking like that of a sailor, was astounded to see him.


"What are you doing? Why are you reeking like that...?"

"It must be the troll."

"The troll?"

"The ice troll? I skinned one."

"You hunted a troll? –whatever. Get in the car."

Only when he mentioned it with a head gesture did Raith notice the sleek black Falcon JB-2120. It was like a sports car but had inscribed beside it. CCPD: Cavanaugh City Police Department.

They were the oversight over the city's internal issues. And were known to be genuine friends to heroes and outcasts which doesn't always happen around the world.

"Thank you"

Raith said and sluggishly entered the car's rear seat, firstly throwing the black leather bag which was the source of the horrible disgusting, and choking smell.

The man entered wearing a black nose mask on his face and sped off.


Minutes later, the car stopped in front of a tall bricked superstructure in front of him, most of the buildings in Cavanaugh were high and bricked almost giving the feel of London in the nineties but the sleekness, speed, and modernity of cars that sped fast or clothes that passersby were found in brought one into the mixture of the future and the past.

Everyone's attention drove to Raith as he entered the reception of the building that said "Eleonora Shop"

It was the most prominent buy-and-sell place in Cavanaugh. Except for the black market of course.

But even in a seemingly lawless city like Cavanaugh, there exist some bodies of organizations that were deemed to be an existence of felony.

Such was the black market.

So it was not an option for Raith was barely trying to survive in this snowy city.


The male attendant in a white shirt, black waistcoat, and bow tie immediately put his hand over his nose as Raith slammed the leather bag on the counter.

"What is this Raven?"

He questioned, sounding from his nose.

"The hides, horns, teeth, and tusk of an ice troll."

"You hunted an Ice troll? And yourself?"

Raith leaned on the counter -he seems to have already gotten used to the smell.

"Yes...I died to make that happen."

The man's eyes measured Raith from up to down and after a few seconds, he opened the bag with dreaded eyes and put it away beneath the counter.

"This is a mess Raven Raith, you can't even do a clean job?"

He grunted and slid some rumpled blue notes to him.

Raith picked up the notes with his dirty hands, the purple color of the monster's blood had almost become one with his hand.

After seeing the number on each note that had an epitaph of a bald man with squinted eyes. –and separating it into four, Raith's eyes widened with his eyeball quivering –a feeling of despair.

"Four hundred leus?"

Raith gaped.

"Yes, Raven Raith. These materials are in bad shape, don't you know the shop will be charged extra? Besides, the Heroes association has increased taxes on every material, you can't blame me for this."


Raith paused, looking at the rough notes in his hand.

The best four hundred leus could do for him was get him living on bread for a few more days, he at least loved the bread from The Torpedough bakery. But one small piece of bread costs fifty leus which he would finish on one go, a family-sized one costs one hundred and fifty leus. The family one could sustain him for two days which meant he would be able to eat bread for four days and with a change of hundred leus which would get him a pack of cigarettes.

'...even a pack of cigarettes these days are more expensive than bread...damn retailers, just always on the lookout to explore addiction perks."

Raith's gaze lowered for a minute as he remembered he received a perk.

"What? Do you want anything again? A glass of champagne."

'Bastard, you gave me so little money and you are trying to expunge it right out of me a minute later'

Raith nodded but looked into the attendant's eyes with his gloomy eyes.

It was beginning to get uncomfortable for the attendant.

"Are you okay Raven?"

"Have you heard of a perk 'devourer'

The attendant froze but soon let out a burst of laughter.

After taking his time to stop, he asked with a pacing breath.

"Did you receive a tendency?"


"Oh my oh my... even the archons are generous to a taboo like you. Well, there's no way I would know. The death archon is considered to have died since the creation of our world. And those that receive his dust nothing but walking dead. Which makes you my dear Raven, the worst existence of mankind. Still, I am surprised you killed an ice troll on your own. Even if it is a tier 1 monster, its fierce nature makes even beginners heroes die"

'...well, I did die... brutally at that. Does that make me even worst than beginners?'

"Raven, why don't you come work as an attendant here in the shop? You will get a steady pay of one thousand leus every week. That will uplift your lifestyle a bit."

Raith's eyes changed at that moment.

Such that they made the attendant gulp...

'Shit, I shouldn't have mentioned it again.'

He flinched as Raith's heterochromia eyes glared into his soul.