Repeat The Love

Author: DaoistBiClYj
Romansa Historis
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What is Repeat The Love

Read ‘Repeat The Love’ Online for Free, written by the author DaoistBiClYj, This book is a Romansa Historis Novel, covering Fiction, Light Novel, Internet Novel, and the synopsis is:


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"Mariana, you know we shouldn't. . ." Lucius finally got the courage to speak. "Hush! Do not speak to me about that. It is you I want," She protested. "You are betrothed to my prince and the heir to the throne. I am nothing but a mere guard to the prince. If word gets out about what we're doing then he will surely have our heads," Lucius pointed out. Mariana stopped and gazed into Lucius' eyes. For a moment, she looked serious. Lucius was beginning to feel that he had succeeded in breaking past her stubbornness. Until she broke her silence. "Screw him. It is you I desired before. It is you I desire now. And it is you I will always desire. He can have my head, I don't care!" She exclaimed. *** When a dangerous love affair between a guard and a Prince's betrothed comes into play, what cruel fate will befall them? When love happens in the wrong places, can it ever be corrected? When a love triangle becomes a dangerous game with an obsessed prince, will the guard survive it? Mariana Rosette moves in with her aunt after losing her parents to a rabid beast attack. She comes home to find that her aunt has arranged her wedding with the Prince of Asgaria. Prince Leonard Luther. Instead of Mariana falling for the prince, she ends up falling for his scarred guard, Lucius. Amidst the dangerous love affair that comes into existence; strange beasts attack Asgaria and wish for it to crumble to its feet. War breaks out within the kingdom because of the dangerous game of love and the battle outside of the kingdom. There's nowhere to run to. None of the three are ready to give up. Only in death will it end. Who will get the girl?

Twisted_Ink · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
5 Chs


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