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When a goddess is useless and needs to recruit from the pools of premium isekai agents she finds the main character Jake Barris to save her world... And all Jake can think is. 'Why does this damned world run on Hentai Logic so often?!'

Azazyel · Fantasy
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13 Chs

Chapter 1

"Soooo... Let me get this right. A lewd world twisted by terrible misfortune has instead of summoning some random dude. Has reached out to us for a 'hero'?" I asked making finger quotations as my sponsor nodded while across from me a glowing ball of light blinked several times in sequence and my sponsor's face twitched and he spoke.

"There are truly infinite reflections of each and every world beyond just Earth as a core world. In either case, the world this Goddess represents is one that decided to reach out to the humanity of Earth in order to fix it. Using Cyoa's with each person's Cyoa being used to filter down to the world they would be sent into. In order to fix and help the world get on track." My patron explained as the supposed ball of light that was a goddess became a strobe light sending flashes everywhere that blinded me slightly.

My patron smiled wryly as he looked at me and said with some amusement. "In either case, the so-called 'hard' versions of the worlds aren't being taken care of. So the Clan has decided to step in. And use their source of almost infinite Cyoa's given powers to help reincarnate larger numbers of Jake's using that world's template with each Jake getting a little extra in the reincarnation so once they complete their world quests. The karma from changing fate so much will act as the fuel to ignite their spark as a planeswalker equivalent while still having the powers they get from the Cyoa."

With that explanation done my patron stared at the ball of light and I knew some kind of conversation was going on between the two of them before he hummed in through before throwing his hand toward me and a tablet floated over to me. "Here, is the build you got going for you. It's a pretty good one. A bit too lewd, but other than the world-ending catastrophes you will face... The rest is up to you to fill out for your new body going into the world as the world has an internal level system." He finished before a flash of light from the goddess made him raise an eyebrow and snark at the goddess.

"No, little spark. He isn't interested in level four or five furries. No, I don't care that a ducks... Just stop before I have to bleach his brain of your degeneracy." My sponsor said tiredly as my face twitched seeing the utter filth in this CYOA.

A lot of it was wholesome... But the majority was crazy shit, regardless though. I set my starting location to be New Atha which was on the lower end of batshit insane stuff going on. But as I was reading the Cyoa I noticed a couple locked-in bits that made me look up to my sponsor. "So I get the 'chosen one' bit but the whole 'everyone' knows I am the chosen one, how does that work?" I asked.

My sponsor looked up from his argument from the supposed goddess, and easily replied. "Ah, it's an extension of the whole summoning ritual bit you will be taking to get there... Basically, everyone knows the world is fucked right?" He said leadingly and with my nod of understanding, he continued. "So once you are summoned as the supposed 'savior' you will be known for that across the world within a few weeks at most."

At that easy explanation, I nodded I went back to the CYOA and began choosing my powers which were a list in of itself in their effects until finally I hit the most important part in my special classes I could take for a large amount of Hero points in the Cyoa and after a moment I took two main classes.

The first was Ancient, which gave me an even spread across physical stats while also giving the effect of 'Your body is made of magic itself. All your senses are increased and your gut feeling will warn you from making bad decisions.' So basically spidey senses.

The other main class was the Dragonkin Class, which allowed me to pick a dragon bloodline and I obviously chose the storm dragon bloodline which would give me the ability of storm magic while having yellow wings to fly with.

Lastly, for the sub-class, I chose blacksmith as with the world having some game logic. I knew that being able to make my own gear would be important.

"Make sure you take some kind of magic, to unlock your magical potential." My sponsor told me and I looked at my stats and saw that I didn't have any magic classes unlocked I didn't have mana unlocked. So I went back to the classes and also picked up the Body Mage Class. Which allowed me to double-spec into my innate thunder magic with my dragon's blood.

So then I got to look at the 'apocalypse' scenario and as I took it in... I looked up at my sponsor and deadpanned. "Really? A demon queen with a human fetish? How is this an apocalypse?" I asked flatly.

My sponsor shrugged and said wryly. "She wants demons to be considered equal citizens as humans, elfs, dwarves, and all the other races in all other lands... Despite all the lands being racist to other lands races." He finished flatly making my eye twitch as I got what he was meaning.

Basically, she would burn the world down to get the 'equality' uncaring of the people not caring about demons and instead just not likely people of other races... Other races mind you, can and did still regularly eat humans as easily as eating any cow or any other living being in fact.

But after getting all my powers/boons, and talents in a row. I heard as I was going over the 'Gifts' in potent rings that I could wear that would help me in a lot of things. I heard my sponsor grumble at the goddess. "Elissa, you literally recruited thirty thousand Neet's in the last month and within a week every single one of the dumbasses you recruited died like a bitch... Like seriously, you came here for talent and now you are bitching about this taking too long, well maybe you shouldn't be a flat-chested Aqua and get heroes that actually saw sunlight in the last week!"

I felt that awkward feeling when you're at a friend's house and they start arguing with their parents or something, I looked up and saw the goddess ball of light was literally crying with thick... Almost snot-like tears dripped from its light form so I instantly looked back down at the Cyoa and ignored my patron trying to put the clearly fucking useless goddess mnetally back together.

But as I got down to the World Events section I noticed how beside the Demon Lord icon being locked there were a couple more world-ending/ruining options and right next to the demon lord option was the Orc Horde option was already highlighted and feeling my eyes snap onto himself, my patron carelessly said flatly. "It's a favor for me. Plus, Orc wizards aren't that big of an issue... Just kill or defeat and mind-break the Orc Queen and you are golden." He said while my lips twitched at how he clearly was fucking with me.

Regardless I continued on and basically finished the Cyoa by taking on the quests for companions and their endings if I wasn't repulsed by their kinks.

Once I was finished with the Cyoa, I could pretty strongly say it was one of the better-designed CYOA's. But maybe the fact that it was actually made by a goddess and was being used to yeet people into the hell world in their jurisdiction probably was a good reason it was so good.

"Alright, I think I am done," I said holding out the tablet to my patron who levitated it over into the goddess's light form where the ball of light seemingly ate the tablet but my attention was diverted back to my patron as he coughed. "Alright, good luck. I am wishing you the best of things and honestly... Just have fun when you can." He finished and then as though that was the signal a dense blue light filled my vision as below my feet a blue magical glyph formed.

'Oh, this is my ride there." I thought before I waved goodbye to my patron who merely inclined his head as I was sucked away into a crackle of light.


I could feel my body changing as I was being summoned, my body being sculpted into a better form of itself via the Cyoa's perks and most importantly my two martial classes in the Ancient and DragonKin.

But beyond the physical changes, my mind went blank as the memories of a mortal lifetime of smithing were downloaded into my mind giving me the knowledge of a master smith and most importantly how to enchant arms, armor, and other things with magic.

Then lastly as the pillar of blue light around me thinned, I felt some of the physical items of the Cyoa manifest onto my body as the sword Siren was strapped to my side, and I was armored in the Obsidian Armor with the Antimagi Armor of the Obsidian Armor. Along with the Copper and Ancient Ring.

Before I could notice anything else concrete, I heard a loud and indistinguishable chanting fill my ears, and then the pillar of blue light around me shattered, and with the pillar of light shattering I saw the first sight I would never forget in this new world.

I was in a massive cathedral, lit by light penetrating the colored glass artworks in the ceiling and walls. As I appeared, loud cheers rang as my eyes snapped to the large crowd of people clapping obviously happy to see the summoning had worked.

Then just as quickly as the cheers started, they died off as a woman with three guards emerged from the circle of mages that surrounded the raised platform they summoned me upon.

She was in one word beautiful. She had long blue hair that hung down her back along with being fair of skin tone and beautiful purple eyes. Her dress clung to her soft full body and large curves with many frills that broke up her dress clinging to certain areas to make it look less slutty and instead made the queen look as though she owned her beautiful appearance in all manners.

And after she approached and I took a couple of steps down from the dais, she spoke softly and truly kindly. "I am Queen Tilda of this land New Atha, that which you are now the champion of." She took a breath and I held my words as she continued with her welcoming expression becoming somewhat strict.

"We paid dearly to our goddess to summon you, Jake Barris, although we will not attempt to otherwise bind you mystically, we do ask that you help our nation in the great trials and horrors that as we speak attack our walls and haunt our countryside." She said regally and formally.

'Wow... That useless fucking goddess had to charge her people something in order to summon me?' I thought but hid my expression as I met her formal speech with my own words growing in volume so that the obviously important people in the isles could hear my words as well.

"So long as you treat me with respect, I am more than willing to come to terms about what needs to be done, in order for this world to be restored to a more peaceful situation!" I said and a number of people clapped with some happiness at my willingness to help.

And so did the queen sag with some relief as she nodded and then spoke regally again to both myself and the court of people here in attendance at my summoning. "Then hero, please come with me, as I debrief you as to this world's affairs and get your new life here in order." She announced and the people took that as the end of the affair as many stood up grumbling but goodnaturedly as they left the cathedral with the mages following the mage who was obviously the leader being a witch-looking woman with a huge witch hat that hid her face as she left the room.

So I followed the apparent Queen of New Atha a good bit to the side as she was surrounded on her sides and behind her by her bodyguards who were in fully plate armor that prevented me from seeing anything of their forms... Except for the knight taking up the rear guard position had an outrageous-sized boob plate.

Either way, there was silence between me and the queen for a minute as we left the cathedral and entered a much less opulent hallway but out of the view of the court the queen cleared her throat and spoke up conversationally. "So if you don't mind Jake... What made you accept the summons to this world?" She asked and I wondered if she was honestly that curious or was trying to find leverage to control me or something even though she said they wouldn't use magical means of coercion.

Which is very much why I took the Antimagi armor that protected me from magic... Anyway, after a moment of thought, I answered frankly. "Your goddess offered me power in order to help your world not fall to darkness... And to say nothing of what I experience in this world, should I succeed I will get great boons for completing my goals." I explained and she hummed as though thinking on my words.

And that was it until we reached a new meeting room. This one with two couches sitting in front of the other with a table separating the couches. "Jake, please take a seat. I will take the time to give an overview of what you need to know of this world and its system." She said. Once I was seated and her three knights one behind her sofa and one on each side of the sofa stood at the ready, the queen gracefully sat down with such grace that it was actually impressive with how large her breasts were that they didn't jump with the motion.

After we both sat down, Tilda spoke kindly. "Alright Jake, please mentally say 'Status'." She said and without hesitation I did so, already knowing this world had some game logic to it.


Name -

Jake Barris

Race - Human/Dragonkin

Level - 1

Health: 100

HP Regen: 5pm

Mana: 100

MP Regen: 2pm


Status, Potential 

Strength-1 S

Constitution-1 S

Intelligence-1 C

Agility-1 B

Charisma-1 B

Magic-1 A


Skills -

 Draconic Blood Lvl 1 - Within your blood is the blood of a storm dragon. Stirring the blood within yourself, you can pop draconic wings out of your back allowing the user to fly using the wings, along with being able to channel lightning within your body and project the lightning outside of the body.

Blacksmithing Lvl 1- The level of blacksmithing determines the level in which bonus effects are born in objects the user crafts and enchants.

Magic Body Lvl MAX- User's body is that of magic itself, senses highly increased, and provides the user with passive danger sense.

Body Mage Lvl 1- The user has the ability to charge the body with elemental magic.

Regeneration Lvl MAX- The user regenerates from lost limbs over the course of days to regrow lost limbs without loss in mobility or strength besides magical and physical exhaustion from the strain.

Blink Lvl MAX- Allows the User to teleport within a sightline of twenty meters. Cooldown of two seconds between teleports



Obsidian Armor- Plate armor that regenerates from damage at high speeds.

Antimagi Armor- Self-repairing and size-adjusting chest plate and gauntlets that cancel all magic that touches the chest plate and gauntlets that have the intent to harm you.

Feather- Pair of boots that enchant the user with feather falling so the force of impact due to gravity will not harm the user as the user can control the speed in which they glide downwards. Also allows the user to walk on water.

Copper Ring- Allows the user to speak to animals. 

Ancient Ring- Acts as spatial storage combined with gamer effects, gives inventory that can hold 100 unique items.

Mind Ring- Protects the user from mental control of any kind, be it divine, magical, or chemical.

Magical Waterflask- A flask filled with infinite cool drinking water.

Siren- A hand-and-a-half sword that will scream at night should the owner of the sword be approached with negative intent.


To say the least, my status was a fucking list with the status taking on and listing everything in my Cyoa that I took but thankfully the stuff was sorted into different sections so if I wanted to just look at my stats I didn't need to see skills and equipment as well.

"So as you can see. This great world with our god's support has made all sentient souls including the very gods themselves have these things called 'Status' pages." She said proudly of her supposed god's accomplishments.

But I had to hold in my expression as I knew all too well that these gods had just yoinked the gamer shit back from Earth. Regardless though Tilda continued gently explaining how the letters next to my stats were the scale in which I gained skill points after each level. D is the lowest and only gives a single skill point per level into that stat. And S is the highest with each level giving five skill points per level.

"How do I level up then?" I asked frankly and instead of the queen answering it was the knight with the massive titty plate who spoke with her helmet obscuring her voice slightly.

"Killing mostly... Through the act of killing a living being, be it human, demon, monster, or anything else you will gain wisps of their lifeforce which act as the experience to level you up." She said shortly.

Her queen coughed and threw her knight a look as she spoke flatly. "Indeed killing beings is the fastest way of leveling up. But in reality, doing tasks that others give you, can also earn the World's Will's favor, will also give you experience." She explained and then mentioned how most countries in the world had Adventures Guilds which had the World Will's blessing so their quests gave guaranteed experience for quests that dealt with dealing with monsters and beings that the very world wanted dead.

Also apparently the more chore-like quests gave EXP as well. Though reduced in comparison.

I raised an eyebrow keeping in mind the companion missions which would supposedly give me access to friends who would be of great help. And the greater quests which would also give me great bits of levels and better rewards. I then spoke. "So am I right to assume that I will be using the Adventurer's Guild to level up?"

Tilda nodded though with a wry smile she spoke. "Indeed, any quests I give you... Is a bit out of your current strength right now." She took a breath that actually made her massive chest undulate like a wave before she continued with a gentle tone. "Having an army following you will stifle you even if they can provide protection... To say nothing of the value of being less likely to gather the attention of those that will wish to do ill things to you as the Chosen One."

With that final explanation out of the way, she coughed and then looked behind her to the woman with the massive boob plate and ordered. "Commander Dana, take Jake and get him registered with the Adventurer's Guild and also give him the agreed-upon allowance so he can purchase any supplies he sees fit to acquire." She finished and the knight saluted and took the dismissal as it was. I nodded my head in respect to the queen of the land and followed the Lord Commander of the Knights apparently.

As I walked with Dana... I realized this situation was a lot like a less fucked up version of Shield Hero. 'Now let's just not catch some crazy criminal charges.' I thought as Dana led me into the city proper of New Atha which matched the kingdom's name.

New Atha itself was clearly a fantasy city... Honestly, its city structure style was a lot like Raya Lucaria from Elden Ring, or Irithyll of the Boreal Valley from Dark Souls 3. But it was a beautiful city in its prime, with the people happily going about their business while wearing medieval but well-made clothes.

Honestly, the city looked like it was in decent shape despite the world being in 'nightmare' mode. And I couldn't help but speak that thought. "I would have thought the city and its people would be more... Frantic I suppose," I said softly.

Dana's helmeted head turned to me slightly as we walked through the crowds of people going about their lives in the city. And finally, as we passed through a large crowd. Dana responded carefully. "We of the ten major kingdoms may not be the strongest... But we have some of the best land in the world so we have plenty of arable land for farming, and strong knights, mages, and assassins to keep the shadows away from the general populace." She finished with pride clear in her voice.

New Atha was probably the best option for a starter location as unlike other areas with terrible environments and horrible deadly monsters that could be even more dangerous than the Orc or Demon Lord, this land had far lower level issues with the land being much more welcoming.

As Dana took me through a shortcut across an empty park I had a thought that I asked while we had some air away from people as the park was mostly empty. "Is there anything you believe I should know about New Atha?" I asked frankly.

And without a beat, Dana answered perfunctory. "With how fertile the land is, with how easy food is to acquire along with many mages helping with general healthcare. There is always a major surplus of births in rural areas and thus has led to a thriving Slave Trade for children sold by parents who couldn't support or care for their many children mostly of large land owners with dozens of harem members or slave concubines themselves... Slaves are almost all children who were sold and were taught all manners of things to make them valuable while also teaching them to be loyal and obedient to their master. Via the churches of Light or Darkness." She explained making me frown as Tilda's previous words reminded me of how she said they were never going to attempt mind control or whatever.

"And how could I trust a slave to be loyal?" I asked dully and she snorted making me look at her and through the thin visor of her helmet, I saw a glean of green eyes that looked at me with amusement.

"A slave is a slave simply because they are not paid for their labor, but if they are respected, cared for, and beloved... I myself was an adventurer/warrior slave, sold to the Queen as but a child when she was a teenager. But with her care and respect, I pushed myself to become the greatest warrior of New Atha, and all other slaves born into the role will treat their master the same." She said as a matter of fact.

'That... Is fucking weird.' I thought with my face a mask as I wondered if being a 'slave' at birth or slightly later, and raised for the role would actually lead to such a mindset.

But before I could consider it further Dana spoke again. "You do not understand our ways, our world... It's to be expected but you shall see in time." She finished and I could only nod as it was true, I didn't understand and that was that. Dana pointed at a large building that had a tower built atop it with lanterns filled with blue flames.

"Go on, the Adventurer's Guild is there." Dana then reached into the large rucksack on her lower back and then handed me the fist-sized bag. "Here is your month's allowance and extra. It will allow you to pay any fees, gather supplies, and even rent a large apartment for your stay in our city while you level up doing Guild quests." She said shortly handing me the money and then with only a nod to me, she turned on her heel, and with her task done, she strode away with her heavy plate armor not clinking or making any noise as she left.

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