Remarried Heiress's Revenge Book

novel - Contemporary Romance

Remarried Heiress's Revenge


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*Please check out my new novel ' The Duchess's Disguise. '* "Why marry someone you're not in love with and who isn't in love with you back?" . . Lola only married the man her father wanted her to marry because it was advantageous to their business. She didn't expect to be happy because she knew she and this man weren't in love. Her marriage appeared normal at first, but after five years of no child, she discovered that this man had decided to bring in another woman under the guise of surrogacy. After all of the ups and downs in their marriage, Lola decided to divorce him. She didn't think about getting revenge after successfully divorcing this man; it didn't matter at first, but when the reason he brought a surrogate in the first place came to light, she couldn't let it go. She intended to exact revenge at first, but her plans changed when she ran into her one and only ex-boyfriend from high school, Luis Borbón, again, who unexpectedly asked for her hand in marriage. Will Lola put her vengeance aside and agree to this marriage? Or will she concentrate on exacting her vengeance?