Remarried For Revenge

“Revenge!” That was the only thing on her mind when her husband cheated on her with her step-sister. Evangeline Midnight Star vowed to take revenge on her husband and her sister after her husband threw her away like a broken toy that was not needed anymore. But for that, she had to be strong again. She had to bare her claws and fight until she was strong enough to protect herself. And for that, she was ready to deal with the devil. Damien Alancaster, the devil of the empire, the beast of the north, the demon who drinks blood. He was the only one who could save her. But who would save her from him? “We are only in a contractual marriage. I want to keep things professional.” She took a step back, looking for the papers they had signed that fateful night. He smirked, taking a step closer and leaning on her back, kissing her ears when she shivered, “Since the contract papers are gone, there is no more contract left, but only marriage. Right, darling?” note; the cover is designed by dixerqua, a fellow author form webnovel.

Fallen_meteor · Fantasy
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442 Chs

Do Not Deserve Him

"Your grace, lady Morningstar wanted to meet you." The door knocked and the voice of the maid filled the room. 

After a pause, the door opened and Evan entered the room. Her heart was racing in her chest. Finally she had divorced Harold. Truth to be told, she did not want to marry anyone else but she wanted to live her life alone. But she needed to bring justice for her people and she needed to be strong to face Harold. She felt like she was using this marriage, using Damien to get what she wanted and it made her feel awful.

Should she confess the truth that she would never love him and her emotions had died already? Before she could say anything, she paused and her eyes widened. A man was kneeling on the ground and another knight was whipping the man with strong and sharp strokes. They were strong enough to tear the clothes and leave marks on her skin.