Remarried For Revenge

“Revenge!” That was the only thing on her mind when her husband cheated on her with her step-sister. Evangeline Midnight Star vowed to take revenge on her husband and her sister after her husband threw her away like a broken toy that was not needed anymore. But for that, she had to be strong again. She had to bare her claws and fight until she was strong enough to protect herself. And for that, she was ready to deal with the devil. Damien Alancaster, the devil of the empire, the beast of the north, the demon who drinks blood. He was the only one who could save her. But who would save her from him? “We are only in a contractual marriage. I want to keep things professional.” She took a step back, looking for the papers they had signed that fateful night. He smirked, taking a step closer and leaning on her back, kissing her ears when she shivered, “Since the contract papers are gone, there is no more contract left, but only marriage. Right, darling?” note; the cover is designed by dixerqua, a fellow author form webnovel.

Fallen_meteor · Fantasy
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442 Chs

A Chance

Elena is waiting in front of the door for Harold. She smiled and hugged him without caring about the eyes of the Staff.

"You seem worried. Did my sister trouble you?" She asked sweetly, kissing him on his neck when he sighed.

"She seems strange. As if she is different." He could not forget the look in her eyes, "it would be better that we get rid of her now. We already have everything we need anyway."

Her eyes flashed with a dark ray of light. She buried her head in his chest and purred softly.

"I know it should be like that, but I still have my last exam left. With the death of my father and all those guests, I was so overwhelmed that I was not able to study at all. But you know, my sister took exams last month, I am sure she did not need to study for them." 

"If not, I will fail." her eyes turned misty instantly. He did not think much of it when she asked him to use Evan. But when he remembered the look in her eyes, he nodded instantly.

It could be a good way to test her.

"Alright, I will talk to her in the morning. But should you not please me enough for that?" He chuckled as he swept her from the floor and carried her to his room.

The voices of their laughter were ringing on the whole floor.

"Now that guests have returned, they are not even trying to hide their relationship." Daisy cursed as the door was still open when they behaved so intimately.

Out of all the places, they just have to be like that in front of the madam's room. She felt bad for the lady. 

She must be crying again! But surprisingly, when she turned toward Evan, she had a cold smile on her face.

"Daisy, are you sure that you want to continue serving me?" Daisy flinched when Evan looked at her. For some reason, her gaze was cold and menacing.

"I... I will be on your side forever." She held her dress tightly and bowed her head. So she did not notice her expression.

"Then I have a good show for you tomorrow." 


In the morning,

Evan forced herself to go to the dining room instead of eating in her room.

"Where is stepmother?"

"She had gone to meet her relatives, madam." Already started her free life!

Evan nodded her head and started her meal when Harold and Elene walked together, holding hands.

Harold took the seat of her father naturally. He used to sit behind her. Even if she asked him to sit in front of her, he refused, saying he did not have the position to do so. Now look at his face.

Elene sat on the left since she was already sitting on the right.

"Thank goodness that you are already here. I was going to visit your room otherwise." He smiled at her as if she was blind to not see all his actions so far. 

Or did he think that she would still melt if he would just smile at her like a dog carving for attention? How delusional!

"Elene had her last exam left. I need you to substitute for her. If you use the wig, no one would be able to tell if it is you." He ordered her like he was her master, "Since she was busy taking care of the funeral, you can at least do this much." 

"But what if the guests come and see her in the palace? The members of the academy are very strict these days." 

"I will take care of that. If I asked you to take the exam, then go and take it." His eyes were piercing her soul and she trembled.

Why had she never noticed that he was a scumbag? She had taken all the exams for Elene in the academy where she was mastering fine arts.

If she took the last exam well, Elene would be offered a job in the academy with a degree. She would be the one called a genius while Evan.. ha! 

She was being used since the start but she had only realized it after getting so many wounds. But that was it! She was not going to bear it anymore.

"Alright, I understand. Give me the details and timing. I will be there." 

"Good! Since we are married while she is suffering, we need to help her a bit." Was he telling her that he was going to keep her as a mistress so, as a legal wife, she should help Elene?

  "I will make sure that it will be my best performance." 

"Thank you, sister. I know that you will never disappoint me." Elene smiled but her eyes were filled with mockery.

"What is family for!" Evan smiled when she noticed even maids were looking at her disappointedly. Why had she not noticed all this before?

Those sweet words that were dripping poison? Those eyes that mocked her for her foolishness! Ha! She was such a fool.

"Then I should go and get ready." Daisy stared at Evan in disbelief as she followed her.

"Madam, I thought that you would refuse this time." What happened to the revenge she was going to take?

But she understood that she could not stand up against her husband. Sigh! She would be used again.

"Refuse? Why would I do that? When they are giving me the chance to teach them a lesson?" Evan smiled brightly when Daisy blinked.

These days, she is not able to understand her mistress at all.

"Daisy, I have a task for you. I want you to follow Elene and see where she is going. Then inform the academy through Lady Soliene. Make sure that you will not be dragged into it." her eyes widened when she finally understood.

Lady Soliene is competing for a position in the academy. She would not let go of any chance to teach Elene a lesson or make her disqualified.

And if the words would come out of her mouth, no one could blame Evan or her.