Reinversion Book

novel - Fantasy



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Time is the one thing Calafiori always wished he could change ever since a traumatic event left him with the ability to perceive future events, but until now he never acted towards it. A chaotic event that should have claimed the life of a young Colette leaves her with time bending abilities that sees her go back few moments in time and effect changes in the direction of time that was supposed to be linear, completely changing the fate of things. As Calafiori and Colette collide collide with contrasting philosophies on the way best to use their abilities either for the good of others or for their selfish reasons, a great evil that more than threatens to upend the world brews in the same underworld mafia that turned Calafiori's family upside down and made his life this way. Will the protagonists of this series be able to work together and come up with plans to safe all? Or will they drag everyone else into their abyssal madness? *** Magic runs supreme in this brutal fantasy world, and not all is straight forward. Follow the characters who are the heroes of their own story as they strive to fulfill their destiny... only, not all can. The fate of the six races are altered drastically in the aftermath of the great war that left many clans decimated, and the balance of power has now shifted to the humans. Underground schemes threaten to unveil a great evil, one the world won’t be able to take. The past and present will have to collaborate to ensure there will be a future at whatever cost necessary. ctto of the art. *Story scrapped*


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