Reincarnation Tribulation - All I Want Is A Peaceful Isekai Life Book

novel - Fantasy

Reincarnation Tribulation - All I Want Is A Peaceful Isekai Life


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Following a less than ideal life and a harrowing death, the protagonist finds himself in the presence of a God, offering him a customized reincarnation into a world of his choosing, with his memories intact He decides to reincarnate into a world of Magic and Monsters, intrigued by the notion of being able to use fantastical powers that did not exist in his previous world Having grown up in a stifling high society and unloving family environment in his previous life, he chooses to reincarnate into a more simple life, opting to be a Commoner instead of a Noble, despite the oppressive class system present in the world of his reincarnation Following a detailed customization of the powers he chooses to acquire, he reincarnates into a peaceful, loving family in this new world, with the name Larrk Stryker, in a small village well away from Noble society While Larrk's fascination with Magic and the other powers he possesses in this world, along with the desire to be able to protect himself against any threat that might arise, drives him to master these abilities, all he really wants is a nice, peaceful life, one that's free of any strife or tragedy But whether or not such a life can be achieved in this world, remains to be seen, as the countless unfamiliar elements of this strange new world only give rise to countless more possibilities, both good and bad...