1 Reincarnated

[Host has successfully reincarnated into the world of Naruto]

[Time till birth... 9 months]

So I am alive again. Well, kind of. Right now it seems that I am still in my mother's womb. Well... this feels kind of weird. I haven't developed limbs. Not to mention, how can I think when I technically haven't even developed a brain yet?

Just don't think about it.

Right! I have a system! I should be able to get some information at least.

What do I call it? System? Status?


[Name: Unknown]

[Strength: Unavailable]

[Intelligence: Jonin]

[Chakra: Unavailable]

[Control: Unavailable]

[No Skills or Techniques known]

I didn't expect to actually get a status, I just figured since most reincarnation stories with systems I had read in my past life had some sort of command function. In regards to my status... I have nothing to say, I am still in my mother's womb. It would be more shocking if I had stats.

Does this system have any other options available?


[The host can currently view; Status, Quest, Inventory, and Shop]

Oh... I see. I already had viewed the status, so let us go for Quest next.


[Current Quest Available:]

[Description: Be birthed successfully]

[Condition: Escape the womb!]

[Reward: 100 credits]

[Penalty: Death]

What can I say? In order to live I will eventually need to leave the womb, otherwise I will die.

(System what are credits)


[Credits can be used to purchase items in the shop]

Haaaah... That's pretty obvious.

(Open Inventory)

[Current items in inventory: Slave Seal x3]

Oh! I didn't expect for there to be an actual item. Lets see what these slave seals do.

[Name: Slave Seal]

[Description: One time seal that can make anything imprinted with the seal completely loyal to the user]

[Usage: Place on a living entity. User must be touching the recipient of the seal.]

Nothing to say much here. I dislike the idea of slave seals. Well to a degree. In many stories, it is added to basically become plot armor. I don't plan on using them all too often. I would rather have my relationships, romantic or otherwise, to be genuine, and not something created from a slave seal.

Nevertheless, if I am in a situation that demands this item, then I will have no qualms in using it.

So what is the shop like?

[Error: No credits available, cannot view shop]

Too bad. I wanted to see what I will be able to purchase and make a plan, though that doesn't matter too much seeing as I will get some credits once I am born.

(System how much time do I have left for birth)

[Time left till birth: 8 months 29 days 23 hours 45 minutes]


This is going to be a long 9 months.

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