1 My Normal Life Ends

I woke up from my sleep and I could feel a sharp and cool breeze from the morning wind as it blew across my upper body as I rose up in my bed. I scooted across to the right side of my bed so that I could get into my wheelchair.

the house that I lived in was a medium-sized house with one bedroom, one office room, a living room, a kitchen, a small dining room, and one bathroom. the walls were painted a bold red and the floor were all woden.

I lived in it by myself since despite the fact that I was unable to walk I was very self-sufficient and since I lived in the middle of town I was able to use the city bus to get around if I needed to make a long distance trip through town for any reason.

as I rolled out of my room, I passed through the living room and went into the kitchen to fix myself a simple breakfast. After that I had to mentally ready myself for another day of work as a game tester for EA games.

the food that I prepared for myself was two eggs that I fried over easy, four strips of bacon, and two slices of toast. it took me around forty minutes to finish preparing everything and then I rolled over to the table after I put it all on a plate and eat it.

when I was done with my breakfast I rolled over to the living room and turned on my Xbox series x so that I could start the new fantasy MMO game that EA wanted me to beta test and write a review about within the next two months.

I spent roughly three hours testing out this game trying to see what bugs what kind of glitches or other things I could do to take advantage of while I played this game and put them in my report so that they could fix it before release.

as I was about to complete another hour of my work I heard my cell phone ring on the small wooden table where I rolled my wheelchair to to do all of my game testing.

I picked up the phone in urgent haste because I did not know at first if this was a personal call or a business call. then I answered the phone because I saw the name Tim across the screen of my phone.

"hello brother what is up, did you need something?" I asked in a kind and professional manner as I accepted the call.

"Jack, I have some important news for you if you can meet me at the downtown ice cream parlor so that we can have something to eat and snack on while I tell you about it and get your opinion".

"yeah I'll be glad to meet you Tim. we can always catch up and have a nice time. are you going to pick me up or am I going to take the bus to the downtown area of Hot Springs".

"I am going to wait for you at the ice cream store in downtown because, it has something to do with the surprise that I have for you. so can you please take the bus; I will have not have any problem waiting for the twenty to thirty minute ride from where you live to downtown."

"okay I will get on the bus at the next round when it stops at the end of the road. I will see you there as soon as I possibly can. it will have to be fairly quick though since I still have more of my game testing stuff to do but, obviously I can't tell you what it is that I'm doing exactly yet as you know due to legal reasons and the contracts that I have signed."

"my brother is always such a workaholic. I will see you when you get down here brother" Tim said to me as the call ended.

after the call ended I put the cell phone back on the small table and rolled to my bedroom so that I could decide what I wanted to wear while I was in town with my brother.

as I rolled into my room I opened the door to my closet and went through my clothes to choose what I wanted to wear. I grabbed three shirts three different types of pants and put them on the bed so that I could make my decision more efficiently by looking at them.

I had a pair of blue jeans, a pair of khaki pants, and a pair of slacks for me to choose between on the bed. my shirts buried from a button-down white Oxford shirt to a red Polo and a anime Dragon Ball Z t-shirt of Goku fighting Frieza.

I decided that I should probably stick to Middle ground between formal and casual just in case if it is a semi important announcement that my brother has for me when I am in town; so I chose to wear the red Polo, the blue jeans, and the pair of tennis shoes out of the things that I had placed on my bed.

when I finally finished getting dressed I put up the rest of my clothes before making my way to the door. next I grabbed my cell phone from the table in the living room and then locked the door behind me as I left my home. l waited for about fifteen minutes at the nearest bus stop when I rolled down the sidewalk to the bus stop that was at the end of the road.

I boarded the bus and the bus driver locked my wheelchair into place and started the bus on the journey to the downtown area. it took the bus a bit of time to make it to the area that I needed to go to.

since there were no bus stops on this route close enough to the ice cream shop downtown I got off at the end of the bus line and then strolled my wheelchair through downtown to meet my brother at the front of the ice cream shop.when I made it to the street it was on I saw my brother in front of the door waiting for me to arrive.

my brother was tall and medium in size, he was muscularly toned with tan skin, medium thick black hair, and green eyes. he wore a simple Black Polo with blue jeans and white tennis shoes.

then beside my brother I noticed a medium height female with white skin long blonde hair that went down to the center of her back and she wore a t-shirt and blue jeans and tennis shoes. she also had medium sized hoop earrings.

"well it seems like I overdressed for the occasion brother" I told him as I looked at what they were wearing. "who is this beautiful lady beside you Tim?" I asked him.

"let's go inside and get some ice cream first and then I will explain who this fine young lady is to you Jack".

the lady that was with Tim open the door so that he could push my wheelchair through the door. it was slightly annoying that my brother was helping me since I am very strong-willed and independent, but I let him do it since I did not spend a lot of time with him and it was a special day for him and this lady.

as I entered the ice cream shop I saw an elderly man behind the counter he had on an apron and was serving other customers the ice cream of their choice that was on the menu.

"Jack, if I remember correctly you prefer to eat Rocky Road ice cream am I correct?" he asked me as he rolled me to the end of the table that was against the far right wall of the shop.

"yes Tim you are correct my favorite flavor is Rocky Road, I will wait for you at the table while you get everyone the flavor that they want. thank you for doing this for me brother".

it took Tim a few minutes to get everyone their cone of ice cream and when he did he came to the table and sit in front of me to eat his ice cream after he handed me mine.

after we all completed our cones of ice cream the lady that was with Tim went to the restroom and Tim tapped me on the shoulder when she was out of sight.

"hey now that Jane is not here I wanted to get your approval on something important Jack" Tim told me as he pulled a small silver container out of his pocket and put it on the table in front of me.

I opened it and saw a small diamond ring and became very excited for my brother.

"so this was your big announcement brother; you wanted to tell me that you were going to propose to her am I correct to assume that Tim?"

"you are the smart one out of the two of us after all. I just wanted to get your approval brother since our parents are no longer here you are the closest thing that I have to a father seeing that you are a few years older than me" he told me as he grabbed the box and put it back in his pocket.

"I mean as long as you're happy I will be satisfied with whatever choice you make brother as long as it is not reckless and stupid. you have my blessing I wish the absolute best for you both" I told my brother as I was waving my hands around to get my point across.

I then saw the female walking out of the bathroom and heading this way and I signaled to Tim that we should end the conversation.

"what are you guys talking about?" she said as she set down beside Tim.

"we were just talking about some of the things that I do for work". I told her in order to try to hide the true purpose of my reason for being there for my brother today.

"if you don't mind me asking what is it that you exactly do for a living?"

I explained to her what I did for work but, I kept all of the confidential information to myself and of the technical terms that I did not think she would find interesting. After that we spent the next forty minutes or so talking back and forth making it to the laugh talking about the past and different things that my brother and I have done together since we were children.

when I have had all of my fun embarrassing my brother for a while I asked if I could go home now since I knew that I had work to do. I had to finish my beta testing of the new EA game that I was to be testing and reviewing within the next few weeks.

"let us go outside and say goodbye to each other so that my brother can get back to work" Tom said to his girlfriend as he went to pull me out from under the table after he disposed of the cups and cones that the ice cream came from.

my brother rolled me outside and I heard police sirens as we went outside. when I looked around I noticed a car speeding by in the far Lane and a cop in the close lane that was in pursuit. the criminal was shooting at the cop's car in an attempt to secure his escape. his shots kept slightly missing their target. As the cop was driving by me the shooter tried to shoot the cops tires once again but this time one of his shots completely missed the tire and hit me in the chest instead. after the bullet made contact with my center chest I fell out of my wheelchair.

when I hit the concrete walkway blood started spewing everywhere and I knew that my life was going to end. I truly was hoping that my life would have been worth more than it was.

what did I leave behind for others to remember me by, what will people think when they remember my name. was I just a simple game tester for EA, was I a simple crippled person who could not walk, or was I more than those things. I saw my brother grab me by the arms and hold me until I passed out due to the lack of blood that my body had inside of it.

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