495 Trial is Over

Su Xiao aimed at the Dark King's eye socket. The long sword penetrated the dark King's eye that had been blinded and went deep into the brain.

The dark King was like a dead fish on the shore, twitching but unable to move.

The green steel shadow ability continued to be released. After more than ten seconds, the nerve system of the dark King collapsed, but even so, it still did not die.

Bobowang also rushed forward, biting and grabbing. Su Xiao slashed one slash after another.

Because the injury was too heavy, Su Xiao collapsed to the ground after a few cuts.

Two minutes later, Bobowang grimaced and retreated to the side. Dark King's skin was too hard, and it could not bite.

Su Xiao rested for a while and stood up. The dragon in his hand flashed with a blue light.

It had been ten minutes since the blue steel shadow was activated, and the effect of the explosion of mana appeared.

The sword was cut down, and with the addition of the real terrible damage, the sword cut the throat of the Dark King.

The hint of killing the Dark King just appeared, and Su Xiao felt a burning sensation on the back of his hand.

This was a blood-red cross mark, the ability he obtained after the end of the Water Capital.

Demon Seal: Lv.2

[Skill Effect 1: Additional 13 True Damage to attack. ]

[Skill Effect 2: Able to increase the level of the Demon Seal by sacrificing equipment. You have reached an agreement with a high-level demon. ]

The blood-red mark on the back of Su Xiao's hand flashed, and a wisp of black smoke floated out of the Dark King's body.

The smoke was pure black, and it seemed to be able to swallow all light. This was the purest devil power.

The devil's seal gradually swallowed the devil's power. The body of the Dark King quickly withered, and large cracks appeared on the hard skin.

Su Xiao was not worried about the change of the devil seal. This mark was on the surface of his body. The devil's power could not enter his body with the green steel shadow energy.

The devil seal stopped after upgrading five levels. If it were upgraded through sacrifice equipment, this level was enough to make Su Xiao bankrupt.

Looking at the attributes of the devil's seal, Su Xiao raised his eyebrows.

[Devil's Seal: Lv.7]

[Skill effect 1: Additional 28 points of real damage when attacking. ]

[Skill effect 2: Can increase the level of the devil's seal by sacrificing equipment. You have reached an agreement with the higher demons. ]

Lv.7 Demon's Seal was already very strong, adding a full 28 points of real damage. Although it required close combat to add real damage, Su Xiao's main ability, Qing Gang Yin, only caused 50 real damage.

According to Su Xiao's observation, the level of real damage was very high, and it had the characteristics of ignoring the body defense.

Su Xiao put away the demon box that Dark King dropped. His recovery was not much, and his injury was not as simple as recovering HP. He had to hide as soon as possible. This was the depths of the black forest.

Looking around, there were only trees and stones nearby. Su Xiao's eyes were locked on the shaft where the Dark King was previously.

This was the best hiding spot.

"Bobo, investigate."

Bobowang's face was embarrassed and quickly shook his head. His gaze seemed to say: "Master, I just went inside to pee."

"It's okay. We take refuge in the middle, such a deep shaft."

Bobowang reluctantly walked to the shaft and smelled the smell inside. There was no smell. After listening carefully for a while, there was no sound under the shaft.

Su Xiao threw the body of the Dark King into the shaft and cleaned up the traces of the nearby battle.

Standing in front of the shaft that was a few meters thick, Su Xiao thought for a moment. He cut off more than a dozen trees nearby and threw the thick trunk into the shaft.

Bobowang's expression relaxed a lot. Su Xiao pulled out the boundary line with his right hand and put Bobowang down.


The cry came from under the shaft, and Su Xiao also used the boundary line to enter the shaft.

Stepping on a tree branch with a diameter of about two meters, Su Xiao sat on the shaft wall. He needed to rest now. Many fractures and a lot of blood loss made him sleepy.

The shaft was a safe point in the black forest.

Dark King chose to sleep here, which showed how safe it was. The wild boar was lucky to find this shaft. Otherwise, it would be difficult for Su Xiao to find Dark King.

There was enough food and water. Su Xiao and Bobowang could hide under the shaft for a long time.

The sky was getting dark, and the black fog around the black forest got lighter and lighter.

Su Xiao was seriously injured, and he was often in a semi-conscious state in the shaft. If not for the Ice Goddess Halo and the scabbard skill 'Vitality', he might have died from serious injuries, and the ribs inserted into the organs were too fatal.

[Gift of the Ice Goddess: Create the Ice Goddess Halo and restore one ally's HP every second. The recovery effect is increased according to the intelligence attribute with no consumption. ]

[Vitality: Recover 10 HP and 0.5 MP every minute. ]

These two abilities kept Su Xiao seriously injured and not dead if he wanted to recover from his current injuries unless he could get a super-effective recovery item or return to the reincarnation paradise.

Time passed quickly. Su Xiao woke up for the fourth time in the well. Although his chest was stuffy and his breathing was not smooth, he was not in danger of dying for the time being.

Looking at the remaining time of the trial, Su Xiao was stunned.

"I have been unconscious for nearly three days. I thought I was dead."

Su Xiao looked at the status, and there were a few blood-red words under the status list.

He did not expect that the Dark King was so strong before. This was a lesson. He could not rashly enter the area above Lv.20 difficulty in the future, although it was very satisfying to fight the BOSS alone.

Looking at the hidden task, the hidden task showed the completion state. It could not be completed now. This was not the derivative world but the trial world. The reward of the hidden task would be settled after returning to the reincarnation paradise.

Su Xiao did not intend to go out. It turned out that although this shaft was located in the black forest, it was safe here.

The common area on the grassland.

At this time, it was very lively here. A large group of beasts were fleeing for their lives. The overwhelming number of undead poured out from the black forest. Not only the undead but several existences similar to the Dark King had completely awakened.

More than 90 of the surviving contractors escaped into the Red Earth Region. The common area had become the territory of the undead.

Three hours later, the undead completely occupied the common area, and there were wild beasts that had been eaten into bones everywhere. There were fresh bloodstains on the bones.

In the stone bridge between the red earth area and the common area, countless undead stood in front of the stone bridge, not daring to take a step further.

A pale older man walked out of the undead. The older man was bald and had no eyebrows and beards.

"Why do you not allow us to pass?"

The older man looked like a human, but this was not a human, but a void race. The dark King was wrapped in the ground, and the strong people in the black forest were all prisoners exiled to Devour Island in the void.

The big mouse man stood on the stone bridge. It did not make a move at all but just stood there.

"I said that it can't be allowed to pass, so it is not allowed."

The black fog around the black forest dissipated, and the difficulty of Devour Island was much more difficult than the trial, so the big mouse man stood up at the behest of the reincarnation paradise. Otherwise, the final surviving contractor would not exceed ten people.

The pale older man looked at Lord Rat.


"Stop farting, and I'm just asking you."

Lord Rat squinted at the pale older man. He had seen this kind of scene too much.

The pale older man clenched his fists and was about to speak when he was interrupted by Lord Rat.

"You forgot..."

Lord Rat's voice became smaller and smaller, but the pale older man's body trembled, and his expression was a little frightened.

"You can attack the Red Earth Region in three hours. Now, go!"

Lord Rat roared. The pale older man turned around and left, not daring to say anything. Lord Rat was not terrifying, but the person behind him was too terrifying.

Under Lord Rat's suppression, three hours quickly passed. In the chaos, there were a total of 36 people survived.

501 people landed on the Island, and 36 people survived. The survival rate of survival was less than one-tenth.


In a valley in the Red Earth Region.

Brother Wu San was leaning against a rock wall. Beside him was Old Baal, who had been dead for a long time.

"Cough, cough, cough, cough."

Brother Wu San coughed up a few mouthfuls of blood, his eyes filled with unwillingness.

"Little muddle-headed, so you are the one who hid the deepest."

Brother Wu San looked at the two broken arms and smiled bitterly. They went deep into the skeleton cave and should have successfully stopped the black fog from dissipating, but unfortunately...


In the vertical well of the black forest, Su Xiao was waiting for the trial to end.

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