560 Gold Medal

In Orochimaru's lab, Su Xiao and the other two looked at Xianglin, who was shivering in the corner.

Su Xiao proposed to kill him, and the ghost shark's proposal was also to kill him. Itachi proposed not to kill Xianglin for the time being, and Xianglin still had some uses.

"Our next task needs a perceptive Ninja."

Although Itachi said so, Su Xiao felt that he had another purpose.

"This is Orochimaru's subordinate. Is there no problem?"

Ghost Shark seemed to be a little worried that Xianglin would expose the team's whereabouts.

"I won't..."

Xianglin was just about to speak but found three pairs of cold eyes looking at her. She quickly shut up and tried to show a harmless smile. Her expression was stiff.

Itachi made a hand seal with one hand, and his eyes became dull. The illusion of skunk should have hit him.

"How many tails are you going to catch this time?"

Su Xiao was very interested in catching tailed beasts.

"Four tails, only the general direction. It takes time to find a specific location. This woman's perception is not weak and helpful for the following tasks."

"Is that so?"

Ghost shark was a little tempted. After all, it was not easy to find tailed beasts worldwide.

"I am only responsible for capturing tailed beasts. This woman is free to deal with."

Now Su Xiao joined the skunk team temporarily. He did not want to have any conflict with a skunk. Moreover, this could speed up his completion of the main task. The sooner skunk and Sasukemet, the sooner Nagato would attack Konoha.

"Well, that's decided. As for the control method, use the illusion. Although it will affect the woman's perception, there is no way."

It seems that Itachi is not ready to remove the illusion.

"I have other ways to control this woman. Itachi first releases the illusion."

Su Xiao took out a small piece of alchemy bomb. Itachi did not say anything, just released the illusion.

Xiang Lin's pupils returned to the light. She did not hear what Su Xiao and others said before.

"I will give you a chance to live."

Su Xiao looked at Xiang Lin with a smile as if a wolf was looking at a sheep.

"You, what do you want?"

Xianglin shrank back, but she was already leaning against the wall.

"Eat it."

Su Xiao handed over the alchemy bomb. Xianglin immediately sensed that this thing was very dangerous and kept shaking her head.

"Then we can only take coercive measures."

Su Xiao pressed Xianglin to the ground and opened Xianglin's mouth with his hand.


A minute later, Xianglin continued to vomit with a look of despair.

"This is no problem. If you dare to do anything, bang."

Su Xiao made an explosive gesture, and Xiang Lin nodded.

"I can help you, but you must let me go later. You can use the illusion to clear my memory during this period."

Xiang Lin was particularly sensible, and she was not completely loyal to Orochimaru.

"Smart woman."

Ghost shark was not too surprised by this situation. It was very common to use other ninjas to complete the task. At least the skunk team was like this. The perfect illusion of a skunk could easily control others. If Xiang Lin were not a subordinate of Orochimaru, Ghostshark would not suggest killing him.

"When will it start?"

Su Xiao asked when to catch the Biju.

"Four days later, I have some personal matters to deal with."

Weasel with ghost shark and phosphorus walked out of the laboratory.

"In four days, they will meet at the border of the country of fire."

Itachi took people and left, leaving only Su Xiao in the laboratory.

"Is this a hush fee?"

Su Xiao looked around the scene in the laboratory, these precious materials and items, and the skunk did not touch these things.

Orochimaru was scared away, the skunk and ghost shark also left, and Su Xiao began to search.

Ten minutes later, the broken test tubes and scrolls were scattered on the ground as the wind swept the laboratory.

There were several items in front of Su Xiao. These were test materials, two of which were not high quality,

But the value was not low.

One was about the development of the Chakra.

Looking at the information, the other one was about the research data about the first Hokage 'Pillar cells.'

These two materials were somewhat difficult to understand. Fortunately, Su Xiao's alchemy level was not low. He could understand the meaning of the above formulas. He was ready to study these materials.

After putting away the information, Su Xiao quickly left Orochimaru's lab. At this time, he noticed a hint from the reincarnation paradise that he had not checked.

[Type: Rare]

[Description: Can exchange items in the honor store. The specific information can be checked in the honor store after returning to the reincarnation paradise. The honor store is located in the deluxe room of the hunter. ]


He put away the golden honor medal. This thing was temporarily useless.

Su Xiao left Orochimaru's lab. At this time, it was already early in the morning. The sun was hanging on the horizon, and everything was full of vitality.

After completing the hunting mission, the big stone in Su Xiao's heart was put down. The violators of this big world were very hard to find. If Zetsu did not give him a general location, he did not know when he would find them.

Now only the main mission was not completed. After completing the main mission, he would leave the Naruto world.

But before that, Su Xiao still had something to do.

According to the map of the country of fire, Su Xiao found a town nearby. This town had hundreds of thousands of people, which was already a large town in the Naruto world.


A carriage sped past the paved road, rolling up a large amount of dust, and the civilians on the street screamed and cursed.

Su Xiao held a string of meatballs in his hand, and Bobowang followed him, eating as they walked.

The hawkers on the street were not as loud as Zetsu, and the whole town was full of vitality.

"As expected of the town where the famous Fire Country is located. It is very prosperous."

Su Xiao looked at the towering city wall at the edge of the town. This thing was very rare in the Naruto world.

Arriving at the central street, the stalls and hawkers on the street disappeared. This place was more prosperous. There were restaurants, hot springs, and hotels on both sides of the street.

Walking into a hotel, a well-dressed attendant greeted him.

"Sir, please come in."

This hotel already had a modern trend, the decoration was shining, and the development of technology in the Naruto world was very strange. Of course, this was related to the ninjas and the war.

After the war stopped, the technology level of the Naruto world greatly increased, a scene in a dozen years.

According to the waiter's guidance, Su Xiao opened a room and walked into the room. The room was bright and clean.

Su Xiao sat on a big soft bed. He was waiting for someone here, and the person would arrive in two days.

Taking it out from the storage space, he was ready to use it. There was a risk of carrying this thing when traveling through space. He was different from the violators, and the abilities of those guys were strange.

After taking it out, Su Xiao hesitated momentarily and took out a mechanical eye.

[Origin: Academy City]

[Quality: Green]

[Type: Scouting Equipment]

[Durability: 30/30]

[Equipment Requirement: Intelligence: 8 points]

[Equipment effect: Life Detection: Able to detect carbon-based creatures and obtain their information. The intelligence attribute of both sides determines the complete data. ]

[Hint: Life Detection consumes 30 Mana points every time it uses. ]

[Details: Life Detection Cooldown: 1 hour. ]

[Rating: 20]

[Description: Any carbon-based creature can not escape the tracking of Havana's Eye. ]

[Price: 2300 paradise coins. ]

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