403 Effect of Three Charm Attributes

The footsteps of both sides stopped. In the laboratory, there was an older man and a cute girl.

The cute girl looked delicate, her dress and hairstyle were similar to that of Kurumi Tokisaki, but the other person gave Su Xiao a strange feeling.

"Good dogs do not block the way!"

Although the cute girl looked attractive, her temperament was not cute, and she looked at Su Xiao coldly.

"It seems that it was taken first. Who has the Philosopher's Stone?"

Su Xiao looked at the expressions of the two contractors. The older man subconsciously looked at the cute girl. It seemed that the cute girl was the leader.

The older man seemed to be threatened.

"It seems that this old man is useless to you."

Zi ---.

The boundary line tightened, and the pale blue arc wrapped the boundary line.


The older man was shocked. He did not notice the boundary line at all.

Su Xiao tightened the boundary line. If only the damage to the boundary line was not enough to kill the older man, but the attached blue steel shadow was not painful.

The 50 points of real damage became the last iron cake that overwhelmed the camel.


The older man's head was cut off, and the scarlet card was not dropped.

Putting away the broken line, Su Xiao looked at the cute girl.

"Hand over the Philosopher's Stone."

Since both sides were here to snatch the Philosopher's Stone, it would depend on whose strength was stronger.

"Your attack power is not weak. You can kill this trash."

The cute girl had a calm expression, as if she did not care about the older man's death at all.

"Disappear in front of my eyes. This is your last chance."

The cute girl's attitude was also tough. Su Xiao no longer spoke and rushed forward with his sword.

"Telekinesis: Wall."

The cute girl shouted, and an invisible wall rushed over.

Su Xiao stopped.

A knife cut through the invisible wall.

The invisible wall was cut through and did not break with a ding sound.

The cute girl's expression changed, and her eyes were full of fear.

"You are very strong. The Philosopher's Stone can be divided into two pieces. If we continue to fight, we will be exposed. King Bradley will come soon, and Pride will come too."

The cute girl did not mention that her companion was killed, and she began to negotiate with Su Xiao.

"Four pieces, and at least purple quality."

The cute girl hesitated, and Su Xiao rushed forward with his sword.


Su Xiao slashed, and the cute girl stood in place without moving.

Ding, another sword broke the shield, and the blade stopped a few centimeters from the cheek of the cute girl.


A shock wave appeared, and Su Xiao took two steps back.

"Four is four, and it's really bad luck."

The cute girl threw out four pieces of Philosopher's Stone, one of which was even the size of an egg.

Su Xiao took the Philosopher's Stone and went up and down to look at a cute girl. The other person gave him a strange feeling.

This guy was probably not a woman, but he was not like a man.

"What are you looking at? Haven't you seen the three versions of the cross-dressing?"

Sure enough, this guy was not a woman.

"cross-dressing... boss ---"

Su Xiao had a lot of knowledge. He had seen women cross-dressing. It was the first time he saw a contractor cross-dressing. Was this legendary cute girl? This required a lot of courage. It was a big problem to overcome shame.

The other party's special hobby had nothing to do with Su Xiao. He turned and left.

At this time, there was a rapid alarm in the laboratory.

"Your people?"

The cute girl looked at Su Xiao. Su Xiao's first thought was that Bobowang was exposed, but he immediately dismissed this idea.

"No, it's your people."

"No, my people are here."

The cute girl pointed at the corpse on the ground.


The cute girl thought of a possibility.

"I met a contractor before. It seems that there is a third group of people."

"Tsk, it is lively. It seems that when Enwei died, everyone could not sit still. I don't know which bastard killed Enwei. He is crazy."

Just as Su Xiao was ready to part ways with the cute girl, there was a violent vibration above, and the whole research institute began to tilt.

"It's over. That thing was released."

The cute girl who was not weak had a look of fear on her face. It should be known that the cute girl could fight Su Xiao head-on, but if they fought to the death, the one who would die must be the cute girl.

"Hey, knife-man, let's temporarily cooperate and rush out. Otherwise, we might all die here."

While speaking, the cute girl sent a piece of information.

"I have been staring at the third test site for a long time. There is a synthesized beast here that can be called a monster."

Su Xiao looked at the information sent by the cute girl.

Name: Type Fusion Beast(Commander-tier creature)

Health: 100

Mana: 60/60

[Strength: 50 (This world is extremely valuable) ]

[Agility: 34]

[Physique: 42]

[Intelligence: 6]

[Charm: -4]

[Skill 1: synthesized creature(passive): HP increases by 500 points, no vital points. ]

[Skill 2: Ancient Ape Clan Bloodline(passive): Strength +15, Agility +12, Constitution +16. ]

[Skill 3: Unknown. ]

[Skill 4: Unknown.]

[Skill 5: Unknown.]

[Skill 6: Unknown.]

The information about this unknown fusion beast made Su Xiao's eyes jump, but he had some doubts in his heart.

"Such a strong fusion beast. Why didn't the artificial human use it?"

There was no such monster in the original work, so the words of the cute girl were not credible.

"This monster has no reason and can attack indiscriminately, so until the most dangerous moment, the third experiment will not release this thing."

As soon as the cute girl's voice fell, there was a roar above.


The third laboratory began to collapse. Su Xiao was on the third underground floor. If the laboratory collapsed, he would be buried alive.

The cute girl raised one hand above her head, and there was no movement. A big hole appeared in the roof.

The cute girl floated up and floated to the top. Su Xiao's movements were not slow.

Not long after, Su Xiao came to the first floor of the research institute. There was a river of blood here, and many researchers were killed.

More than a dozen contractors looked panicked and ran to the distance. It seemed that something terrible was chasing them.

Su Xiao immediately ran in the opposite direction. Before he rushed out of the laboratory, there was a loud noise from the top of the building.

A five-meter-tall upright creature broke down the building, and the wall was like paper in front of it.

This was a humanoid creature. Its entire body was covered in black hair that looked like steel needles. Its arms were abnormally thick, and it looked like a black gorilla. It had a human leg in its mouth, and it was chewing. Blood flowed down from the corner of its mouth.

The black gorilla beast wiped its mouth, looking at the bare human leg.


The black gorilla beast hammered its chest and let out a wild roar. Waves of Qi spread out.

If one looked carefully at the eyes of the chimpanzee, one would find that there was a red light flashing in the eyes of the chimpanzee.

The chimpanzee looked at the dozens of escaping contracts. It picked up a piece of cement with a diameter of three meters on the ground and threw it in its hand like a bubble. It threw the cement piece to the contractor.

Sou ---.

The cement piece turned into a shadow because of the powerful kinetic energy and smashed directly at several contractors. The bodies of those contractors were like tomatoes hit by a hammer, directly exploding.

Su Xiao felt a chill in his heart. This chimpanzee could not be defeated.

Perhaps only the bullhead Lord of Zhanchi world could fight with this chimpanzee. This thing was simply the protagonist of King Kong. No, this thing was much stronger than the protagonist of King Kong.

"Temporary ally, what should we do now? You are in close combat. Hold him in front. I will support you."

The cute girl was scared, and her slender legs were trembling.

"Bullshit, if you can do it, you can do it. Run separately, see who is unlucky."

Su Xiao turned and ran. He did not want to fight with this monster. The strength attribute of 50 points must be terrible.

Su Xiao and the cute girl chose to run separately. The chimpanzee monster looked at the cute girl and turned at Su Xiao.

Su Xiao's luck was not good. This chimpanzee was staring at him.

Su Xiao's charm attribute was five points, while the little girl was 15 points. The chimpanzee was unhappy with Su Xiao and rushed straight to him.

The three points of the naked charm attribute played a 'huge effect' at this time. The chimpanzee was very unhappy with Su Xiao and decided to hammer him to death!

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