48 Chapter 48: Small Harvest

Mado Akira's hesitation gave the ghoul an opportunity to escape.

The ghoul was just about to run when he heard Su Xiao's threat.

The ghoul hesitated for a moment before he turned and ran, choosing not to pay attention to Su Xiao's words.

Or maybe he just wanted to try his luck, since he wouldn't be able to defeat Su Xiao anyways?

When the ghoul just took his first few steps, the sound of a sword singing through the air emerged.


The sword pierced through the ghoul's calf and nailed it onto the asphalt paved street.


The ghoul screamed as he fell to the ground, his face hitting the asphalt road with a sickening crunch.

"Wrong choice."

Su Xiao got up and slowly walked towards the ghoul.

The behavior of the ghoul was pretty normal. If he were to face the same situation, he would try to run as well.

If he didn't escape, he would still die, so why not try his luck?

"You, what are you going to do?"

The eyes of the ghoul showed his fear as he tried to crawl forward, but with [Dragon Flash] keeping him pinned he couldn't move.

When Su Xiao grasped the handle of [Dragon Flash] and pulled it out, the ghoul immediately tried to get up to escape.

The sword drew a beautiful arc, causing blood to splatter on the asphalt road.

Four strikes later, Su Xiao had cut all four limbs of the ghoul.

With the vitality of ghouls, this kind of injury was a serious but not life threatening.

"What should we do now?"

Mado Akira looked slightly tired. The battle took a lot of her energy, sweat drenched her clothes and her pale blond hair clung to her forehead.

"We continue, no matter how many ghouls come here tonight, we will kill them all."

Mado Akira felt numb. There were hundreds of ghouls in the West Street district, maybe even more than that.

"Can we really do that?"

Su Xiao did not answer and started cleaning up the bodies on the street.

He was going to cast his bait, and a ghoul with its limbs cut off should be pretty good bait.

However, ghouls were not stupid. There were so many bodies here that other ghouls would only be scared off.

He piled the bodies up in an alley, but didn't bother cleaning the blood on the asphalt road, as the bloody smell could also help in luring in ghouls.

The ghoul with cut off the limbs was thrown at the middle of the street by Su Xiao.

He did not need to get other ghouls to come too close, he just needed them to show up.

With Su Xiao's agility attribute, as long as they show up, they would not be able to escape.

By hunting low-level ghouls, although the chance of them dropping treasure chests was smaller, he could still get contribution points for the CCG.

Not only that, but with his talent ability [the Hunter], he could also permanently increase his Mana.

Mana was very important to Su Xiao, as Azure Steel Shadow was a strong skill which consumed lots of it.

Su Xiao held [Dragon Flash] drawn while standing in the center of the street, while Mado Akira stood aside.

"Will more ghouls even appear?"

Su Xiao didn't care to answer Mado Akira. The kind of ghouls that can kill and eat each other were beasts. The smell of blood would not scare them away, it would only lure them in.

After just two minutes, the first ghoul appeared.

It was an old, male ghoul, his body was thin.

After seeing Su Xiao and the sharp sword in his hands, the old man hesitated for a moment and chose to retreat.

But it was too late, Su Xiao had already rushed forward.

A minute later, Su Xiao, now with blood stains on his shirt, had returned to the same position and was waiting for the next prey.

On a roof of a high-rise building in West Street district.

The night wind blew. In the pale moonlight, two people could be seen standing on the roof.

"What do we do? If we do not intervene, all of the ghouls here will be killed."

Kirishima Ayato, wearing a black rabbit mask, spoke as he observed Su Xiao from the distance.

Tatara, who stood beside Kirishima Ayato, didn't answer and silently looked at the scene in front of him.

This place was the 'training ground' of the Aogiri Tree, the cadres of Aogiri Tree came here often to invite the stronger ghouls from the district.

For example, the Bin brothers lived here before they joined the Aogiri Tree.

"We give this place up."

Kirishima Ayato was a bit unwilling to follow Tatara's answer.


When Kirishima Ayato was about to speak, he noticed that Tatara was staring at him.

"Can you even stop that monster?"

Kirishima Ayato was stunned into silence and turned his head away. He clearly remembered the way Su Xiao had injured him before.

"Well? Do you want to try?" [E/N: Still Tatara speaking.]

Tatara's eyes were hard.

"No, I mean, let's call some members to kill this human."

It seemed that Kirishima Ayato's hatred toward Su Xiao was not shallow. After all, Su Xiao almost killed him.

Tatara thought for a while but shook his head.

"The price would be too great. Even if we can successfully kill this man, you and I may die in battle.

We'll leave and abandon this place. Knowing that this monster is in the 14th district at the moment is also very important information."

Although the Aogiri Tree had more than one of these 'training grounds', it was still a big loss to abandon it, but they were forced to do so.

Both Tatara and Kirishima Ayato left, the ghouls of the 14th lost their backers.


The sun gradually rose, a golden morning glow emerged.

In the center of the West Street district, Su Xiao was sitting on the street with a tired expression.

The street within half a kilometer around him was full of blood, the rich bloody smell filled the street.

Su Xiao couldn't remember how many ghouls he killed this night. He killed and killed until no ghoul showed up anymore.

The unusually dense smell of blood caused ghouls to be alert, and a message gradually spread among the ghouls of the West Street district.

Don't get close to the central area, there is a terrifying existence there!

Although Su Xiao was covered in blood, he first wiped [Dragon Flash] clean and put it into his storage space. He loved and cared about his weapon.

Su Xiao then looked at his contribution points.

[Rank 2 Investigator, contribution points 390/400.]

In one night, Su Xiao got 340 points, which proved how many ghouls he killed.

Besides the contribution points, Su Xiao's talent ability [the Hunter] had added 68 points of Mana to his own.

His current Mana had reached 238 points, he could now use Azure Steel Shadow for quite a bit longer.

In the storage space, there were also three white treasure cases.

He killed just that many ghouls. Even with the probability of dropping the treasure chests being really small, he still harvested three treasure chests.

"Byakuya, please, let's go back. I can't do it anymore."

Mado Akira was lying on the street, she didn't care about her appearance right now.

"I am also reaching my limit. Let's go back to the branch."

Su Xiao got up and took a few steps, but noticed that Mado Akira still was lying on the ground.

"That…, I can't move."

The tone of Mado Akira's voice was somewhat unnatural.

Last night, Su Xiao was basically only hunting and killing. Mado Akira was responsible for handling the bodies. Even so, Mado Akira had used up all of her energy.

Su Xiao walked to the side of Mado Akira and put Mado Akira over his shoulder. He felt something big and soft pressing against him.

"Please, don't take me back to the branch. I look too shameful now."

The close contact caused Mado Akira's face to redden.

"My home is nearby, a few minutes away by car."

Su Xiao thought about it, the advice of Mado Akira was good and he was in urgent need of rest now.

So, he drove toward Mado Akira's house, while she recovered some energy along the way, at least enough that she could walk alone now.

Mado Akira lived in a single apartment. The room was small, but very warm. After entering Mado Akira's home, Su Xiao took off his shirt, while Mado Akira looked on, as he went straight to the bathroom.

He was covered in blood, so it would be very uncomfortable to sleep like this.

Just as Su Xiao was enjoying the warm water, someone knocked on the bathroom door.

"Byakuya, please hurry, I have to take a shower as soon as possible. I…, I have to clean my body, the blood drying on my skin is a nightmare."

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