19 Chapter 19: Before the Event

Krieg and Gin were anxiously waiting in an old warehouse.


The warehouse's door, which had not been opened for a long time, produced a heavy sound.

Krieg and Gin were vigilant. Both of them were pirates; after all, they had blood on their hands.

Su Xiao stood at the door of the warehouse but did not enter immediately.

"Wait here for me."

After saying so, Su Xiao walked into the warehouse, all the while Hank's mouth opened and closed behind him. But in the end, Hank didn't say anything and could only obey and wait.

When Su Xiao walked into the warehouse, he noticed there were wooden boxes strewn around, and the ground was covered in thick dust. It seemed like that this warehouse had been abandoned for quite some time.

"You're late. Is this the attitude of the Goya Kingdom?"

Krieg spoke first, and his tone was harsh.

Su Xiao chuckled and calmly looked at Krieg in front of him, whose tall figure was hidden beneath a hood.

Although he was still a few meters away, Su Xiao noticed a strange smell.

That was a foul smell, and as Su Xiao sometimes poisoned his sword, he was pretty familiar with this smell.

"We will hand you some equipment. After the event, the Kingdom will award you with the identity as a noble."

Su Xiao went straight to the matter at hand, not wanting to talk nonsense with these pirates.

"Just like that? I thought that two other pirate groups are competing…"

When Krieg's words were halfway spoken, they were interrupted by Su Xiao.

"No, those other two groups of pirates are weak. The decision lies with me. You only need to answer me, whether you agree or not."

Since Krieg was interrupted, he was obviously dissatisfied, but since he was currently in the territory of the Goa Kingdom, as a pirate, he did not show his malice.

Su Xiao didn't come alone to this meeting. There were hundreds of soldiers in the vicinity of the warehouse.

Krieg was hesitant and didn't seem to trust Su Xiao, or maybe he did not believe the Goya kingdom's offer to be genuine.

"First, explain what specifically you want me to do."

The ones chosen to burn the Gray Terminal apparently weren't aware of the people outside the city since only the people inside of Kingdom knew about it.

Krieg was a foreign pirate, so it made sense he did not know the specific circumstances. These guys were merely attracted by the title of nobility.

"You will burn the Gray Terminal at exactly six o'clock tomorrow evening, and you must be on time…"

Su Xiao began to describe the specific mission, and after listening, Krieg and Gin became more and more serious.

"Burn the entire Terminal? That could be a bit difficult, what with the size of Gray Terminal."

"Don't you know about bombs?"

Su Xiao stared at Krieg in case he would change his mind, and the negotiation came to the most critical moment.

"Are you kidding me? That takes so many bombs. Unless you are willing to prepare them for us, I will give up."

Krieg's attitude, Su Xiao had already guessed.

"Oh, what a pity."

After commenting, Su Xiao turned to leave and without bargaining.


Gin interjected and then whispered to Krieg:

"Boss, if we bring over the bombs on board of our ship, there should be enough."

Krieg stared at Su Xiao with some anger visible on his face. Of course, Krieg knew that the bombs on the ship were sufficient, but he was reluctant.

"Do you really think that as long as you set fire to the waste terminal, you can just get the identity of an aristocrat? Of course, you need to provide bombs yourselves. Otherwise, we won't talk about it anymore."

Half an hour later, Su Xiao walked out of the warehouse, leaving Krieg and Gin with stunned faces.

As a prepayment, Su Xiao left a voucher behind, which was a sealed document offering one person to become an aristocrat in the Kingdom.

As long as Krieg signed the document and then went to the Kingdom to have it notarized, Krieg would become a noble.

Moreover, this document couldn't be one-sidedly destroyed, and it bore the seal of the world government.

Pirates were not fooled easily. If Su Xiao didn't bring some real bait, they would never fall for it.

"Byakuya-san, how did it go?" Hank attempted to ask.

Su Xiao's footsteps suddenly stopped.

"Are you sure you want to know?"

Su Xiao's cold eyes made Hank subconsciously take few steps back.

"… No, I don't."

At this moment, Hank regretted not killing Su Xiao when he was picking weapons.

"Hank, there is something I need you to do. That is absolutely 'critical.'"

Afterward, Su Xiao asked the soldiers who hid in the surroundings to gather, and hundreds of soldiers came out of the vicinity. He then returned with these soldiers back to headquarters.


As night fell, Su Xiao sat alone in the office inside the headquarters. The room was dark.

The sudden appearance of the Krieg Pirates in the plot did not disturb Su Xiao's plan but even benefitted him.

With his elbows resting on the desk, and Su Xiao lightly pressed his forehead.

He was smart enough to know that no plan was perfect. There may be unknown vulnerabilities.

But this couldn't be helped. Right now, Su Xiao was weak. He could only achieve his goal by schemes like this.

It was more his style to solve his problems with a sword in his hand.

"I need to leave this world soon."

Although the first world he was experiencing was a high-risk world like One Piece, he believed that the reincarnation paradise wouldn't always throw him into a world five levels higher than his.

The reason why he entered the world of One Piece may just be a test, from the reincarnation paradise, about his reaction and a new identity as a hunter.

In other words, before completing the first main task, he would not really be a hunter but only have the name of a hunter without any benefits.

Su Xiao slept in the office that night.

Early the next morning, Su Xiao woke up and began to prepare for the action that night.

This was the last day of the main task time limit. At 12 o'clock that night, the time for his task will run out.

Tonight, he would assassinate the king of the Goya kingdom, and whether his plan succeeds or not, he has to go for it.

Throughout the day, Su Xiao was busy all the time. He is, after all, the official in charge of burning the Gray Terminal, so no matter which department he is facing, the other party would give way.

That noble who tried to cheat him was utterly abolished, Su Xiao saw him once, and his eyes were empty.

He was busy until 4 pm until Su Xiao finished everything, and then he entered his office in the headquarters and disappeared from sight.

Now he just had to wait and wait for the pirates outside the city to set fire to the Gray Terminal.

As for the reason to burn the Gray Terminal, it was completely ridiculous.

In another ten days, to prepare for a visit of a Celestial Dragon, the World Government would come to inspect the Kingdom.

In order to not let the World Government see the large garbage mountains outside of the city, the Goya kingdom chose to burn the Gray Terminal together with the people who lived there.

There were at least a few thousand people living outside the city.

These were the rulers of the world of One Piece. To prevent the upper-class from seeing a stain on their Kingdom, they would burn thousands of people alive.

At five o'clock in the evening, the sky gradually dimmed, the night wind blew slowly, and an hour later, the time had come. The city was quiet.

In the dark of his office, only Su Xiao was sitting at his desk, with a green treasure chest in his hand.

This treasure chest was the one he obtained after killing the ruler of Mt. Colubo, but he was too busy recently and had no time to open it.

The green treasure chest filled Su Xiao with expectations, and he was smiling in anticipation.

[Treasure chest (green), open: yes / no]

After choosing to open it, several items appeared in his hands.

[You opened the treasure chest (green) and got the following items]

[1000 Paradise coins]

[soul crystal (small)]

[Tiger claws]


There was no equipment, but this was expected.

Su Xiao has opened two treasure chests already and had at least some understanding of the rules of treasure chests.

The level of the items obtained by opening the treasure chest was related to the color of the treasure chest, with the only known qualities right now being: white < green < blue.

As for the equipment or items that were received from the treasure chest, that was related to the person or animal that dropped the treasure chest in the first place.

For example, Su Xiao killed the tiger and got the tiger's treasure chest, so he never thought of obtaining a sword or a shield.

The things you get from a Treasure Chest are things from your opponent, so by killing the tiger, he will obtain items related to the tiger inside the treasure chest.

After killing the merchant of the black market, Su Xiao got the recommendation letter left by the merchant.

From killing Brandon, Su Xiao received the pendant he wore.


Su Xiao looked at the items in his hand.

The paradise currency was directly deposited in his account. Although it is called paradise coins, it is a currency without shape.

[Tiger claws]

Quality: Green.

Type: Material.

Rating: 16. (Note: Green material scores are 10 to 30, and the higher the score, the more precious the material will be.)

Description: The claws of elite creatures can be forged in the reincarnation paradise or can be served as enhancement items.

[Soul Crystal (small)]

Quality: None.

Type: Soul Concentrate.

Rating: None.

Introduction: Soul crystals are rare and have many uses… (There isn't enough authority to get the following information.)


Playing with the "Soul Crystal" in his hand, Su Xiao was completely confused by the two items he had acquired.

But he had a feeling that the crystal in his hand was perhaps the most valuable item he had ever obtained.

After returning everything to his inventory, he started focusing on his task.

At six o'clock in the evening.

Su Xiao left his office and disappeared into the night. Completing the mission or dying, there was no third option.

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