Reincarnation of The Villainess: She Has The Duke's Baby! Book

novel - Fantasy

Reincarnation of The Villainess: She Has The Duke's Baby!


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Commissioned cover by: _whirtle (Instagram). Exclusively for this book! Sienna was shocked when she realized she had posessed Penelope Askary's body! Penelope Askary is a villainess who is cruelly killed by Crown Prince Sebastian De Louis and Duke Edmund Gerwyn in the adult novel 'Prisoner of the Love of Two Men'. Penelope was killed because she always hurt and even dared to poison the female lead, Isabella Lysander. A beautiful blonde woman who both Sebastian and Edmund are madly in love with. Not wanting to end tragically like in the novel, Penelope tried to remember all the storylines she had read in her life as Sienna. She was no longer being selfish and mean to everyone. She also no longer stalks and begs for Sebastian's love. Penelope also took a thousand steps away when she saw Edmund, even though the man was still too far away. Even so, Penelope apparently could not just stay silent, when she knew the terrible end that would befall De Louis's empire, especially Duke Edmund Gerwyn. Now, Penelope racked her brain to prevent bad things from happening around her. Starting from the plan to assassinate the Crown Prince which she thwarted, the kidnapping of Isabella Lysander the female lead, to the death trap prepared by Duke Edmund Gerwyn's enemy to eliminate the man. Unfortunately, Penelope's desire not to be 'seen' in Edmund and Sebastian's eyes, like her original goal of wanting to avoid her own tragic death and planning to help them from a distance, did not go smoothly. "Hey Penelope. Haven't you always liked me?" If not for his status as the Crown Prince, Penelope might have kicked him. However, of all the strange attitudes of Edmund and Sebastian who suddenly clung to her and wanted to attract her attention, of all the bad things that were ready to come to her in the future, one thing that was far more confusing and made Penelope seem to have lost her mind was, when she accidentally spends one night with Edmund Gerwyn and carrying his child! Penelope was determined to hide the baby she was carrying from everyone, especially from Duke Edmund Gerwyn who would kill her in the future! "You will not run away from me while carrying my child, Penelope Askary!"