2818 You Think Too Highly of Yourself

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Chapter 2818 - You Think Too Highly of Yourself

When Shi Feng finished speaking, silence enveloped the entire battlefield.

Nobody had expected that Shi Feng would show no regard at all for Hundred Ghosts.

A cold glint flashed in Awakened Abyss's eyes at Shi Feng's response.

"Guild Leader Black Flame, my suggestion is beneficial for both our sides. If Hundred Ghosts interferes, setting all else aside, just in terms of number of Tier 4s, Zero Wing won't have much of an advantage," Awakened Abyss said coldly. "If you insist on remaining obstinate, I'll have to take it as Zero Wing having hostile intentions toward Hundred Ghosts."

After saying so, Awakened Abyss stopped concealing his life aura. Immediately, a life aura rivaling that of the Secret Hand Association's Tier 4 NPCs spread across the battlefield.


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