2820 Sudden Appearance of the Steel Fortress

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Chapter 2820 - Sudden Appearance of the Steel Fortress

Barren Forest City, Frostrain Ridge:

Frostrain Ridge was a Level 70 map. Snow blanketed the place all year round, and it was famous for Cryolite.

In God's Domain, Cryolite was one of the rare ores that could be used to manufacture alchemy tools. Hence, it had incredibly high demand. However, as its output was relatively low and the appearance of its deposits was random, its price was constantly high. Currently, one piece of Cryolite could sell for 20 Silver on the market. Hence, many newcomers in God's Domain would choose to grind for levels in the Frostrain Ridge. Doing so earned them EXP and a considerable sum of money.

However, the vast Frostrain Ridge was devoid of players and NPCs at this time. The entire map had become a land of death due to the invasion of Faux Saint monsters.


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