2822 Pinnacle of God's Domain

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Chapter 2822 - Pinnacle of God's Domain

"A Sky Fortress?! What's going on!?"

"This is a lie! This is definitely a lie! How can such a thing appear at this stage of the game?!"

"There are pictures and videos of it. I heard that the fortress's interior is a paradise for training. It even provides a significant boost to Mana affinity."

"Zero Wing is really on the rise now!"

When news regarding the Small Mobile Fortress first broke out in the Twin Towers Kingdom, many people refused to believe it. After all, no matter how they thought about it, they simply couldn't see how Zero Wing could come to possess such a mythical fortress. However, the information leak came with photographic and video evidence; even if everyone refused to believe the report, they couldn't change the fact that Zero Wing owned a flying fortress.


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