2355 Advanced Mana Set Equipment

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Chapter 2355 - Advanced Mana Set Equipment

"Thirty percent is enough?"

Silent Wonder was confused by Shi Feng's statement. Based on his tone, he seemed very confident in her success in becoming an Advanced Master Alchemist.

Not only did she need enough Proficiency Points for her promotion, but she also had to create a new Advanced Master Recipe. Unfortunately, creating an Advanced Master Recipe was multiple times more difficult than creating a Basic Master Recipe. It wasn't simply a problem of mixing materials. The process also required magic arrays, which tested her ability to manipulate Mana.

Resources and hints weren't enough for her to reach the Advanced Master Alchemist rank.

"I can't guarantee it, but if you have a 30% chance, we should be able to boost that to 80% within the remaining time," Shi Feng said, chuckling.

"Eighty percent?" Silent Wonder repeated in a higher-pitched tone, giving Shi Feng an incredulous look.


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