42 Orders From The Headmaster

From his vast battle experience, William knew diverting his attention off his enemies was a grave sin. No matter who was coming and shouting, he wouldn't shift his gaze away from those enemies up front, especially in such tense situations.

Yet when the voice appeared, William could clearly see the sudden change in the face of that Guanin relative and his group of thugs. They seemed terrified, as if the person coming here was someone they shouldn't offend.

"Elder…" even Tang who stood on his side trembled faintly when he heard this shout. William finally turned his attention away when he heard that word.

What did an elder signify in the academy? He must be one of the strongest bunches of old men in the academy aside from the headmaster.

A dark gold, just a few steps away from the legendary ranked spirit master, that was the sole requirement for being an elder in the academy. Age didn't matter, but no one managed to get to such an esteemed title without getting old.


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