Reincarnation of the Divine Cultivator Lord: Journey from Mortal

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What is Reincarnation of the Divine Cultivator Lord: Journey from Mortal

Read ‘Reincarnation of the Divine Cultivator Lord: Journey from Mortal’ Online for Free, written by the author ganesh007, This book is a Fantasy Novel, covering Fiction, Light Novel, Internet Novel, and the synopsis is: In the world of Avarion, mysterious planar evolution takes place in every corner of their world, people were in joy beca...


In the world of Avarion, mysterious planar evolution takes place in every corner of their world, people were in joy because of the planetary cultivation energy has been returned to the avarion. Avarionians has a belief from their mythology, every human has the potential to ascend to heaven. This world's portal to sub-worlds has been opened ,sub world consists of different species. This world has different race like vampire, elves, dwarves, beastman, Dragon, orcs, Phoenix, demons, angels, demon gods, divine authority gods, cultivation immortal gods. This world has main higher ascension like demonic realm, immortal realm, beast god realm, spiritual realm and divine realm. This world has various God's avatar descent, demon avatar descent, ancient inheritance, ancient cultivation sects, various adventure guilds, various kingdoms and empires. This story revolves around Roel karvis, who travels back in time before the planar-evolutionary seal was broken from his home planet. Roel was betrayed by his friend before his ascension to divine realm. He got chosen by the mysterious spirit, as he was the first human to trying to become god. He comes back in time to solve his past regrets and tries to enter divine realm for divine cultivation.

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