556 Tang Haifeng Criticizes Cao Wenxin

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Leng Shaoting felt disappointed but he understood Gu Ning so he didn't insist. They could meet in the night after all.

A short while after Leng Shaoting went back to the hotel he received He Qiming's call. While Gu Ning talked with Xia Yichu in the park, Leng Shaoting called He Qiming and told him to find some appropriate garment factories and companies which were on sale. Shengshi Group was indeed very powerful and He Qinming finished his task within an hour.

"Lord Leng, there are exactly two vacant floors in an office building which is under construction of our company. Every floor is 800 square-meters large. As for garment factories, I've found three of them, and I've emailed their information to you. Please check the email," He Kaiming said

"Great," Leng Shaoting said then opened the latest email.


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