Suffer from Pain

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Yu Mixi was confused. She didn't understand what they were talking about.

"Well, I didn't show much yesterday. Aren't you afraid that I was just pretending, and I know nothing about kung fu?" Gu Ning didn't answer Mu Ke's question immediately, but asked him back.

"Even though I'm wrong, it's the undeniable truth that you're better than me at kung fu. If you're willing to take me as your apprentice, that will be the best." Mu Ke looked at Gu Ning sincerely.

If Gu Ning had been an ordinary girl, she wouldn't have been able to knock down three men easily.

She must be a master of kung fu!

Mu Ke was worried that Gu Ning would reject his proposal, so he added, "Please, I won't bother you when you're studying. You can teach me when you're free. And, I can pay for your classes, or do whatever you ask me to do. Anything."

Mu Ke said in all sincerity to show his determination.

Actually, Mu Ke hit the point.

Gu Ning hesitated before, but now felt touched.

She thought of An Qian.

Gu Ning lacked of friends now, while Mu Ke was from a powerful family. She might need his help someday in the future.

Gu Ning admitted she did this for her own good, but also because Mu Ke was a good guy and would be a good friend.

Thus, Gu Ning replied, "I can teach you if you like, but you don't need to be my apprentice. I don't want your money neither. All I want are your help and support."

"Rea-really?" Mu Ke was excited that Gu Ning agreed.

"Since all our classes are over now, I'm free, and I can teach you later," Gu Ning said.

"Rea-really?" Mu Ke asked again with excitement. It was too good to be true for him. "Sure, sure, sure," he said.

Mu Ke repeated his word for several times to show his happiness. He would have jumped up high if Gu Ning hadn't been here.

Then, Mu Ke invited Gu Ning once again to have meal with him. Gu Ning accepted. She, along with Yu Mixi, followed Mu Ke towards the second floor of the canteen.

Yu Mixi was still curious about the discussion between the two, but didn't know how to ask for more information.

Though Gu Ning had said there was no need for Mu Ke to be her apprentice, Mu Ke insisted to call Gu Ning boss in order to have a closer connection with her.

Gu Ning was reluctant as first. She didn't like to be called boss actually.

However, Mu Ke insisted to call her boss or master.

Compared with master, boss was more acceptable for Gu Ning.

During the meal, Mu Ke called Gu Ning boss all the time. He actively served Gu Ning without any complaint, which raised much attention from students around them.

Gu Ning felt embarrassed, and stopped Mu Ke from doing that.

If Yu Mixi hadn't found out the truth from their discussion, she would also have believed Mu Ke was in love with Gu Ning, and was chasing her!

When Yu Mixi was told that Gu Ning had beaten down a man by a single hit, she was more than astonished.

But when she thought of what had happened this morning between Gu Ning and Shao Feifei, she believed Gu Ning was really powerful.

All of a sudden, Yu Mixi admired Gu Ning more.

"Gu Ning, would you please teach me as well?" Yu Mixi almost begged.

"Sure," Gu Ning answered quickly.

Gu Ning actually hoped Yu Mixi could learn some kung fu to protect herself at least.

But she would never force Yu Mixi to learn. It all depended on herself.

If Yu Mixi was just passionate about it for a very short time, then gave up, Gu Ning wouldn't bother to teach her, but if Yu Mixi was determined, Gu Ning was ready to train her like a professional fighter.

After the meal, three of them walked straight to the small forest. There were few people there. They didn't want to bother others and vice versa.

Since Gu Ning had promised to teach them, she must show her real ability. She needed to let them believe that she was a real master of kung fu.

Thus Gu Ning didn't hesitate at all. She beat Mu Ke down to the ground within one move.

Mu Ke was struck dumb, not by pain, but by shock.

Though Gu Ning didn't hesitate, her body wasn't in a very good condition now. Her strength was limited. Mu Ke felt the pain, but was safe.

A fighter must learn and grow from his pain.

Yu Mixi, who was standing aside, was amazed with her mouth open. She now admired Gu Ning more than ever.

Amazing. This was so amazing.

"Get back to your feet now," Gu Ning criticized Mu Ke, who was still lying on the ground.

Since Gu Ning decided to teach them, she would be a strict teacher.

Outstanding students were trained by the strict teachers.

Gu Ning valued quality and efficiency most, so she wouldn't allow them to waste time.

Mu Ke immediately stood up, and focused on his training.

Gu Ning intended to let Mu Ke understand the skills quickly, so she attacked Mu Ke with full force afterwards.

Of course, Gu Ning wouldn't physically abuse Mu Ke. She adjusted her move according to Mu Ke's ability. Gu Ning wanted Mu Ke to experience the pain and skills together during the training.

After a while, Mu Ke suffered a lot from the pain around his body.

Though he was in great pain, Mu Ke wasn't willing to stop or give up. He faced his challenge with courage.

Yu Mixi was totally absorbed in watching the training. Every time Mu Ke shouted out in pain, she would tremble at the same time, like she was the one who was being beaten.

Although there were few people in this wood, Mu Ke's shout attracted several students' attention.

Seeing a boy beaten down by a girl, they were all astonished. Some boys even raised their voices.

"What the f*ck, this girl is too powerful! The boy isn't able to fight back at all!"