Just Say It!

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"Thank you for your compliment, Mr. Si," Leng Xiaoyao said politely.

"Miss Leng, you're too modest. At such a young age, you must have been through hard training to become so skilled!" Si Yiqi said.

"It's never easy to practice kung fu, but no pain, no gain. I have to suffer a lot in order to become strong," Leng Xiaoyao said.

"You're right." Si Yiqi answered. He knew that very well, because he had the same experience.

He had said that because Leng Xiaoyao was a young girl, so he felt that she must have been through a lot more than him, but Leng Xiaoyao had a very positive attitude, so he thought that she must be extraordinary.

"Mr. Si, Mr. Li, it's late now. We should go back. Thank you so much for your treatment today," Leng Xiaoyao said to Si Yiqi and Li Mochen.

Even though she wanted to form a close relationship with Li Mochen, she needed to be patient, otherwise Li Mochen might think that she wanted to harm him.