93 Deceived By Leng Shaoting

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Junior high school was not as strict as high school and Jiang Xinyue was good at studying, so it was easy to apply.

In high school, especially in the third year of high school, it was necessary to take the National College Entrance Exam. Therefore, if you weren't one of the top ten in the entire grade, it was impossible to not attend the evening class. Special situations excluded of course.

However, Gu Ning decided not to attend the evening class either after she got good scores at the monthly test.

Although she seemed free now, she felt she lacked time, and she couldn't do anything she wanted to.

Besides, once her company was established, she wouldn't have time for classes.

Now it wouldn't be difficult for her to get good academic results even if she didn't go to the afternoon classes.

In the past, whenever Gu Ning was home, she felt lonely, but now, she had her beloved families around. She felt happy every day.


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