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{A/N: This chapter contains, violence, torture… if you do not like to read such graphic content, then you better stop just after the flashback in this chapter, and even if I'm not very good at writing such things, many people are easily triggered. So I have warned you now}

This time Enel came even faster than before. And even if Ian was still faster he would still have to get serious.

As Enel's speed now, coupled with his observation Haki, would enable him to dodge well in time.

Ian's guess about being near as fast as Kizaru physically was wrong. He had gotten arrogant and underestimated him. Perhaps using shave he could reach the same speed as him unlike before when he thought it would be faster, but now that he met Enel he knew that Kizaru was a very fast individual. It was either that or Enel was a fast guy too. But that was impossible.

After all, Enel was beaten by Luffy pre gear. He could not dodge, because Luffy's punch was faster than he can react.

Ian still did not use any weapon and kept dodging, while punching at him occasionally. He wanted to make him suffer a bit, and that is by making him frustrated. He was using the most basic type of Haki, which doesn't change his hands to black, but at the same time is the weakest and can barely bypass the Logia Devil fruit ability.

"Hoh I didn't know that gods are so easy to anger. Haha." Ian said with a mocking smile on his face. He then continued, "why can't you touch me, I thought god's judgment can reach you wherever you are, no?" He was enjoying playing with him as he had irritated him before. but he did not want to change the plot so he was only going to knock him out.

"You'll pay for this," Enel said then he jumped to the back a bit creating a bit of distance.

With his golden staff, Enel who was angry at Ian taps the top two drums he wears on his back. A giant dragon-shaped blast of lightning emerged from the two drums much stronger than the lightning blasts he was releasing earlier. He then shouted "Thunder Dragon"

But Ian this time added another layer to his force shield, and just smirked at Enel.

He was confident in his body's defense, but that was against physical attacks, not elemental. After all, no matter how tough your skin was it could not resist Magma. And when the dragon hit, it didn't do anything. Making Enel pursue and increase his output.

"100,000,000 Volt 'Electrical Discharge".

Ian saw this but didn't do anything as he thought the shield would hold its own.

Unlike what he thought though, the shield broke but the attack dissipated too. That was the best he could do in regards to force shields. It was a testament to how violent electricity is.

Enel who saw this was frustrated but at the same time saw a chance for winning. All his attacks were shrugged off easily, whether long-distance ones or close range ones.

When he fought with his trident, he was unable to touch Ian at all. And he even got hit multiple times, which he thought was supposed to be impossible, but he thought that Ian ate a devil fruit just like him. He didn't know how he was doing it. And for his Lightening attacks, they were all blocked by some invisible shield he could not see.

But now he knew that his more powerful attacks could bypass that shield of Ian.

So he focused and started changing into his strongest form of attack.

[Max 200,000,000 Volt Thunder God].

"How dare you. I'll show you what a god can do." Enel said.

Ian was shocked at this. He did not think that he will transform so soon. Of course, he was not scared of him, but rather this form of Enel was actually cool. Even if he was a fatty.

He had transformed into a gigantic Raijin-looking thunder god made of pure electricity with his hair spiked up. Ian knew that his shields will not be able to block Enel's attacks now. But he was not the least troubled by it. But what Enel said next made him remember something from his past. A memory that was until now locked.

"You dared to harm a god and now you and any who is related to you will face heaven's judgment. I will keep you alive until I hunt them down, then kill them in front of you. Because I have the power to control life. For I am God Hahaha" Enel spoke with an even more arrogant voice than before.

But Ian was unresponsive.

Enel's words jolted a memory of his. He remembered, how he died in his past life. which he didn't know why he could not remember until now. He also remembered someone he shouldn't have forgotten.

He had been walking with his fiancé returning from a dinner they had enjoyed, shortly after it had gotten dark. They encountered on their way back to their home two thugs, who were drunk and wanted to mug them. Of course, at that time since he didn't see any weapons on them, he just attacked them, after all, he was a man. But the results were devastating…


"That was a lovely dinner don't you think honey?" Ian asked his fiancé named Marie.

She was a beautiful woman with a lovely personality. She had shoulder-length blonde hair and very light blue eyes. she a very nice body figure with all the right curves.

"Yes I enjoyed it. We should come back to this place some other day" Marie said.

But while they were walking two rough-looking men, who were apparently drunk from their posture, got in their ways.

Ian brought Marie behind him defensively as he spoke.

"What do you want?" Ian said with a glare.

"G-Give us all your money and then you c-can go… Or else…" The first man spoke with a drunken voice.

Ian seeing this sprung to action and hit him with a punch to the nose breaking it and he then kicked him in the legs sideways making him fall. They were already drunk so it was easy.

But when he turned to the second one, he was met with a gun.

Before he could even react he felt himself dropping to the ground. He used his hands to touch his chest and saw blood on it. He then turned his eyes back to the man still conscious and saw him panic before the man turned to Marie who had fallen backward on her knees from shock and shot her straight at the head. He then shot Ian again. And brought his friend with him and ran away.

Ian's last thought was one of endless regret. He could not even protect the one person he loved. He vowed that if he ever had a second chance he would never allow anyone to hurt his close people.


Ian was hit with the trident at his chest and was launched like a rocket to the back.

"You dare ignore me!!" Enel spoke with an angry voice as he was asking Ian if he regretted messing with him, but he didn't respond. He then brought his right hand in Ian's direction and released a very powerful lightning beam. And followed it by two more others.

Raising a cloud of dust from the room he had crashed into.

But after a few seconds, Ian came out covering all of his body in armament Haki.

He had woken up in time to cover himself in Haki. He could not be bothered to hide it anymore.

He was pissed off at this fake god now. And he didn't want anything other than to kill him. Enel was the embodiment of everything he ever hated in life.

He didn't like being ordered around nor people who enjoyed abusing their authority, he wanted people to be free to do what they wanted. Throughout his past life, he hated every person who used their authority to harm innocents.

And Enel with his planet-sized Ego thought he had a right to order people and control their lives.

Enel then had the audacity to threaten him with killing anyone Ian considered close to him. And made him remember his mistake and inability to protect his lover.

All Ian wanted to do was to take some of Nola's blood, but this Enel attacked him. So he only wanted to teach him a lesson. But right now he made a decision. Enel if left alive would do nothing but harm. He was not a saint. He did not believe in good or bad. But he knew one thing that applied to all the worlds. An innocent person should never be harmed. It was the constant thing in the concept of good and bad. All people were innocent at one point in their lives.

In his book, if you harm, a thief, rapist, killer, and the sorts, then that does not make you evil. If you harm someone who schemed against you, that does not make you evil. But if you harm an innocent soul just because you can, then evil would not be enough to describe you.

And Enel was a person who did what he wanted, killed for fun, and tried destroying a whole island of people because he can. Luffy should have killed him. But he was too naïve.

And Ian right now stopped caring for changing the plot or not. This was his adventure. He was the MC of his own life.

Ian's eyes released a massive amount of killing intent that made Enel turn cautious in a second.

"W-what is that black stuff? And what's with those eyes, how dare you, an insect, look at me like that." He tried charging his lightening but was shocked as he saw Ian one second was at the broken room, and next, he disappeared.

Ian using a shave appeared on his left side. And with his left hand took his sword out of its sheath and coated it in Haki then swung in toward Enel's arm holding the trident. It was lopped off easily from the shoulder, making Enel yell in pain and revert back to his human form. "Ahh-Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh"

Enel used his lightning to close the wound off. And glared at him hatefully.

"Y-you bastard, I'll k-kill you… Ahhhhh" He ended his sentence when Ian came near him and kicked him in the side of his head, this time even stronger than before, but not his full power. He wanted to make him feel pain. He didn't not ever in his past life do something as violent as this, but he steeled himself to make Enel pay for everything he did until now.

He went near him using a shave. He then took off Seastone handcuffs from his ring and closed it around his left arm. So that he can use his telekinesis on him. As on its own, it was not that strong yet.

He then used telekinesis to twist Enel's arm and break it. Making him yell out again.

Ian always wondered if he can heal other people using the energy inside his body. He grabbed Enel's left hand and willed his energy to mend it. And he saw how it was fixed after only 5 minutes.

He then tried to see, if he can use it to fix his chopped off arm. And so he grabbed the cut arm and put it in place before fixing it. and it actually healed to his delight.

but he guessed that if he wanted to regrow it from zero that it will be quite hard for him.

Well, it was a shame, as he had wanted to use it to maim him multiple times.

During this Enel's four followers, Satori, Shura, Ohm, and Gedatsu, came and wanted to help but Ian directly used his telekinesis to damage their nervous system and make them paralyzed. He then made them watch their fake god getting tortured.

He once again took his sword making Enel panic and beg.

"H-hey, there is no need to g-go this far right?" Enel spoke with a stutter but saw no change to Ian, "w-we can just s-stop and forget about this what do you s-say?" Once again Ian stayed the same. "P-please just please stop t-this…" Then Enel broke off his strong façade and started begging.

"Look, your master is begging. Heh a 'god' begging haha. Not so tough now ah. You said you'll kill anyone I know in front of me right, then try it now? Oh, wait you can't because you are just a weak person who ate a Logia fruit and thought of himself as an invincible god. You can do nothing but bully the weak. And now that the strong is here, you result to begging. I am sure many people had begged you before right? But you killed them all the same no?" Ian spoke toward the four priests before he turned his eyes full of killing intent back towards Enel.

Ian swung his sword down and chopped off his arm once again. He then allowed Enel to yell until his voice became hoarse. Afterward, he made sure to fix it.

And since he could not use the energy for now he sheathed his sword, then continued using his telekinesis.

He twisted both his arms. Then followed by his legs. Then he attacked his mind directly. Just like he did with his lackeys, effectively making him paralyzed.

He then said, "How does it feel to be unable to even move your head without feeling pain? But since you are a god I'm sure you'll heal yourself right? Right?" Ian spoke sarcastically.

"No?" Ian hen continued on his own since Enel was only repeating the word please over and over, with tears coming from his eyes.

"I think this is enough." He said, to which Enel's eyes brightened but then he was filled with despair as he heard Ian's next words.

"It's time for you to meet a real god. If there is one of course." He took his sword out and took his head in one clean swing. He then used telekinesis to put pressure on the four priests, and crush their brains, killing them instantly.

After which he took a fruit from his ring, and stood there near Enel's dead body, waiting to see if the fruit will change to the rumble-rumble fruit.

After 10 minutes of standing there, and when Ian was getting impatient, the fruit started changing.

He had taken an orange fruit from his ring, but now it started changing.

It first grew in size to double then started twisting around and took a pear shape with blue color while swirls started surrounding it until they finished.

"Now I have two devil fruits I own…" Ian said quietly.

The first one is a devil fruit his father left for him. He had said at that time that he got it along with the ring by risking his life. It was still unknown what its effects are.

And now he got his hands on the Rumble-Rumble fruit. One of the most powerful devil fruits out there.

He stored it and got on his way to find the Great python.

{Title: The End Of a 'God'}

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