Reincarnation: I Married My Ex's Brother
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Reincarnation: I Married My Ex's Brother

Imperial Songs

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What is Reincarnation: I Married My Ex's Brother

Read Reincarnation: I Married My Ex's Brother novel written by the author Imperial Songs on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Contemporary Romance stories, covering reincarnation, ceo. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


"Marry me. Once we're married, I will be loyal to you for life—as long as you keep me alive." Qiao Jiusheng was pushed into the water by her older twin sister, had her identity stolen, losing her old love and life. With no other choice, she seeks out Fang Yusheng, the blind man rumored to have no interest in women. With blank and empty eyes, he says, "Sure." In her past life, she was betrayed by her sister and trapped in the basement. Her tongue was cut off as she watched her sister take her place, winning overall her loved ones, marrying her lover of six years, and starting a family with him. Now that she's back to a time before it all went wrong, Qiao Jiusheng escapes from the river and goes to her boyfriend's older half-brother. She puts on a mask and marries him, to fight their common enemy. The wheels of fate begin to spin, and the severed threads of destiny are once again entwined... Before their wedding, he tells her, "Don't peek at me so openly just because I'm blind and can't see you." On the night of their wedding, he tells her," You don't have to dress like a bear. I don't care for women." Half a year after their wedding, just because she gives another man another look, Fang Yusheng covers her laptop, phone, bedside drawers, desk, and wallet with nothing but his selfies.


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I really like the ml from the summary and the fl does not sound like the usual weak and stupid fl .I really wish this novel gets selected can't wait


I hope this story will update soon ..I'm waiting for reading...if this story worth writing I will follow until the end story. . synopsis look like interesting characters in this novels


Reveal spoiler


To be very honest this story is very Good. but as an indian i hate the way my country is describe like about after 400 chapters the author starts to lOok down on india in every way possible. sometimes its described as a backward country , sometimes nation cuisine is not tasty, some times they talk about untouchablity . yeah i agree there are some negative points to it . but india is not jst about the slums. where do u think taj mahal came from? Have u even tasted our desserts ? Yes people wear sarees here so? Girls here are proud of wearing ig? Have we ever commengdd on chinese wearing qipaos? India is not jst about backward community u see. it is much more than that. i suggest the author to do some real research before writing stuff. untouchability has been abolished ages ago. only a very very few people may still be following it. tht does not count as whole india! Here in india a girl is respected a lot . there is no such thing as inequality described in the book. where do you think kalpana chawla came from? Saina nehwal would not be famous if women were treated as u said. i request all the indians to not read this book. and coNdemn such writing on INDIA. even I’m nt a patriotic guys bt some things cannot be allowed to trampled on


As an Indian i feel offended how author described our country .!.............................................(I did gave it a 5star review before ,at that time this book was on pilot read and I liked the summary and started raws but I'm dissapointed , 'i deleted my review though") and fl is kinda dumb.. and this novel started to get boring .


The story soundS interesting but how cOuld her twin sister Can be this cruel?!! 😡😡 i thought twins can never do something like this as their Bonds is deeper than thOse ordinary siBling…


This novel is quite refreshing. It's not like the old same copy paste 🤣. The male protagonist is different too. I liked how author decided on this refreshing character. It's not like the same old aloof kinda person. I mean he is but in a funny way lol. I'm sure you'll love this story. You should give it a try. I hope it gets picked soon. I'm rooting for you 😭🌸❤️ just get picked already. I'm eager to know what's going to happen next.


Ah, ah, ah, ah!!!! I cannot believe there are only 20 chapters. Such a cliffhanger! 😭💔 I have to admit: I LOVE THE SWITCHED TWINS TROPE!! 😍❤️😍💔 I have seriously gone out of my way to look for romance novels with trope and read a few. So far this one is not dissapointing. Also, seeing that it’s the same author who did ‘Letting loose after marring the tycoon’ - I am not that surprised. She writes really well 👏🏼 The ML is surprising! At the beginning I thought he’d be another emotionless, stone cold-Ceo type. He’s not! This guy is weird and a bit eccentric - had me laughing a few times at the things he does 😭🤣. He’s blind, practices buddhism, and loves dressing up. Good style is important to him. I cant wait to read more of this. Unfortunately we don’t get to see an interaction between the FL and ML until chapter 19 but it ends at chapter 20! 💔💔💔 I will wait in anticipation for the rest of this novel. I hope it does not disappoint though! So far so good though.


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I'm hoping that this story gets picked because I really want to know how the true sister will deal with her vicious sister. I also feel like the ML isn't really blind, or if he is, he'll probably be able to see again in later chapters.


Love rebirth plots!! Cant wait to see if the FL will go all out for her revenge or stop when she realizes her life now is better than her previous life and without going through the betrayal she wouldnt have found true love🤗


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Soo in love with this story. Main male lead is way too interesting , a man who has no shame. The female lead is a wonderful mix of malice and brains that never fails to capture your attention. Overall , I cannot wait to read more chapters.


***"review as of 40 chapters*** wow! I don't think I've been this roped into a web drama in so long. this has the typical trope or reincarnation, ex, and evil sister. however, it does it so well because we get some sort of realistic feel to the drama. the female lead doesn't come back and easily overthrow everyone. the male lead doesn't easily fall for her either. I have a feeling this would be more slow burn but hopefully it'll be done right and not dragged later. so far, everything's developing at a good pace and has a lot of elements that makes a good book.


gosh this is such a fresh story I have been laughing like crazy throughout the book at the couples antics though this guy is blind he's not that stereotypical president and all though sometimes the scenes are showing how ruthless he is but it looks like comedy to me and I can't help but laugh like crazy gosh I have never laughed so much reading a book and that too such ruthless scenes too make me laugh. first I thought it us gonna be a typical novel and never read it.this was the only book I didnt read out of all but today since I was jobless I read it and I COMPLETLY DONT REGRET READING IT I would regret if I didnt read it such a funny book.


“My blind eyes are desperately waiting for the sight of you. Ah Sheng, you don’t realize, of course, how fascinatingly beautiful you have always been and how strangely you have acquired a special, dangerous loveliness. It’s so dangerous that I want to have a child with you, tonight.” Fang Yusheng finished chanting but did not hear Qiao Jiusheng’s voice, so he asked her, “Are you thinking about where this poem came from?”


“For I do love you, Yusheng… as the dew loves the flowers, as the birds love the sunshine, as the wavelets love the breeze, as mothers love their first-born, as memory loves old faces, as the yearning tides love the moon, as the angels love the pure in the heart…. Please accept my kiss and my blessings. You have to accept this fact: I love you.”


“My blind eyes are desperately waiting for the sight of you. Ah Sheng, you don’t realize, of course, how fascinatingly beautiful you have always been and how strangely you have acquired a special, dangerous loveliness. It’s so dangerous that I want to have a child with you, tonight.” Fang Yusheng finished chanting but did not hear Qiao Jiusheng’s voice, so he asked her, “Are you thinking about where this poem came from?”


In a while, he came up with a dramatic storyline among the three people, which was about ‘you loved me, but I didn’t love you. When I finally loved you, you fell for another man.’. What did it mean? It meant that, when one started to care about one’s every movement, every smile, every emotion, and even every reaction, such feelings were actually referring to affection. The truth had always been there. Yet, no one dared to reveal it because he knew that the moment he did, he would fall into the abyss and lose himself.




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