1 Birth

In a snug little space, they lay still, sensing an odd current within their belly. The feeling was strangely soothing, tempting them to remain there forever.

After a few days, a gentle pressure enveloped them, yet they remained unmoved, defying the encircling force. With each passing day, the pressure grew more insistent, until they finally stirred, coming face-to-face with a stretchy barrier. Resolute, they pressed until it gave way.

A warm current flowed on their face, urging an instinctive inhale. Not long after they felt the need to inhale yet they could not, in desperation they began hiting the enclosing barrier, hitting harder and harder and just as they started suffocating the barrier broke.

A cool breeze kissed their cheeks, and they cried out, "chip, chip, chip" Something slipped deep into their throat almost reaching their stomach, the object released a liquid that calmed their nerves. It withdrew, the object and then gripped their neck, gently pulling them from the egg, depositing them onto a cozy bed of twigs and leaves.

In their newfound nest, they snuggled down and drifted into slumber. Upon waking, their cried before the object descended again, and once again, exhaustion pulled them under.

Eight days went by before they opened their eyes, gazing at towering trees that stretched into the unknown. Peering over the nest's edge, they found they were very high up. Startled they jumped back, bumping into a creature, taking in its peculiar features.

This creature sported two furry brown feet on its upper body, a belly cloaked in brown fur, two black talons below, and a long black beak on its face. Sunlight shining onto it's wings gleamed in vibrant green hues. The creature began to cry, and another of its kind approached, sliding its long beak into the smaller one's throat.

They felt the hunger closing in and cried out, "chip, chip, chwa." The larger creature fed them, then soared away, lulling them back to slumber.

Upon reawakening, they remembered how the big creature took flight. Over the following days, they mimicked the movements slowly moving their wings up and down. They made diligent attempts each day flaping their wings, though they couldn't yet break free from the ground.

After waking, crying, and being fed, they made another spirited attempt at wing-flapping, achieving a momentary lift-off before drifting back into slumber.

Four more days past as they diligently copied those movements and finally they took off they soared into the sky though they couldn't keep it up. Landing excitement bubbled within them, and they cried out, "Quaa~!" before eating then drifting to sleep once more.

Upon rousing, they trailed the larger creature but were allured by a delectable aroma. Following the scent through the trees, they stumbled upon a blue flower on a thick green stem. They dipped their beak into the stamen drinking the sweet liquid from inside. They couldn't get enough they kept drinking and drinking until they heard a sound fallowed by a mechanical voice *Ding* "Curse over consumption successfully acquired."

Suddenly they felt sluggish, barely getting off the ground flying on a tree before dozing off.

Upon awakening, they started flying back determined to return to their home. Suddenly the voice returned, with it a newfound message came *ding* "Curse over consumption has been successfully removed"

With a renewed burst of energy, they swiftly made their way back to the nest, seeing it just out of reach. Suddenly they got very tired their wings slowed down they started plumiting to the ground before they closed their eyes

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