405 When it rains it pours

The Minister felt such a strong humiliation, even now in front of him, the silver haired masked youth, was sitting on the throne ignoring him, what a joke, Daimon sat on the throne Horals made for him, right on the face of Triten, why would he hesitate to do the same when facing the Minister.

Speaking of the bone general, Horals was thunderously laughing right now, this scene of his young master sitting on a huge throne surrounded by beauties, while others had no choice but to lower their heads, is his future image of Daimon.

'Ah, young master, be it in this life or any other one, let this Horals serve as your right hand forever hahaha!', he shouted, making Daimon sigh.

The only other one who could hear him was naturally Rita, who immediately reprimanded him for spoiling the moment of victory of Daimon.


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