47 The pass of time (part 2) Elizabeth & Aura days

The so awaited day came for Elizabeth, she stood up early and prepared herself for it, she chose her best clothes, washed her face and returned to her mother's room and woke up Daimon who was peacefully sleeping in Elaine's embrace.

Daimon rubbed his eye a couple of times, he saw the clock in the wall and he almost swore, it was 7:00 AM.

"Liz… it's too early, let's go back to sleep", he said.

Unlike earth, here the day starts a bit later for everyone, at 9:00 AM to be precise, Lykos is a planet where eight out of the twelve months of the year have low temperature, on four of them it actually snows from time to time, the other four were rain season and the last four are hot, right now they were in July which meant it was clouded most of the time and today was no different.

Elizabeth wanted to argue but all the other girls who were also woken up by her, simply cuddled with Daimon and went back to sleep.

"Fine… let's sleep a bit more", she said before taking off her clothes and finding a free spot under the blanket with Daimon and the others.

A couple of hours later they all woke up, one thing Daimon loved about mornings was seeing the slight messy appearances of the girls, two of them especially, the first was Erin which had to comb the fur of her tail on a regular basis, during the night her tail fur fluffed up a bit which combined with her sleepy expression made her look cute when she recently woke up.

The other one was Aura, unlike Erin who slept naked, she wore her panties and an unbuttoned shirt, similar to what she was wearing the first time Daimon met her back on her castle, it was especially hard for her to woke up early since she was used to sleep most of the time she wasn't training.

I her case, her shirt tended to hang from her small shoulders, which allowed Daimon to catch a glimpse of her nipples whenever she moved, to top it off when she yawned her slightly larger than human canines were fully visible making her look adorable.

This time Elizabeth waited until Daimon had breakfast before dragging him along to her workshop, today she didn't have to give any conferences to the magic blacksmiths in training so she was free the whole day.

Daimon took out the gun prototype she gave him, now that Elizabeth had the sun forge passive skill, any new things she created as long as she wanted could be blessed by the sun enhancing their endurance, damage and other aspects.

She has been experimenting using crown fire along with her original spirit fire magic to forge, she stood next to a medium sized metal melting furnace before starting her lesson.

"Today big sister will teach you the basics of a magic blacksmith, unlike other professions for a magic blacksmith empiric knowledge is far better than theoretical knowledge, for example the reason as to why only our Revy clan and dwarves were able to create flying carriages although other races also bought the blueprints designed by the Greenwich Sage it's because you need a specific way to prepare metal which makes it lighter while maintaining a high structural strength".

Liz smiled remembering how many people up to this day are still having headaches trying to figure out what is "wrong" with the blue prints.

"You see, that scammer sage likes to call himself "neutral", so while he sells his public designs to practically everyone who can pay the price, there is always a catch, in the flying carriage case unless you have worked with a specific kind of metal on a specific way before you would not be able to create the main frame of the carriage".

She took a piece of a brown metal ore and placed it inside one of the many separated sections the furnace, the temperature of the room went up a bit when she summoned both her magic fire and crown fire before she made them go inside the furnace, the process repeated but this time the put a little piece of black metal the size of a coin instead of the brown ore.

"Even the best magic blacksmith can't create something out of nowhere, so first you need to use the correct material for the job, the first metal is called brikt and is the base metal used to construct almost everything since it's compatible with any other metals, while being quite easy to find and cheap, the second metal is traul a cheaper alternative to orichalcum with a decent mana conduction property".

Daimon saw the brown ore melting leaving behind a gray piece of metal, Elizabeth used a pair of gloves made out of a material which insulated heat and took out the metal with a tweezer, she then put it in the same section where the little piece of black metal was being heated.

She augmented the output of her flames and after a couple of minutes both metals melted and fused together, Elizabeth took out some kind of large tool which consisted in a pair of plates each one having the one side of a conic figure, both of the plates were united with a hinge at the end and each had a handle attached.

Elizabeth took out the whole section of the furnace which turned out to be a vase now containing the melted metal and then poured it on the tool, Daimon could see how the metal filled the empty spaces in the tool and it was easy to guess that the purpose of it was to function as a mold.

Once all the metal was poured in, she placed the vase on top of an anvil and then immersed the mold in cold water, to cool down the metal, the result a lot of black bullets.

Elizabeth had prepared the containing cases beforehand, so now she only inserted the bullet on them and used a little hammer to make sure they were properly attached to the case, of course the primer along with the fire magic crystal powder was added after that since friction could made the bullet explode if it was done the other way around.

Visibly the unique difference between the two bullets that were in front of Daimon was the color of the projectile but one was created after she had the sun forge passive skill and the other one not, so now it was time to test the results.

Elizabeth placed a target 20 meters away from them, she inserted one bullet of each kind in the receiver of the gun and with a clicking sound the first one passed to the chamber, she pointed the gun to the target and with a low exploding sound the bullet as successfully shot.

Daimon saw the result which was a crack in the target, Elizabeth changed the target to a new one and then returned to her previous spot before shooting again, the difference was that this time instead of just a bullet… a line of fire left the cannon of the gun and the result was completely different also, the target was completely destroyed and the line of fire kept moving until it clashes against the wall of the room.

Both Elizabeth and Daimon were in awe.

"The second bullet was blessed by me due to sun forge and the projectile contained a little amount of traul but still… that target had the defense of a fourth star ranked knight and it was utterly destroyed", she explained.

Daimon smiled, a gun might not be useful in high-ranking battles later but right now it was going to be a triumph card for him, but what made his smile expand even more was Narasha saying.

"That's not fair, I'm your partner for battle!!!".

Daimon laughed a bit.

"Don't worry, the gun will be my secondary weapon, you will always be the first".

He felt Narasha's happy mood due to his answer and he shook his head, "I need to start training, it's not fair for Narasha to always be in the storage just because I'm physically weak", he thought.

Fortunately, or more accurately unfortunately for his body tomorrow was Aura's turn to train him but for now he spent the rest of the day discussing new ways to improve the design of the gun, like adding a cartridge and eliminating the forearm while also reducing the size of the gun, Elizabeth was fascinated by his suggestions.

"I knew you will like the gun but to think you will get so many ideas to improve it, as expected of my little Daimon, you deserve a reward ♥", she said before kissing him.

The day ended with Elizabeth firmly hugging Daimon to sleep, even when she was asleep there was a slight smiling expression on her face.

Thursday came and it was Aura's turn to spend the day with Daimon, she told him to have a light breakfast and wear comfortable clothes since they will be exercising a lot, this time the lesson will take place in Erin's training room.

While daimon was using shorts and a loose shirt along with something that seemed to be tennis shoes, Aura was wearing a black set of spats shorts and a sleeveless sports top, which fitted perfectly to her body, highlighting her curves.

After she got her grimoire, she has been training to strengthen her body since she has the option to light up her life spark which will allow her to become a knight, so she has been using a magic device called "shackles of despair," which constantly make her weight augment, of course she can take them off unlike the prisoners for what they were designed but she can't reduce the amount of weight the shackles put on.

So basically, she has to improve her strength on a daily basis or she won't be able to move while she trains, it's a barbaric and yet way to become stronger since it forces the body to improve, why is it barbaric you ask, because she is not wearing one but… four of them, one on each of her legs and the same on both of her arms.

Aura smiled, while she took out four shackles of despair from her spatial ring.

"My man has to be strong so, from this moment onwards and until you are finally able to wield disaster without affecting your movements speed or reaction you will be using these shackles every moment of the day, with the exception to when you bath and sleep since that will be the time your body will rest and adapt ♥".

Daimon saw her smile and he had a bad premonition.

"Ahem, if you want to get back at me for the kiss, you can always kiss me back you know Aura?".

Aura laughed a bit, she told Daimon to only call her master when there were strangers near them, so he started calling her by her name all the time now.

"I wonder what are you talking about hehehe, now let's start with the basics of swordsmanship, my cute little disciple", she said.

Daimon sighed, "she is definitely enjoying this", he thought while he put on the shackles to start with the lesson.

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