46 The pass of time (part 1) Aisha & Elaine days

Order is peace so when they returned to Erin's mansion the first thing the girls discussed was, how will they split the days of the week, since Narasha couldn't be "physically" present, she was temporarily excluded from the calendar.

Respecting Daimon's opinion to not fight between them, they arranged a schedule of who will have the day to teach Daimon about magic and occupy the main spot in bed, Aisha took Mondays.

"He is my darling so I will be taking the first day", she said.

There was no way to argue against that so no one complained, next Elaine took Tuesdays, at first Liz complained since she was the first of the Revy ladies to know Daimon, but since Elaine had to attend to her duties as the clan head and Tuesday was the day of the week where she had less work to do, she had no other option but to accept.

Wednesdays were taken by Elizabeth, as the champion of the Revy clan she didn't have any duties with the exception of being Lykos in case she was needed, but she was also the best magic blacksmith of the clan so she gave some conferences to other members of the Revy clan Mondays and Thursdays, that's why she chose Wednesday to spend the day with Daimon in her workshop, since they still had some pending issues regarding the magic gun.

Contrary to what everyone expected Erin didn't fight with Aura for Thursday, so Aura was assigned them as her days to train with Daimon, he didn't know it yet but now that she knew he had a better endure and condition than others his age, she was preparing a "especial" training session just for him.

Erin got Fridays, of course how could the most cunning woman in the whole Wonder Myriad stellar chart get the shortest end of the stick, the best library and training room in the whole clan were in her mansion so, Aura, Aisha and Elaine were going to stay with Daimon in the mansion most of the time and there was no rule that forbid her to assist their lessons.

As the ancestor she didn't have anything to do unless something really urgent happened, the punishment elder was in charge of everything, and she was only required to assist in case they needed to sentence a first rank elder to be imprisoned or drink neither poison which has happened just once in more than one thousand years, and it was today when Edgar was sentenced to it.

Finally, weekends were to be spent together and the one to chose who to hug to sleep was Daimon.

Speaking of Daimon, he was amused listening to the whole schedule, "they can be quite organized… when it comes to this".

Evangeline agreed.

"Order is important in the harem, good luck keeping all of them happy".

Daimon shook his head.

"Children back on earth go to school since they are my age anyway, I'm having it easier, if you ask me all of the "activities" are things I wanted to do anyway, and adding the fact that I will spend time with each one of them makes it even better".

Evangeline nodded.

"Yup, and if you consider that they adamantly agreed to share bath time all together, you are going to have such a good childhood, hahaha".

Daimon ignored that last comment, "I will worry about it when the time comes", he thought while looking at place between his legs.

And so, time passed, to start the week he learned magic basics with his mother, since Aisha's element affinity was metal and lightning, she taught her son about the theories behind the original spells she created as an Archmage.

Now that a few weeks have passed since she returned to be a one star ranked mage, she stabilized her cultivation, so now she could use magic without exhausting herself so easily.

"Pay attention darling, this is my original spell "Myalo", it allows me to manifest and amplify the effects of any magic metal or mineral in my body, but I need to study and understand the properties of the material I want to copy".

Aisha's left hand suddenly covered in some kind of black material, she created electricity in both of her hands and Daimon clearly noticed that the electricity on her left hand was stronger than the one in her right hand.

"Right now, I'm imitating orichalcum in my left hand, since that metal is the best magic conductor although I'm using the same amount of mana and the same spell "lightning bolt" on both of my hands, the result is quite different, as you can see the spell gets amplified because orichalcum makes it easier for mana to externally manifest".

Daimon was actually quite interested in his mother's lesson; this is a spell that wasn't registered in any book since Aisha didn't teach it to anyone before, so no body knew she could do something like this.

Aisha smiled seeing her son's curious gaze.

"This is what I used to defend myself against the nightmare dwellers back when we were staying in the cave, but that time I imitated mithril's property to purify and drive away any kind of night inclined creature".

"That night I got inspiration to create the next step of this spell, the plan is to apply the properties of magic metals not only to the external body but the insides too and who knows maybe even the soul one day".

What started as a lesson ended up with Aisha and Daimon enjoying the whole day talking about possible ways to improve "Myalo", when the lesson finished Daimon received a notification.


[A new skill has been created due to a specific action]

[Metallurgy Mastery LV 1 (Passive): Anything related to metals and their properties will be 20% easier for the user to learn]

"Not bad, that is basically a shortcut for me since I will be using mom's spell in the future".

The day ended with Aisha giving her brilliant son a kiss as a reward for his efforts and Daimon happily hugging his mother's warm body to sleep.

Next day it was Elaine's turn to spend the day with Daimon, unlike Elizabeth, Aura or Aisha, Elaine didn't focus on combat, her calm and analytic nature made her perfect to lead and take decisions.

She took Daimon to her office as the clan head, there he could see many staff members taking care of the different management areas of the clan, human resources and job assignment, treasury and budgets, agriculture and livestock, inventory and resource management and last but not least information gathering, military actions and retaliation.

Of course, every one of them had their own sub categories but those were the main divisions used, Elaine as the clan head supervised and evaluated the results of each area at least once a month.

Her lesson consisted in teaching Daimon how to react to different situations, the example she chose was a dispute the Revy clan currently had with the humans over a recently discovered mine of mana stones.

"An elder of our family, accidentally discovered the mine in a desolated asteroid, so in that sense it should belong to the Revy clan, the problem is that the elder left to give notice the clan about it and when he returned with other members, an exploration team of the humans was occupying the asteroid, so how will you deal with it?".

Daimon took the inform about the case from Elaine's desk and gave it a quick look, once he found what he was looking for he returned to its place.

"In the inform I just read there is different information apported by the different areas, to make it short, treasury and resource management omitted something that the information gathering did mention, the asteroid orbits blue-sky galaxy most of the time so while it might bring benefits to fight over the ownership of it, it's too much of a hassle to operate on another people's territory".

Daimon nodded.

"Instead, why not let the humans do the work and sign a contract to get a percentage of the mana stones they get in exchange for giving up on the mine, by doing it like that you will only need to leave one representative from the clan instead of a whole team, so there won't be too much operation costs and also you keep a good relationship with humans while gaining mana stones without doing basically anything".

Elaine clapped.

"Good answer, we don't lose anything and get all the benefits, as leaders our job is to see more than what those who depend on us see, resources are important but diplomacy is also important, so finding a balance between them is in part our job".

Elaine smiled; she couldn't help but kiss him after making sure no one was looking.

"In the future, you are going to lead all of us, so important for you to have a good criterion, focus on the little details and take the best decision for the situation you might find in… of course you can't make some exceptions like choosing your big sister Elaine to take the main spot to hug you to sleep on weekends ♥".

Something that Daimon learned about Elaine on the past days he has been spending time with her, was that she also had the characteristic shameless attitude courtesy of Erin's genes but unlike her mother and her sister she only manifested it when there wasn't anyone around.

Or at least that was the case before, after Daimon used core synchrony, he was no longer affected by her naturally lower body temperature so she started becoming a bit closer to him, with time she also opened to him more and that's how things ended up like this, the once timid and reserved Elaine now flirted with him, when they were alone of course.

That day ended with Daimon enjoying the fresh yet comfortable feeling of Elaine embracing him to sleep.

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