65 The members of the elite class (part 1)

After waiting for a couple of seconds one of the three girls that are always together spoke.

"Could you tell us, what are the responsibilities of the representative and what are its privileges?".

Boris nodded.

"The representative is the authority when I'm not here, of course that doesn't mean he can do anything he wants, I will receive a report of his actions to deem if they were correct or not, it's basically a preparation to become a leader… and it will be the priority when it comes to choose the one that will lead the class in the inter-academic tournament".

After Boris explanation, more people got interested in the position, the guy that got the third rank in the class and of course Alexander too, but the same could be said of the girl that asked first.

"I want to be the representative".

"I've always leaded others, the best option is me!!".

"First come first served, chose me tutor Ogien".


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