50 The admission exam (Part 1)

Today was a busy day for all the people that live in Lykos, not only because it was march which meant that the weather was warm but because today was the start of a new school cycle for the wild claw academy and all its branches all over the white fang galaxy.

Although there are admission exams every year to accept new students, this year was special since there was going to be a lot of descendants from high status people assisting.

For those who were of noble status, there was nothing as important as "reputation", so the first dive the younger generation will have into this vain world was their entrance to the academy.

Once you crossed the external doors of the academy your family or backing will be left behind and the new authorities you will have to respect will be the teachers, prefects, the rule committee and finally the vice principals and the principal.

But all of that only started once you became a student, as a sign of that, the admission exams were done in temporal mounted tents in the external grounds of the academy and that's how a tradition of "showing off" was created among nobles.

There was a person whose job was to announce the arrival of those with a high status, of course it should be notified in advance because that person should be told how to present whoever arrived, along with the emblem of the family or force to which he belonged.

As the student applicants were arriving, they had to line up waiting to be evaluated, the applicants were only given until 11:00 AM to line up, after that time no one else was accepted.

And that's how Daimon's problems started, today was Monday and normally the girls and him would have woken up early, but they fooled around the whole Sunday which ended up in them waking up at past 10:00 AM, once they realized it, Erin immediately prepared the flying carriage and they left the Revy clan.

Inside of the carriage there were four people, Aisha, Daimon, Erin and finally Aura, out of the four, the girls remained basically the same, even Aisha more or less looked as young as before although it has been almost eight years since she returned to be fourteen.

If you were to ask about what changes she has undergone, the only answer will be that… she had developed some of the curves she used to have back when she was an Archmage, there were some minor changes in her face but they only made her look like a beautiful young lady of about 18 years old.

One thing she did notice and was glad about was that in this new body she was becoming even more beautiful than before, but that could be attributed to her grimoire since all the girls noticed their skins becoming smoother, their hair being silkier and even their presences seemed to had become more impressive.

Daimon once asked Evangeline and the answer he got was, "their grimoires don't include words like "divine", "goddess" and so on, for nothing".

On the other hand, Daimon did change quite a bit, unlike his previous childish appearance, right now he looked like a teen of about 16 years old although he was only 13.

Maybe due to the hellish training Aura has made him go through, he was quite tall for his age reaching almost 1.7 meters, but it was okay, werewolves had bigger complexions compared to other races anyway and he was going to pass as a variant of werewolf and a member of the twilight alluring fox like Erin, which justified his current black hair color and the darkness affinity.

Aisha was all smiles for two reasons, first she will now assist the academy as Daimon's classmate and second, they were now using clothes with the same thematic, white and purple, which added to the fact they shared some characteristics made them look like a pair of siblings.

Thinking about that made Aisha laugh a bit.

"I wonder if should start calling you "brother", to get used to it and not slip, what do you think darling?".

Daimon sighed.

"Mom… Aisha, we agreed to call each other by our names in public".

Erin smiled.

"I wouldn't worry too much about it, you two have your own private house within the academy anyway… I can't believe you forbid me to stay in the academy Aura!!!", she said, up to this day she was still angry due to Aura not letting stay in the academy with Daimon.

Aura shook her head.

"It would have been a pain in the ass to be supervising you the whole day to avoid you destroying someone over the slightest offence towards Daimon, not all the beast races are friendly with us since the little incident with Arthur Jolbaris".

Erin sighed, although there wasn't an open conflict, the Jolbaris were making troubles out of anything that happened, the beast faction was formed out of many races after all, some of them were allied with the Jolbaris, others cooperated with the Revy clan and some were neutral, minor races didn't ally with the Argent because Aura had the bad habit of causing troubles.

Speaking of the Jolbaris Erin saw through her mana sense, a white flying carriage which was flying near them, recognizing the lightning claw emblem on it she smiled.

"It's time for the first lesson little Daimon, the one that believed it's the most outstanding has the right to arrive the last and other people that are waiting in line tend to give up their places to them, but there is an exception, you can block that self-proclaimed outstanding person by arriving a bit earlier".

Daimon saw from the corner of his eyes the emblem of the flying carriage that was on par with them and he immediately knew who was in it… that lightning claw symbol was the family emblem of the Jolbaris.

The people in the other carriage also noticed the sun and moon emblem which identified them as the Revy clan, so they immediately tried to leave them behind, unfortunately the Jolbaris chose the wrong target this time.

Erin smiled, she saw the keyboard where the coordinates to the desired destination have to be entered and pressed a red key which was separated from the rest, not even a second later the carriage nearly doubled its speed.

Daimon was surprised, all this time he was in company of at least one half emperor so when he wanted to go to a place Erin or Aura used space shift to take him there, and the current speed of the carriage was not too far from the one a half emperor could reach using space shift.

Even Aura was in awe.

"Oi Erin, since when flying carriages have such speed?", she asked.

Erin triumphantly laughed.

"Unlike a battle maniac like you, my daughters and me have been preparing for this day since a couple of years, although it's an unwritten rule if you want to show your status you need to arrive in a flying carriage and that's were Liz suggested to add this function, quite good right?".

Daimon was amused, "they for sure put a lot of effort in hiding this from me… luckily, I have also prepared a good gift for them but I will wait a bit more", he thought.

Due to the sudden augment in the flying speed, they arrived at the outer area of the academy at 10:50 AM exactly, the announcer saw the emblem of the Revy family and checked his list to refresh his memory, then with a loud elegant voice spoke.

"Young master Daimon Licht and the Young miss Aisha Licht from the Revy and Argent families have arrived!!!".

Many curious gazes fell in the black carriage which was descending from the sky, the door opened and all the people looked at the two people leaving the carriage, a tall handsome young man accompanied by a beautiful young girl.

Although there were some differences like the hair color, not only their eye color was the same but they also shared some resembles, so it was clear for everyone that they were related, the many members of the Revy and Argent families that were waiting in line were aware of Daimon's status so they slightly bowed their heads and shouted.

"Greetings to the young master and the young miss!!!".

Daimon mentally sighed, "this scene seems pretty familiar", he thought, Aisha naturally grabbed his arm and they walked to join the line, before they stopped at the end of it all the members of the Revy and Argent families respectfully offered their places in line for them.

While they were advancing in the line, the announcer spoke again.

"Young master Alexander Jolbaris from the Jolbaris family has arrived!!!!".

The white carriage from before stopped floating but since Erin didn't move her carriage, they had no option but to descend a couple of meters behind, its door opened and an orange haired youth with some white stripes in his hair left the carriage.

The members of the Jolbaris clan in the line bowed their head.

"Greetings to the young master", they shouted.

Alexander Jolbaris ignored their salute and instead started looking for whoever had the guts to block him in the last second, it wasn't hard for him to notice who was, Daimon and Aisha didn't even bother to look back, they just kept advancing in the line until they were in the second and third position respectively.

Alexander gritted his teeth, he also advanced through the line and when he was behind Aisha in the line he said.

"Oi, you two get the hell out of my place".

Silence, no one said anything, in fact Daimon and Aisha didn't flinch nor they answered him.

Seeing that he was being ignored he extended his hand as if he was going to push Aisha aside but before he could touch her, a cold voice echoed through the whole place.

"If you want your to keep your hand attached to your body, I suggest you to shut up and stop moving".

Daimon slightly turned his head around and gave Alexander a cold serious gaze.

The atmosphere became tense but when Alexander was about to reply, a man's voice interrupted them.

"Fighting in the line isn't allowed, if you break the rules, I will immediately fail you".

Daimon and Alexander saw the origin of the voice, an old man wearing a tunic.

Alexander snorted, "whatever, since you two don't want to move I just need to get the first place, hey girl give me your spot and I will pay you whatever you ask", he said while trying to get the attention of the girl that was occupying the first place.

The girl turned around after a couple of seconds, she looked quite average, short brown hair and light brown eyes, she wasn't ugly nor beautiful nothing outstanding, the girl focused her gaze in Alexander for a couple of seconds before she did the same but this time looking at Daimon.

"What would the black-haired guy from the Revy offer me in exchange for the first spot in the line", she asked.

All the people started to discuss, they were about to find out who will get the reputation of being the most outstanding in this year's admission exam.

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