212 Team battle (part 1)

Lars heard Parzival stepping in for the Revy and Argent families and he frowned.

"I though the field marshal was supposed to not show favoritism to any faction?", he said trying to test the waters.

The field marshal glared at Lars for a second before he focused his attention back on the platform, not without saying.

"If you wish to brag in my presence made sure you have the capital to".

Leaving aside that little exchange between the Half Emperors, the screens mirrored Stella again, surprising the spectators one more time.

"As you already noticed the referees didn't follow the process to randomly select two participants in the previous match, the reason is because we'll have a special event today, a tag battle!".

"This match will be centered in deciding who will be the captain for the second year's exploration team, as well as the first rank position for the rest of the year".


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